Moving NEVER Gets Any Easier…

I just watched two deer pass through our back field, casually nibbling green grass on their way to a nice resting spot for the day.

It made me sad….

We are moving again (I know, big shock).

But as I get older, each move gets harder.

And not because of the physical packing (although this isn’t fun, either).

It gets harder because in each place we move to I miss the life I leave behind.  The last place we moved, I hated.  With a passion.  Yet, I miss the things I did with my kids there that I can’t do here.  One is catch dragonflies.  They were everywhere this time of year and we caught them repeatedly and drew them and then let them go.

Another is the cemetery we visited.  It was fun to walk around and catch butterflies and visit the people there.

Now, I will miss our land here.  5 acres with a swamp that teemed with red-winged blackbirds in the spring and deer that would pass through for a bit.  Along with visiting songbirds and the Western Meadowlark who would serenade us every day.  Now, we see their babies, fattening up on insects before they leave for the winter.

We are moving just 40 minutes away and I’m excited.  It will be closer to everything the kids do.  It is a bigger house that will suit our needs better.  It has a big back yard (but no where near 5 acres).  It will be home.

Still, memories linger and those are hard to keep at bay.

Old Next to New

You leave one life to start another.  Easy and exciting when you are young.  Not so much now…

But I trust in God that He has a plan.  One day we’ll find a permanent home and it will be just right. Where?  I have no idea (my husband mentioned Canada the other day).  When?  Who knows.

I snapped this picture the other day when we were four-wheeling.  At the time, I just thought it was an interesting picture.  Now, it’s a symbol of how new thrives next to old.  Both co-exist together.  Both have their place.  In my memories.  And in life.


8 thoughts on “Moving NEVER Gets Any Easier…

  1. What a glorious adventure that God has chosen you and your family to be on…. He is just preparing you and your family for all of the great fun that you will experience in Heaven…. You are such a blessing to me and to everyone who reads your messages… May you be blessed for your blessings that you give to others… Jane Pedersen, Lake Charles, LA


  2. Let me say once again that I so appreciate your BSF lessons. They are truly invaluable and I thank you profoundly for the time and effort you put into each one.


  3. Oh my….. I feel for you and I truly love how you express your sadness in a way that is cleansing for you spirit and soul. But, having followed you for over a year I know your trust in God will sustain you through this time. You are an amazing young woman. I wish for you new birds, more fireflies and the love of Christ in your heart.


  4. I am so happy you have green grass that deer can come and eat! We have deer drinking water out of our bird bath. I live in Indiana and we have been hit with an awful drought. Our town is 18″ below normal rainfall for the year! My husband mowed the weeds Saturday because they had grown so tall but the rest of the yard is brown and dusty; leaves are turning brown and dropping and today we are on water restrictions. This too shall pass because God is in control. I do find your comments a blessing which encourages me to keep trusting God for all things. We are trying to downsize and declutter our current home so we can sell it in the future then we will be moving also. Nope, not looking forward to packing and the throwing away of many memories from our children…school papers, art work, etc. but you can’t keep it all. Our children will have to take all their stuff that they have left here for safekeeping because they don’t know what to do with it either. But I am learning it is “stuff” which once God calls us home we can’t take anyway. We just need it for this life we have here. God bless you for all your struggles, moves, and other life changes you and your family have had to endure. I pray this new home will be a home for a long time. There will be something there you will discover that will replace the acreage you are leaving now. There will be a trade-off as you already mentioned. Proximity to things your children do; larger home, etc. You will make new discoveries with them as you have done in the past. Your a good mom and this move won’t slow you down when it comes to your children. You are already looking for things to teach and show them as you home school your children; to find things to encourage and help them to grow. You will carry the memories in your heart of your former homes just as you will carry the memories of your children as they grow up but there is always the anticipation of what today will bring, what we will discover tomorrow and we know the future is in God’s hands. Have a blessed day Atozmom…..


  5. My 1st born, my baby boy, starts college this week, and his first job…the timing of this, and the encouraging reminders it contains, are not lost on me. Thanks.


  6. Wow, I can’t even imagine. In my 76 yrs. I have only lived in 8 different houses – in 4 cities within 40 miles. May God bless you for being so open for change!! Love your blogs.


  7. Piquant photo. Encapsulating one of the many reminders of what God wants to teach us. It stays in my memory. Don’t worry, where ever you move to, there will probably be fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, all works-in-progress 🙂 Maybe one day you’ll come to Singapore! And try our food.


  8. Funny that I would check in with you tonight as I, too, am looking at another move in the near future. I’ve moved a lot in my life but it seems to come in bouts. I lived the first 18 years in the same spot and then moved about 18 times in the next 4 years. Then I settled down and only moved 4 times in the next 7 years. And then 4 times in the last 20 years. I don’t enjoy moving but I have learned to trust that God will use me wherever He takes me. I am thankful that the LORD has been preparing me for this move for several years. This will be our first time living in a city and I have to admit I am as unsettled by the unknown as I am excited about the possibilities. I will hold the image of your photo in my heart as I prepare for our move. God bless!


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