Cute Things My 3-Year Old Son Says and Does….

“Mommy, I want Daddy to go to work.”


“So I can sleep in your bed.”

My son likes to pretend to be a cat.  So now I have to put the cat to bed.

He hangs up his art work (scribbled coloring pages) all over his room.  The other day, I discovered he had hung up some in my room.  He has officially taken over.

I just finished putting “jammies” on my son’s dinosaur for bed.

I was called out of bed because my son’s dinosaur was scared.  I had to give it kisses (and my son too).

My son has become obsessed with cutting paper.  All day long during homeschool he cuts and cuts and cuts.  At the end of the day I vacuum all of his little bits up.  But hey–it keeps him entertained so I can teach!

“Mommy, I can’t find the yipper!”

“The what?” I say.

“The yipper.  Where is it?”

“Honey,” I respond, “I don’t know what a yipper is.”

“Zipper,” my husband translates.  “He can’t find the zipper.”

“Oh,” I say, laughing.

“Mommy, can you tie this?”

My son hands me one of my husband’s old ties and his dino.  I tie the tie to his dinosaur’s tail.  I tie the other end to his light saber.  Then my son goes happily off, dragging his dino.

“Why you doing this?” I ask my son, curious as to what’s going through his mind.

“So I don’t have to carry him.”

“Oh,” I say.

The next thing I know my 8 year old and 6 year old come galloping up on their horses (broom sticks with a cut-out horse’s head taped on top).  They also have a jump rope tied around the broom stick, to which they tether their horses with in the stable (a doorknob).  Their baby dolls are also somehow tied to the broom stick–a make-shift saddle.

Like doesn’t get much better than this.

5 thoughts on “Cute Things My 3-Year Old Son Says and Does….

  1. The things that kids say! They are just so honest and direct. May you continue to be the wonderful mom that you are with patience for the little ones. I always enjoy reading you thoughts.


  2. This post gave me hope this morning after a not so great week, It was refreshing to read of the creative, age appropriate play of your three children. These precious years will fly by so fast. Enjoy.


  3. So precious! Your children sound so delightful, and I can imagine how much joy they bring to you. May our Lord bless you, your husband and your precious children.

    Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy, healthy and prosperious New Year!

    Thank you once again for your wonderful blog and help with the BSF questions.

    You are a Godsend to us all.

    Mary Ann


  4. I remember our son replying to his dad; asking”are you my son?” I’m not the moon!

    While on a trip he asked if he could go home where his kichen was!

    Write everything cute your children say or do on index cards; present it to them when they are 21. 🙂 my children, now grown have enjoyed notes I took at an Observation parent participating nursery school!
    Another idea.. Some parents buy a bottle of cabernet when their baby is born and open it when he turns 21.
    Blessings to you and your family!


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