Just When You Think You Have It All Figured Out, God Slams You and Says, “Not Just Yet!”

Ever notice a pattern in life where things are going good and smooth.  Your job is great. Kids are growing.  Bills are paid.  Vacation was nice.  Bought a house.  Painted a fence.

Then, it all changes in what seems a matter of days and you are thrown in limbo again.

Maybe it’s just me who notices this.

I’m anxious again.  I find myself aimlessly trolling the Internet for no reason at all.  For about 10 minutes.  Then I close my computer and do it all over again.

I’m looking for nothing in particular.  When in truth I am seeking something.  Solace. Serenity.  Peace.  Knowledge.  Him.

It’s that time of year again where we may move houses.  Our landlords have the house up for sale and we’re getting a ton of showings.  I think it’s only a matter of time.

We’re praying to buy a house–a permanent home–but our chances are not looking good.

Husband’s job always seems to be in flux for some reason.  Call it the economy.

My pup had to have emergency surgery today.  She should be okay, but it was completely unexpected.  And very, VERY worrisome for her mama who couldn’t stand to lose her so quick.

Still waiting on teacher applications.  You think with school right around the corner, they’d hurry up.  But alas…

My novel has stalled at 30,000 words.  Put that down for a bit.

Trying to read books.  Have no desire.

I feel like I’m following God’s path for my life but, again, His timing is not mine.  I’d just wish He’d hurry up sometimes!

So I pray.  I just apologized to God for man’s tendency to pray in crises and not to pray in the good times.  Then again, He created us so I’m assuming He understands.

Then I pray some more.

Then I sit.  Trying to calm myself.  Occupy myself (my house is very clean!).  And not stay up late at night typing blog posts because my mind cannot rest.

And wait….on others….on Him….to answer prayers….or not answer them (which is an answer as well).

I focus on breathing and picturing God’s wonders in Nature (waterfalls, etc) that calm me.

Inevitably, peace will come.  It just won’t be on my time.

Patience, I whisper to myself.

Then I hear God whisper that as well.

And all is as it should be.

25 thoughts on “Just When You Think You Have It All Figured Out, God Slams You and Says, “Not Just Yet!”

  1. I can recommend a thought-provoking book that’s an intriguing read: Secret Thoughts from an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Butterfield. It will give you good food for thought & God may speak through it to your situation.


  2. Yes, even when we are doing our very best, life throws us another curve ball and we feel like we are going to collapse. But God is still growing us. You are doing all the right things. I’ll pray God, please help A to stay strong and totally trust you alone are doing everything that is necessary even though we can’t see it yet. In Jesus wonderful name. I also just prayed this for myself.


  3. I can so relate to this, it’s why I’m still awake.the book of Philippians helps me a lot when I get like this. Praying for you.


  4. Praying for you…..I am at that very point right now.
    My prayers seem like they aren’t heard, even tho in my heart I know that they are.
    My head and my heart don’t seem to get together for some reason.
    Let us pray for peace, and ask God to rain His graces on us.
    In Mary,Jesus and Joseph,


  5. All of us will have unexpected downturns in our life. There are times when the big WHY looms over us. But if we Trust God we will eventually get past it all.


  6. I think we all go these times of impatience, indecisiveness, struggles with prayers, and most of all, questioning God. We know He is there……but we get weary, we struggle with our fears…..We want to push God to act!!! But, in spite of our human weakness………..HE IS ALWAYS WATCHING OVER US, and in His time, He rescues us. For the past several months I have gone through several crisises in my and my family’s lives. I pray and pray; continuously asking God to give me patience, peace, and to guide me in the right direction. Then, out of nowhere, HE Come through, just when I thought we were on the brink of disaster, GOD lifted us out of the depths and gave us peace and calm again. We know HE loves us, and only wants the best for us. However, we have to experience struggles to learn, to be strong, to be steadfast in our Faith and Trust in Him. In our own experiences, we know, as long as we LOVE AND TRUST IN HIM, HE WILL SAVE US. I have to keep this foremost in my mind, heart, and soul all the time. We may weep for a night but JOY will come in the morning. Keep praying…….we, who trust in God alone, will persevere. GOD BLESS YOU..


  7. I have had the worst last couple of years… I know what you mean. But just as I feel like I can’t take anymore blessings come through. I feel very tired and pray I get my energy back soon. I agree, keep praying we who trust in God, will persevere. This was my Mothers favorite word and now I know why.


  8. What I say to your email? Ditto! Thank you so much for sharing. It seems to me that every summer when BSF is out I start to feel like a fish out of water. I say I am going to get in the word more, but without the structure of BSF and the accountability I struggle going deep with God, no excuse….. Maggie


  9. Thinking of you…….I understand. What comes to mind is when my little doggie had TWO surgeries, back to back, due to disc disease I was a complete mess. My very good friend reminded me……”Be still for I am with you”. I had to keep that at the forefront of my mind or I would have crumbled. Keep the faith and know that we all have these moments in time and He is with you. Love you for all you do!!!!


