I Was Surprised by the Confusion of Organizational Conformity…

Usually my blog just kind of hangs out.  People come and people go.  But not so for Lesson 24.

I came back from vacation with 30 comments that needed approving!  I was surprised. Shocked really.  Completely unexpected.  I wondered what the hubbub was all about.

Two terms: organizational community and organic unity.

I usually do not like to post my blog numbers.  To me, this blog is not about the numbers. It’s about helping you all grow in Christ.  Period.  And along the way I grow too. Especially when you all comment (so keep it coming!).  Suffice it to say this blog is very successful.  Beyond what I ever imagined.

But I feel I need to make an exception to my rule in this case.

I made the case in my posting that you had to go outside of the Bible for this question since Paul never uses these terms (and I proposed these had not been invented yet). Further, I thought the question out of place.

Apparently, I wasn’t alone in my thinking.  A lot of you were just as perplexed as I was according to the hits I received.

And you all chimed in and it was wonderful!  It renews my faith this blog is all worth it.

These stats are over a two-week period as I know some of you are on different weeks due to Spring Break and I wanted to get the full picture.  Here are some stats just on this lesson alone that I think you all will find fascinating (I know I did!):

Search engine terms followed by the number of hits I received (as of this posting):

organizational conformity:  2596

define organizational conformity:  1169

bsf acts lesson 24:  690

what is organizational conformity:  312

what is the difference between organic unity and organizational conformity:  270

organic unity:  251

organic unity and organizational conformity:  248

organic unity vs organizational conformity:  242

bsf lesson 24 acts:  223

bsf acts lesson 24 day 2:  194

There are many, many more permeations and combinations of these terms but I thought I’d share the most popular.  BSF Acts Lesson 24, Day 2 is now my second-most commented on post.  My blog set a record for BOTH weeks when this was studied for most hits ever.

I was humbled really.  It renews my faith that so many of you are striving to learn God’s word.  It’s uplifting to see in our world where the headline is usually some horrendous murder or some politician in disgrace.  I wish we’d see more stories about what God is doing in people’s lives on Headline News.

But I know He’s here, moving amongst all of you who are so diligently striving to understand His word.  It’s inspiring.  It’s awesome.  It’s moving.  It leaves me searching for words to describe.

I pray you all continue in this so very important task of understanding God and His word. No question you will be rewarded for it.  Your family and friends will be rewarded for it. The body of Christ will be rewarded for it.  Ultimately, the world will be rewarded for it.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every one of you who contribute in some way to my little life.  You all are each a part of it and I pray every day for you all to know Him just a little bit more.  I pray you learn from others.  I pray you get something out of your time studying His word every single day.  And I pray God will reward you beyond your wildest dreams.  God bless you all!


2 thoughts on “I Was Surprised by the Confusion of Organizational Conformity…

  1. I was so happy that others thought that this was out of place and needed to go outside of the Bible to answer this question. In my BSF discussion group many commented in the same way.


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