When I’m Rich and Famous, I am SO Hiring a Professional Editor…

What I’m Dreaming Of…

I just spent 2 hours editing a grand total of 2 of my novel pages.

With every edit I tell myself this is the last one.  Then I convince myself to do one more reading…

Always my downfall.

So “this is my last reading.”  Was supposed to be quick.  Supposed to be…

Exasperation reigns right now.

I now know why every author thanks their editor on the “Thank You” page of their book.

And as soon as I get a novel published, I’m hiring one.

Because this stuff should DEFINITELY be left to the professionals…

3 thoughts on “When I’m Rich and Famous, I am SO Hiring a Professional Editor…

  1. My dear husband Mark has the same dilemma. He has resources of “professional” editors and is involved in various “writers groups” and is torn by so many peoples opinions and advice that he edits and edits and edits. I understand the whole wanting to hone your craft thing and wanting to present the best possible written piece, however, I believe it becomes excessive to the point of dragging down self-esteem and promoting self-doubt at times. I have no experience in this myself so perhaps my understanding is a bit limited/biased by seeing the results of his efforts being but by the wayside at times.


  2. Don’t be so down. I wish that I had the courage of my own convictions to write a book. So please don’t let any of us down by not completing your book. We are all so looking forward to reading it. I know I am. Take care, and do all that our LORD has en-powered you to do.
    Your friend & follower Leslie
    and of course, yours in anticipation of reading a great manuscript.


  3. I have been working on my book for 18 years and each time I reread it I have to edit it. The way I am going I will never publish it. Every person I ask for their views on my book wants me to change it too. I have finally decided to add a bit more to my book and submit it. Most publishers will check it over and recommend where it needs to be changed. So give up the editing and start submitting it.


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