  10. So glad to read your post; I feel like it has been forever since I read anything from you. Sorry all this indecisiveness is knocking or maybe I should say beating down you door. Just when we feel we are settling into a new phase or point in our lives we get a kink in the tape holding it all together. I know how you are feeling…I am right there with my folks; their abilities to stay at home, or force the issue and tell them they have to go to the nursing home. I just keep leaning on Jesus…keep praying God will show me the right way. Currently we are hiring people to come stay with them; hoping this will relieve their need to do it all themselves. My dad is 90 and mom is 85 with Alzheimer’s. I keep saying it will all work out maybe not the the way I want or the way they want but for safety and medical reasons the way the doctor wants. Prayers….P.U.S.H.:Pray Until Something Happens


  11. If the house sells, then that is God’s decision too. Perhaps He is pushing you to go where He wants you to be. Relax. You cannot be in control, so why worry. My wife always says she has to worry in order to find the right answer, but I’m not so sure that is the way it works. I do know that it will work out, and if you believe it is God’s will, then you should be able to relax. I will still be praying for you and your family. God bless.


  12. Oh, sweetie, There is a wonderful book by Sarah Young, “Jesus Calling”!!!! What a wonderful
    that is for the day, Jesus talks to you personally. She has also has one “Jesus Lives”, which
    in daily reading helps to start your day. Just hold on to HIS righteous right hand, raise your
    hand everyday & hold HIS because HE is waiting for you to hold HIS hand.



  13. It was so nice to see an email from you in my InBox today . . . I truly appreciate your sharing another chapter of your life . . . sometimes life does seem so unfair . . . . however, we know that everything is in God’s time and He never leaves us He is always with us through the good and the bad times. Read daily devotionals (I recommend Rick Warren’s daily devitional emails) I find them extremely helpful and reaffirming of what we already know . . . sometimes, I go back and reread them throughout the day . . . Remember, it is God who strengthens and keeps us!


  14. Oh my gosh…you are gifted and talented with writing. I am sorry for what you are feeling. In one way or another I think we all feel it too….Sometimes, I am afraid to feel good as I know bad is very close by. Stay focused on the Lord is my advice to others but I forget L…I feel your pain. I pray for a calmness to rest on you.


  15. If you were not a threat to Satan, he would leave you alone. I know, its a comfort at times when he seems to be bothering someone else, and leaving us alone, but if we are as true to God as we should be, he will raise his ugly head and get us where we live. So count it a blessing when hard times come, because God refines our gold with heat.

    Spare time: I used to have more than I do now, but I enjoyed going to Yahoo Answers, they will give you a series of areas in which to either ask questions, or answer questions. Click on Society and Cultures, then click on Religion and Spirituality. You will be amazed at the questions asked. Realize that more atheists hang out on this site than Christians. But (for whatever it is worth) you earn points if your answer is selected as the best one. you get 10 points for best answer and 2 points for any answer. I have about 53,000 points.

    It can be interesting.From time to time you do see honest questions and some great answers. Just something to do between trials. God Bless.


  16. I can relate. One thing I have learned as I age is that letting things go is hard to do. But until we truly give God all our worries, we will never have peace. We all need to be reminded of patience. Thank you for that. I will pray for you and family.


  17. Thinking of you and praying all goes well for you and your family.  “No matter the storm, when you are with God, there’s always a rainbow waiting”


  18. your talent for writing shows so take a break but don’t stop. yes God seems to keep me on my toes too. finally had both kids out of the house 3 yrs ago, one doing well in college the other alas 17 and pregnant but living with friends and then the sperm donor for awhile. now the college kid is moving back home and my husband and i find ourselves guardians and have our grandchild living with us. and me still trying options to get reconnected after rectal cancer. so yes God lets me know all the time DEPEND ON HIM. yes i still try to resist at times but i know His way is the way i want to go no matter what. Pray on.


  19. Thanks for the post, was thinking of you (even though I don’t know you) and was wondering how you were doing. Know “strangers” are praying for you, God’s peace, God’s timing and God’s blessing be yours, if just for today !


  20. I was glad to see the note from you I am not having the best of days, chin up for you i always look forward to your blog.


  21. I will pray for you. I sure hope your dog is doing well, they are such wonderful gifts to us from God. I think we all have times of feeling like everything is not going wrong and we lose patience, but God will come through for you. God has something planned for you, do not give up faith.


  22. I have written your (Atozmom) post (in my head, heart and soul) many times! I am not a patient person and my life isn’t perfect but extremely blessed by HIM who is always faithful. Amen. But, I worry about the future and am sometimes weighed down with heart ache and regrets. I must be human – glad I have Jesus in my life who understands! Amen


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