Is This SERIOUSLY Worth It?

I ask myself this all the time when I spend hours writing my novel.

After you’ve written half a dozen or so, you lose count.

And after you lose count you are left wondering was it worth it since it is doing absolutely nothing for you but taking up memory on your computer.

And as I write my new novel this question is perpetually in my mind.

For I think this one is going nowhere as well.

I hate going to bookstores and seeing all the books that got published that shouldn’t have been published just because they are written by someone famous or some “expert” in their field.  It makes me angry because that is part of the reason I can’t get mine published.

Yet, here I sit.  Driven by something deep inside of me that won’t allow me to quit.  Even when none of it is fun or exciting or even remotely interesting.

It will be worth it–IF–and that’s a big IF–I ever get published.

But it’s a dream I have and unfortunately dreams die hard.

Like teaching that I am still holding on to by a thread.

Owning a home with a barb-wired fence.

Watching my kids grow to adults.

Training my hound to be a therapy dog.

Finishing reading a novel I first picked up two years ago but keep putting down in order to write.

But the fact that dreams do come true motivates me as well.  Keeps me going at all hours of the night.  For who among us hasn’t had some part of a dream at least come true?

And that, my friends, is what life is all about.


16 thoughts on “Is This SERIOUSLY Worth It?

  1. I wonder, in order to get published, would you be willing to submit your book to something like Zoolon Press or
    offer free downloads on Amazon? It would get your name out there and maybe some recognition. Writing is never a waste, even if no one else ever reads a word.


  2. I believe your book “message” will be unique. Do not write just 1 book but 3 or 4 about the topic you choose. People will read book #1 and then look to see if you have written another book ….and so on.


  3. Writing to me is like therapy. No one has seen mine probably never will, but I think God put it in me so I write. For me. And if someday in God’s timing your novels will be for others. Let’s not even start the discussion on God’s timing. Hahaha


  4. I’m 76. You keep on writing and dreaming and doing everything else you feel inspired to do. Out there, when you are much older than 76 (I wish for you), there will be few regrets.


  5. I am with the majority you help me so much, the lecture, class and hearing what everyone has to say about the study that week, the answers you give is like an eye opening experience and really gives me such a feeling like I have taken a trip unlike any other….My weekly study is priceless and you are the glue that keeps me on track as it is so easy with these questions sometimes to go off the road….I need your input as much as I need to go to the class, and lecture, it has become the icing on the cake…..its a full meal and it makes the task more fulfilling you are the classmate that makes me do more research, your answers lead me to better answer the question to get the most out of the study…..I take very seriously my study of God as He prepares me for my final destination to walk with Him and get to know Him more personally, and it is you that along with Him leads me to this insight that I would miss otherwise….getting to know myself in the process as well to grow as a Christian….Thank you my Christian friend.


    1. I would like to place my order for a copy of your book right now. I will wait forever if I have to, but please don’t keep me waiting that long
      Keep up all of the good works that you do, I just know that the good Lord has His plans all laid out for you. Bless you. Leslie


  6. As you know, some of the best rewards of this life have nothing to do with recognition or remuneration. Search your heart for the treasure. It’s there and spills out for the enlightenment of others.


  7. I’m new to your fabulous blog but I want to tell you how much your lessons have already blessed me. I attended BSF back in the 1980-90s and have re-learned so much from your answers. You are such a blessing to so many! Yes, we complained back in my day too about all the ‘crazy’ BSF rules but I must say BSF STILL remains one of the nicest things that ever happened to me. I would never have reached such depth of God’s knowledge without BSF and I often praise God for the
    BSF experience. I have much more to learn about God but BSF gave me such a wonderful basic training in understanding God’s Word. Can’t wait to go through the Book of Matthew with you. And may God Bless you through this study so that you and your readers will get the most from each lesson. Thank you so much!


  8. Thank you. I have been in BSF for 6 years now and just found you last winter. Thank you for giving me a new and broader perspective. There are times I am thinking “what in the world are they looking for in an answer” and you always give me something. Thank you again. I had to laugh at your question as to why it is taking you so long to write and get you book published. I have come to believe that we humans are on a microwave time line and God in on the Crockpot/slow cooker time.


  9. It may seem like your efforts are unfruitful, but perhaps it is doing you more good than you realize. Since writing is one of your passions and God given talents, you need to continue to type away all the words that are within you. There has to be reason for continued progress and I pray it will reveal it’s self soon.
    You have helped many BFS students with your commentaries and we have all benefitted from your evaluation and insight. God Bless you.


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