I Want to Be a Novelist, Not a Columnist…

Let’s face it: none of us are getting any younger.

I have come to realize lately as my 3 year old is rapidly approaching 4 that I no longer have any “babies” in terms of needing constant care.  Which means I am getting older too.

My dream has been for a while now to be a novelist.  It is what drives me every day to do what I do.

This columnist gig was great but it takes up a lot of my writing time.  Instead of writing on my novel (which gives me an insane amount of joy), I spend time writing my column (which lately has given me little joy).

I put a lot of effort into my columns (like I do here) and the ones I think are good I get no response from the public.  I wrote a really great piece on Thanksgiving basically relating the history of Thanksgiving and how it was originally meant to thank GOD and no one else and how it has all been secularized.

Nothing.  No emails.  No on-line responses.

I write opinion pieces on laws and I get told to go back to where I come from.

I feel I am not impacting anyone.  And I feel God has called me to make an impact.

I have felt this way since the end of September but I pushed forward.  However, I can’t ignore my gut any longer.

With only so much time in the day that is actually mine, I must make cuts.  And this is the first one on the chopping block.

I want to spend as much time with my kids as possible while still pursuing my dreams. Right now, I only have one dream.  And it has nothing to do with a career in newspaper land.

NOTE OF CLARIFICATION:  I am speaking about the column I am writing in my local newspaper, NOT THIS BLOG!  This is a blog, not a column.  Sorry for any confusion!!!

17 thoughts on “I Want to Be a Novelist, Not a Columnist…

  1. I didn’t realize you were still doing your newspaper column. I thought you had given that up several weeks ago…..Well, people are stuck in their ways and in their believes and can be hot heads. Depending on where you’re living and the people around you; they could be very close minded. Just unable to think outside of the box or stretch their minds to something new. Don’t despair, consider the area you are writing to; there have had to be some you have reached but not willing to put themselves out there to connect and tell you. God knows….Do what makes you happy and enjoy your children while they are young. While putting our Christmas tree up the other day; I felt like I had just taken it down. This year has gone by extremely fast. This time last year I was living with my folks because my 83 yr. old mom had fallen and broke her left arm. She has to use a walker to walk, so knew it was back to the wheelchair. My father is in a Hoveround so unable to push her and she is in early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease….talk about frustration! Finally things improved and I was able to move back home and my husband was glad also. But that doesn’t seem like a year ago….. So yes, spend time with your children while they are young and remember you are giving them precious memories to hold on to for when they are your age. Blessing to you and your family this Christmas season. Jesus is the reason!!!


  2. As a former newspaper columnist I can certainly relate! It’s been years since I stopped writing mine and I still can’t wrap my brain around why people reacted, or failed to react, to certain columns.


  3. I love your BSF blog… I’m on temporary duty for my company in Okinawa, Japan… and there’s no men’s class here. Your insight is useful and appreciated. I’m a retired Marine Corps Officer, I applaud your decision to cut things out based on priority… Your relationship with God is first, and is intertwined with family. My wife of 23 yrs (Kim) and I have 2 sons in college… we’ve been down the road of raising young kids… and the effort continues as they grow up… though it “morphs” as they become more independent. Well done… keep focused.

    Jim Washburn


  4. your Thanksgiving column sounds interesting and what about the laws? how would we be able to read them? i understand your frustration yet i would think writing columns would help you write sharp and tight. however if it makes you feel that you are not doing what you really want to be doing then change directions of course.


  5. Finally a plan of action that you believe will lead to more happiness and less frustration. Life is short and we are all getting older like you said. I praise God and the Holy Spirit for your willingness to listen to your inner voice.


  6. Be encourage….count your blessings….I would love to be in your shoes with a young family, talent and blessed with health.
    I just went through over 18 months with an illness that took away my desire to do anything…..God’s mercy gave my husband and I patience until I was correctly diagnosed. I have a fungus infection and a bacterial infection to fight now. The cost is $3,200 for four mths. of medicine. The new meds. are a blessing .
    If the fungus isn’t eliminated then I will need 9 mths. of 3 antibiodics to hopefully rid me of the bacterial infection….So, keep yourself in balance; Rest in God’s love and then Family next …You will be in my prayers for the Lord to help you find the right balance for this stage of your life. God Bless


  7. I read a story in my Third Grade class called Molly’s Pilgrim, in the story the main character’s family is Jewish and the talk about the sukkoth.. did i spell that right? I would love to read your piece about thanksgiving.. where can i find it?


  8. You will be AMAZED when you come face to face with how many lives you have touched. Have you seen the movie “Though None Go With Me” ? She is probably “you”. God is using you in mighty ways…….and if there is no immediate recognition, God is still blessing and using you. All things to the glory of God…..Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do and may he direct your path. When he wants to move us, especially us driven ones, it sometimes takes a Mack truck to get our attention. Rest in Him opening some doors – – shutting others. Bless you in every step you take !! God is in complete control !!


  9. I don’t have answers for you even though I’m usually pragmatic about sticking my nose in other people’s lives. I will simply ask you , “What does God want for you?” Many times I have heard my own voice thinking it was God. Not surprisingly, He has always had a better handle on my direction. Did Jesus do what he wanted? Would we be saved if He decided that crucifixion was just too much work for people who may not apperciate Him anyway? I’m not being judgemental. I don’t know your situation. I simply want you to pray and fast and listen. Sometimes I have listened for the answer I want instead of the answer He gives. You may well be on the right track and I don’t get it. I don’t need to get it; this is your chapter.


  10. The reason we exist on this Earth at all is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. With this in mind as your goal you won’t go wrong. Grace and peace to you my dear. xxxx


  11. Go for it! I spent years in an 8 to 5 job but always wanted to be an artist (sculptor) but had small children and thought I needed the security. I was doing my sculpture at night and on weekends and started selling fairly well. Finally, I took the plunge and went into my art full time, that was over 20 years ago and God has blessed me. I have done better than I ever did in my Job and have been ten times happier. It seems God gave me a talent and told me that was what I should be doing. You are in my prayers.


  12. I liked what Craig said. Perhaps the devil is trying to discourage you from writing your column. Certainly it is for God’s glory that you wrote the Thanksgiving column. He would not want you to be discouraged. Pray to God for your answer and don’t be swayed by our silly insignificant comments. You are doing a great job! Thanks for sharing.


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