I Am Not Attached to Anything…

We looked into buying the rental we are currently living in from the landlords.  We thought we had a price negotiated but then they wanted more right before the contract was inked.

We wouldn’t budge.  Because the house is not exactly what we are looking for.

So we’re looking for a house to buy again.

I have been a transient most of my adult life.  I have lived in 5 countries and visited many, many more.  I have lived in dorms, apartments, campers, and houses.

We did own a house once.  For 7 years we owned that house.  It was okay.  But it wasn’t what we wanted.

Still, when it was taken from us in foreclosure, it was hard to let it go.  But not too hard. And not because it wasn’t what we wanted.

It wasn’t hard because by that point we had lost all of our vehicles (4 or so because it was my husband’s business that caused the bankruptcy) and all of our toys (four-wheelers, motocycles, and snowmobiles).  So, why not the house?  After all, they’ve taken everything else.

When you’ve had everything taken away from you, you tend to not get attached to things.

Realtors count on people “falling in love with a house” and then paying more that they were originally intending to pay for it–merely because there’s emotion involved.  So do car salesmen.  Hence, the test drive.

Not with this mama.  Sorry.

I’m ready to walk anytime.  I can find a new “home” to live in.  Why?  Because it’s not “home”.  Home is heaven.  Earth is merely a transient walk I am taking.

With one caveat:  my family.  I, of course, need my family.  But as long as I have them (and this includes my two mangy old dogs who need their mama), I’m good.

And God of course.

But He goes without saying.  For me anyways.  Because He’s in my heart.  Where I go, He goes.  Always and forever.

There will be sunrises over our new home like this:

And rainbows outside our window like this:

My husband doesn’t want to move again (who does?).  But God wants us to.  Just like He did all those other times.  So here we go again.

I can say this because I’m not attached to any material thing in this world.

My question is:  Are you?

10 thoughts on “I Am Not Attached to Anything…

  1. I can totally relate to most of what you’ve written here. We have always tended to go where the wind blew us — and I know that it’s been of God because some of the places would not have been my first choice. But, knowing that God has gone before you makes it so much easier. Best to you in wherever you end up next. 🙂


  2. I started to reply with a long litany of my woes this summer in my new job. I needed the reminder that this world is not my home and to stop letting this job steal my joy. I wanted it so I could continue in BSF and it worked with my schedule. God is going to move me to where I need to be and it is going to be good. This refining I’m going through is for a reason that I can’t see yet but I need to buck up and stop letting it steal every last bit of energy and joy from me. You make such a good point…it’s a house and in my case, a job. We want a roof over our heads that we like and we want a job that enriches us…but in any case…one keeps us dry and one keeps us fed. Paul thrived where he was…in a bucking boat or shackles. I need to shake it off and get back deep into the Word. Genesis is not going to come too quickly for me!


  3. The attachment is emotional as you say it and sometimes detaching emotions take more time until when one realizes that this world we are on transition to a better home…. at this point still working towards that…


  4. Thanks, I needed to hear that! I need to remember your perspective IS from God and difficult as it is and as Paul stated to believers in Acts 14:22 we will have to suffer a lot along the road before we reach the kingdom.


  5. I needed to hear that because I’ve been in a job that also affects other people miserably. But indeed I need to remember where my real Home is and the sufferings around me are temporary. God bless you brothers and sisters.


  6. I’m looking forward to Genesis. The book hs always fasinated me.To learn from the learned about this bookputs me hungry to learn more and more


  7. I hope your decision will be to stay with B.S.F. I use your comments olny after I have answered my questions. If my answers do not match your, I will then reread. Ofter, I have just not understood the question. It has been a tool for me. Thanks for sharing with those of us that really do need you. Stay with us


  8. So do I, hope & pray you continue to BSF. It’s hard to understand some of the question but if I read your answered it makes me clear and got some idea. Bless you for sharing your talents to us and thank you so much. Sorry if I’m very seldom to share my feelings cause I’m not really good in english & one thing too I’m always in hospital for my eyes check up…Please remember me in prayer! God bless you & your family!!!


  9. I will pray that God’s Peace be with you in your decision, Mahalo Nui Loa(Thank You Very Much) for sharing your insight on the all the BSF lessons. You are truely one of God’s Angel.


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