BSF Study Questions Acts Lesson 25, Day 4: Ephesians 6:17-18

Summary of passage:  Paul advises us to take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit (word of God) and pray in all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. Be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.


8a)  It tells us to take the sword of the Spirit, meaning to have it to use as a weapon, and to pray in the Spirit on all occasions, meaning to pray all the time for everything (every battle, trouble, or temptation you are faced with).

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Memorizing key verses to use when I am assaulted. Ones that prop me up (different for everyone), and are specific to what I am facing. Studying and reading God’s word daily will change me, make me more Christ-like, and more able to withstand assaults.  Praying more.  Praying all the time for every thing that may seem insignificant to others but is a challenge in my life.  Pray for others.  Spread the Good News.

9)  According to Webster’s dictionary, alert means, “watchful and prompt to meet danger or emergency; quick to perceive and act.”

For me, be alert means not to become complacent in life or the devil will hit me when I least expect it and I will be unprepared.  I must be active in warfare, not passive.  I must always be prepared.

I liked the dictionary definition words “prompt” and “act”.  We must not let things linger and fester, things that could turn into sin.  We must be prompt to banish these from our lives.  I believe we all know what these things are when they arise for the Spirit inside of us lets us know.

Conclusions:  I’m not for sure prayer is a “secret resource”.  Prayer has been around for millenia in most religions.  If you hold any kind of belief, most people want to communicate with their higher being so people pray.  It may even be instinctual.

As a weapon, prayer may be a secret resource since some may not think to pray.  But again for millenia people have prayed before big battles or over dying loved ones or evil spirits or deeds.  I think prayer has been a weapon for a long time and not so much a secret.

The power of prayer is discussed a lot in the Bible.  Not for sure about other religions. But it’s a resource nevertheless.  You can judge if it’s a secret or not.


8 comments on “BSF Study Questions Acts Lesson 25, Day 4: Ephesians 6:17-18

  1. Ron Z. says:

    Thanks for being there. Last week I was confounded but you helped me get back on the track. Ron Z.

  2. Laura D'Spain says:

    I’m new to this site and came upon it by mistake (nothing is ever a mistake or a coincidence). I attend BSF and have been for the last four years. I work out of my home as a PR Specialist working on eValues for Sam’s Club. Which is by the way how I came to your site. You wrote in a blog how if you spend the same time you do at a Christian Bookstore as you do at a Sam’s Club you would be a well versed Christian.

    I started out as a Children’s leader for BSF and then had to leave that due to an aggressive form of breast cancer. I can truly say that I have been brought through the fire and with the help of Isaiah last year and the wonderful women in my group, I see the truths that He has in store for me. I have learned so much and have a desire to be His hands and feet.

    I am in remission and looking for ways to serve Him which is why I am working from home so I can attend every week. Once I feel better I would love to go back to leadership. By the way, I just prayed this morning that He would show me some BIG ah-ha moment that I can trust HIM. I know this is IT!

    Since you love Sam’s Club, and I take it you are already a member, Sam’s Club is allowing ALL members to enjoy the benefits of eValues, normally reserved for their Plus members today through the 25th of March. Paper products, Tide Liquid Soap, grilling options like fresh salmon and ground beef at $2 off. From one BSF’er to another, with a love for a bargain, this is no coincidence.

  3. Penny says:

    I’ve just recently subscribed to your blog as I stumbled upon it as I was goggling the term, ‘organizational conformity’ last week. I’m really bothered by the negative way you critic the BSF questions. What is your purpose in doing this and why are you in BSF?

    • Laura M. says:

      Penny – as someone new to BSF this year I am very thankful to have happened upon this blog early on (last fall I too Googled a term and found it.) Most weeks it provides me with more insight into the passages than my own study group! I don’t always agree, but isn’t that the whole point of a blog and studying? Different view points? There are many interpretations of the Bible, especially depending on one’s level of maturity.

      In no way do I see the “negative way you critic [sic} the BSF questions”; she’s just questioning, something I do nearly every week (trying to figure out some of the organization’s backwards thinking). Considering that you have a choice to click out of this blog, and assuming you are also in BSF, I would ask what your purpose is in “doing this and why are you in BSF”? What compelled

      I am very grateful to have found this blog, it has provided enormous insights into much of what we’ve been studying because of her maturity and far greater knowledge than my own. If you’re bothered by this one blogger’s viewpoints, I suggest you exercise your freedom to not return.

      AtoZMom – Thank you for being here each week and sharing your personal insights and struggles, you inspire me!

  4. Jen says:

    Frankly I’m saddened that this blogger feels the need to post her own answers. As a BSFer for 8 years I’ve struggled at times with coming up with answers. However, over time I’ve come to understand that the journey of doing Bible study is about me quieting myself and my will to listen to the Holy Spirit teaching me. He always, always gives me the answers when I seek Him. The few questions I don’t get answers are usually because I wasn’t earnestly waiting on Him or devoting the time to the study I should. I would hope that people would not visit this site until they have done the lesson for themselves. The organization of BSF is very wise in suggesting that people not seek commentary until after the lesson week is done. God does speak to each of us. It seems disrespectful and disobedient of BSF Headquarters to attempt to represent BSF in this way. If they felt God calling them to post the answers they would do it.

    • atozmom says:

      Hey Jen,

      I have never once claimed to represent BSF. Obviously, I don’t. I’m a student of the Word and just because God hasn’t called “them” to post the answers doesn’t mean He hasn’t called me to. Please refrain from posting your assumptions of what God says and doesn’t say to others on this site.

  5. […] Conclusions:  Dreading this lesson when all the questions save one is on New Testament passages.  We studied this Ephesians passage in Acts last year, Lesson 25.  The questions are basically the same, just tweaked.  You can review my answers HERE and HERE. […]

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