Where is Community?

A while back the pastor in my old church (before we moved a few times ago) proclaimed community is in the schools.  School is where you meet friends, spend a good part of your life, do sports and activities, etc.

At the time, my kids were in school and I disagreed.  Sure, you meet people in school but I don’t believe it’s the center of community.

Yesterday, we went back to our old school for a book fair.  Immediately upon walking in, I didn’t feel any sense of community.  I saw some people we knew and chatted but that was about it.  We bought some books and left.  I didn’t feel any sense of belonging.

Maybe because we don’t belong any more.

Still, I was a bit surprised at the feeling.  I had wanted to go and been looking forward to returning for a while now.  I do have some great memories there as do my kids.  As a homeschooler you always wonder if you are doing the right thing. If your kids shouldn’t be in a traditional school.  If they are missing out on things.  I fear I will always wonder this and feel a tad guilty over the fact.

We drove by our old church which is near the girls’ old school and my middle child asked if we’re ever going to go back there again.

On the drive home I thought about our new church this Sunday.  We haven’t been for a couple of weeks.  My kids have been sick.  I missed both bible studies this week and it was a real bummer.  We have trips planned so will be hit and miss for the next couple of weeks.

A feeling arose, like a longing or a pull, that I didn’t have with the school.  I miss church.  I miss God there (yes, I know. God is everywhere and you don’t have to go to church to experience Him) but as most of us know coming together with believers is what we are called to do and does fulfill a spiritual need within us.  I miss the people.  The community.

I had this argument with my husband after that message that Sunday long ago.  My husband sided with the pastor.  School is the center of community.  I argued it was the church.  It should be the church as it has always been and as I believe God intended.

But, my husband said, so many don’t go to church that schools have taken over.  This fact I could not refute.

So, I guess the center of community is different for different people.  For me, it’s the church.  For others, it might be the school.  Maybe it’s their local neighborhood.  Or a community center.

Where is your community?


8 thoughts on “Where is Community?

  1. Truly enjoyed this post. We are very active in
    Both our church and school. But when we miss a couple of weeks of church from being out of
    Town , I truly miss it !! I Feel like a piece of myself is Missing Thanks , sharla.


  2. Interesting… but I am thinking community is where I spend most of time with different kind of people or people whom av known for a while…. this could be my workmates, collegemates, neighbours.

    Apart from the above church is one place one will have a wider community because most of these pple you share one purpose in common. these are people you will meet time and again and this will be my first community


  3. I am a husband, father, Christ follower, who occasionally reads your blog. If I can’t seem to get a BSF question, I usually check with you and a Commentary. Same difference in a way.Thanks ! That is learning , not cheating, in my book. Thank you for posting these.

    I agree with you that church is a better place to commune. I lead a Sat. a.m. Men’s group and we have fun as well as challenge and learn about life together. But where are the men in most churches? I counted up 16 different venues for women in our (mega) Church bulletin and 2 for men !


    1. I agree with you. It seems the women come more with the children than do the husbands. I know my husband is working a lot of Sundays so it’s difficult in this day and age.


  4. As a school teacher the school was my community. I had my teacher friends, my students and relationships I formed with my students parents. Since I live away from the community I taught in my church was my weekend community. So I think your community can be both. I retired in June and because of my health not very active outside of my home now. I really have felt a sense of loss of community. Luckily someone invited me to BSF and God’s word has lessened that loss. Keep sharing your insights.


  5. I read this statement recently and I have to agree, “In the beginning the Church was a fellowship of men and women who centred their lives on the living Christ. They had a personal and vital relationship to the Lord. It transformed them and the world around them. Then the Church moved to Greece, and it became a philosophy. Later it moved to Rome, and it became an institution. Next it moved to Europe and it became a culture. Finally it moved to America, and it became an enterprise. We’ve got far too many churches and so few fellowships.” Schools are institutions as well and I think without fellowships we lose the connections that we long for. Thus we go back to these places but the connections are gone and we have only a few sweet memories. Our connections must be Christ-centered in fellowship with one another.


  6. I agree with Susan 100%, she nailed it… It depends on what community you are talking about. A Christian community or a worldly community, which both has a completely different system and standards. Church community is #1 with me, not limited to a building, but we the true church. The true church is where you will find true community and that is the body of Christ, the invisible church, the Spiritual church. Everything else should be something we do and not who we are.


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