Any One Else Tired of Reading Homeschool Reviews?

This is me….debating.

I know I am….

I just spent the last 3 days ordering my curriculum, which I agonize over every year (future post forthcoming for my selections).  I debate and wonder if it’s a good investment or not.  Repeatedly.

What prompted this posting is my agony over Bible curriculum.  We are doing Bible Study Fellowship’s Genesis but I also like to do a bit more especially since my girls are not too thrilled about this study since they know every story in Genesis (in our church experience the kids’ programs do tend to emphasize the well-known Bible stories a lot).  However, I did tell them BSF was different and I’m sure they will glean much more out of this.

Last year, we did Anne Elliott’s Foundations series (forthcoming review as well).  We didn’t finish it due to BSF.  My criticism here is Book 1, which covers the Old Testament, tried to cram the OT into one year and it skipped around a lot and the girls are like me–chronological please.  The favorite part of this was the Bible Drills.  Well, I can do Bible Drills myself to be honest.

So, I’m looking into Apologia’s What We Believe? series.  It looks fabulous–but it’s pricey for my book ($39 textbook and a student book at $24 (times two since I have two kids), which pushes $100).

Naturally, I scour the Internet for reviews.  And in this instance all I find are glowing reviews from those who received a free copy to review.  Now, I’m sorry, but I have yet to read a negative review from someone who received a free copy (in this instance there is one on Amazon from a gal who received a free copy but she seems to be nit-picking the book–see that thread here–more than criticizing its content).

I reviewed Strong Fundamentals by Susan Wise Bauer on my website and recently received a comment, saying how I must not have implemented the program correctly if I criticized it’s lack of meat and my child must be gifted. (see post HERE).  Well, this is my honest opinion and I’m gonna tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can take it or leave it.

Anyways, back to my dilemma.

Nothing useful was said about Who Am I? (the book in the series I am considering)–only how wonderful it is and how Apologia the company is great.

This is frustrating.  I’d rather not read these type of reviews (waste of my time) and I wish the companies didn’t give out free copies to such individuals.  Something about being free does make one feel obliged to say nice things (after all, it was free and we want more free stuff, right?).

In homeschooling, every penny counts.  The government doesn’t give me thousands of dollars per child like it does the public schools so I have to be prudent (by the way, this is an unabashed request if the Federal Government is reading this!).

Sigh.  Moan.  Groan.

So, here I am.  Left on my best judgment and fervent prayerful guidance.

I’m leaning towards waiting.  Seeing how the study of Genesis goes and finishing last year’s curriculum.  Then I may just invest in the textbook only as my kids do enough journaling and writing in every thing else they do.

Then I’ll do a review.  An honest, no strings attached review.  To do my best to help others find the right fit for them without wasting precious dollars in this economy.

Would you expect anything else from me?


5 thoughts on “Any One Else Tired of Reading Homeschool Reviews?

  1. You are a wonderful parent to do this for your kids…..My advice is to sacrifice to get the money for the books you know are best. The books will motivate you and the kids more if you invest in the best. Maybe you can resell them on Amazon ….Our grandson’s college books are purchaced on Amazon , when possible, and are still expensive…God bless


  2. I just read this and a couple of thoughts came to mind…by a point of reference. I have an 18 year old and a 15 year old. I’m in BSF Leadership. We had a BSF school age program open up in our area 2 years ago. My kids just finished their first year of BSF through this program. They loved it!

    My son (18) just graduated high school. He went to public school in Southern California since kindergarten (same with my daughter). We live in a town that has a lot of home schoolers but I never felt I was right for us. I tell you this because even without BSF through out their whole life (having only had it available recently) and attending public school their whole lives, they love Jesus. They serve him, they live for him. They volunteering at church, they volunteer at school, they read their bible, they walk their faith. Why? Because my husband and I have tried to model a strong genuine walk of faith at home, exercising our faith every day, in the face of some pretty tough circumstances (another story for another time). I say this to you as an encouragment. Whether you just use BSF or another book series, the goal is to have kids who grow up knowing and living God’s word and serving Him the rest of their days. God’s word is active and living. Trust it to do its work in them. What ever format you chose it will be good. Trust me, this will be the second time I’ve studied Genesis through BSF and I know God will have something new for me. The same I am sure will be true for your little girls. They should be studying those stories the rest of their lives. This is just preparation for that 🙂

    Hugs and blessings 🙂


  3. Adding, I get the importance of selecting the right curriculum for your kids, and the importance of truthful accurate reviews when trying to use your resources wisely was the point of this post,.I was just trying to encourage you that with BSF (a trusted resource for learning God’s word) as a resource, you can’t go wrong no matter how many times your kids have studied it. 🙂


    1. So true Michelle! It’s hard to grasp though with an 8 and 7 year old mind! But I’m sure they will enjoy it. Thanks for your 2 cents! Always appreciated!


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