Regarding Posting Before or After the Lesson…

This is the most common complaint I get from those who disagree with this site.

“Would you please consider posting your answers AFTER the lesson is over?  Then others couldn’t copy or couldn’t read your commentary until afterwards like BSF suggests.”

Here’s the crux of the problem:

When is AFTER?

Despite BSF’s efforts to have everyone on the same lesson, this is not the case.  The main culprit is Spring Break and the second one is the start date.  Most start after Labor Day. Here in the US at least.

But did you all think of the rest of the world?  Odds are those who complain about this have not.

They start SOONER than we do because Labor Day is not a holiday for them.

And then we have some of my favorite people around here:  The Aussies, The New Zealanders and those in Singapore, Malaysia, and the rest of Asia.

They start AFTER us.  Way after us.  Right now, they are on about lesson 9.  Should I wait on them to post excluding you all?

So, to all those who suggest I hold my answers back:  should I work around YOUR schedule then?  When it’s convenient for YOU?  And forget EVERYONE ELSE?  I think we know what Jesus would say to that one.

One woman recently commented that I am forcing you to read my answers, comparing you to children who are forced to eat dessert before the main meal and hence you all were “spiritually unhealthy”.  Seriously?  As if you couldn’t say “NO” to dessert.

Again, personal responsibility.  You either read them before, after, or not at all.  It’s your choice.  And praise God for that choice called Free Will.  You are in charge.  Not me.  I put my answers out there.  And you are free to click on this BEFORE, AFTER, OR NEVER AT ALL in accordance with your beliefs, your values, your goals, etc.

Please don’t put this on me.  I am here to help.  And I do it my way.  I appreciate feedback, praises, and disagreements but I do take offense when things are said on my site that are just fallacious and in total disregard for the will (and frankly intelligence) of others.

And occasionally, I feel the need to respond-AGAIN-to such critics as I did in this case.  To set the record straight.  And to emphasize-AGAIN-the importance of choice.