Praises to My Husband…

I don’t post much about the man behind me.

But if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here.

Typing to you all.

I just wouldn’t have the time.

His hard work and sacrifices enable me to do this and to raise my kids.

His money pays for it all:  trucks, gas, home, household, food, guitar lessons, dog food, dentist visits, soccer, school supplies, clothes, art supplies, Christmas cards, presents, charity, and everything else we spend money to live on.

My girls and I had a concert last night where we got to play songs on stage.  I had a blast!  I was hyped up for hours afterwards.

Three years ago, that wouldn’t have been possible when my husband was unemployed and going through layoffs.

It was a great reminder of how I am blessed–not only by God but by my husband.  We often forget the people God blesses us with especially those closest to us.

He encourages my writing.  Encourages my homeschooling.  In my parenting.  Encourages me when my dog dies.  In everything.

He gave me a purpose I lacked before when he asked me to be his wife.  He gave me my kids.

He gave me him.

All by God’s plan.

So, I type this as a praise to him and his hard work.  To encourage him as he is away this Thanksgiving, working so we can eat some turkey.

I don’t sing his praises enough or encourage him or tell him how much he is appreciated. So I’m doing it now.

Honey, I love you and appreciate all you do for our family.  You have a much harder role than I do as the provider of this family.  And you embrace that role God has given you and always exceed expectations.

We love you!  And so does “Fluffy”!

12 thoughts on “Praises to My Husband…

  1. What a wonderful young man. I am sure that you are both blessed with each other. You always amaze me as you see to do it all. God Bless You….Praise God


  2. wonderful praise for your hubby and our Lord ! I’m sure your husband was happy and will shower you with more appreciation for your honoring him in this way. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family !


  3. Thanks for such a wonderful, lovely message. Our husbands that God has given us are such treasures. I pray for God to bless my “Herb” everyday. You are so encouraging!!

    Diane Boulter


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