BSF Study Questions Acts Lesson 28, Day 5: 1 Peter 2:13-25

Summary of passage:  Peter says to submit ourselves to every authority instituted among men who are sent by him (God) to punish those who do wrong and commend those who do right.  And doing good will silence the ignorant.  Live as servants of God and do not use freedom as an excuse to do wrongs.  Respect everyone; love believers; fear God; honor authority.

Slaves submit yourselves to your masters whether good or bad.  It is commendable if you endure under unjust suffering because you are conscious of God to which you were called because Christ suffered for you, leaving the example.  Christ never retaliated or made threats.  Instead, he trusted God.  He died so that we may die to sin and live for righteousness.  By his wounds we have been healed.


13)  Peter says we are to obey authority instituted among men because governments have a rightful authority from God and as long as they are not doing anything against God’s laws then we must obey.  The Jews in this time did not believe they should obey those who did not hold their beliefs.

Today I see little to no respect for authority or the government (and definitely nothing close to submission).  Everything government related we grumble and complain.  For this I cannot blame people.  Government today is nothing like government was in Peter’s time.  I would be curious to hear what the apostles would say about our government today.

14)  Because he is conscious of God and it is a calling because Christ suffered for you, leaving the example.

15)  Jesus did not retaliate or offer threats.  He entrusted himself to God and set the example that when we suffer we do so for God.

This question does not say personal so I’m assuming you is the plural form and not meant to be specific.  But I will just say I haven’t suffered unjustly as of yet to be honest.  Sure, I’ve suffered but who ever said it was supposed to be just?  Christ’s suffering wasn’t just so we shouldn’t expect our suffering to be just either.

Conclusions:  Again, I didn’t get a lot out of this.  Repetitive in the advice:  respect everyone; love believers; fear God; honor authority.  Anyone else getting tired of hearing this?

BSF questions are supposed to be where you are at and where I live there is no slavery (legally that is) so from my viewpoint it’s hard to relate to slavery and masters.  We are also a free society (to which could be argued but according to our Constitution we are free and definitely free when compared to Peter’s time) so submitting to government is hard to relate to as well since we’re not being asked to break God’s laws or being persecuted like Peter was under Roman authority.

In essence, applying this particular passage to my life (for I can’t speak for yours) is difficult.  The best part was how Christ suffered unjustly and thus we may as well and if we do we must endure for God’s sake.  This is something we all can relate to.


6 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Acts Lesson 28, Day 5: 1 Peter 2:13-25

  1. As someone in the workforce, I think it’s a powerful reminder that we go about and look at our jobs as serving the Lord. These lessons certainly help when everyone around you complain about thier duties, their pay, new polices, and on and on. When I change my thinking about who I am working for, it changes my attitude about work. So I guess I don’t get hearing it. I agree with Rose, it’s there for a reason.


  2. Could it also be meant as being a slave to an addiction? Drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, money? What about the women who are being sold into slavery (aka human trafficking)? I wonder how they must feel? What about the people that are slaves to socialism in these other countries? They cant even hear or read the word, because its been banned. If we dont watch out our great country may soon become one of them.turner


  3. Yes to all of the above plus some things that might not seem like slavery but are…slaves to mortgages for living in bigger houses than we need, slaves to fashion (what will my group think about this or that outfit or for leaders…does this meet standards or am I pushing boundaries), slaves to what people think, slaves to vehicles, slaves to curriculum or a particular school, a slave to a particular hobby or passion or life work that is out of balance, anything that is ME oriented can become a master as surely as an overseer if I am not focusing on GOD. The child or adult who has been sold into slavery is blameless. They did not choose to be abused or defiled. But when we, as adult Christians, allow ego, appetites, work, hobbies, children’s activities to consume us? We’re under bondage and God’s condemnation.


  4. I agree with these comments. I also think that slavery or being in bondage is happening in the area of fair labor practice. Because of economic problems people are being forced to work harder for less money. Taking pay cuts and having the cost of medical benifits, food, gas etc. increase is bad enough, but the way our tax dollars are being foolishly used is a crime. We have to find ways to tighten our belts and live on such a strick budget while those in government can’t seem to find a way to cut out what is unnecessary and still continue ti live such a life of luxury on taxpayer dollars.
    The only thing that keeps me still living with the Joy of the Lord is that I know that God is in control. MARANATHA…lORD COME QUICKLY!!!


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