One Year Ago…

My dog died.  Although I have another to ease her passing, I still miss her presence in my life.  But she is alive in my memory and we talk of her often.

Her brother is one year older.  He’s 11 too, the same age she was when she died.  He’s doing good, but definitely showing his age.  Sometimes I think he looks at his new sister and wishes he could have her legs again.

This is in memoriam to her beauty in my life.

Today, my new pup with her brother.


12 thoughts on “One Year Ago…

  1. 11years is a pretty long lifespan for a big dog. Big dogs normally have a max lifespan of 7-8 yrs. My 2 dogs lived till they were 11 too. Their passing was a heart wrenching experience. It helps when you have a new addition to take your mind away from it all. Tq for sharing your responses on bsf Genesis with the rest of us. I use yr answers to compare with mine to see whether I’m off or on track. Like you, I dread day ‘s Qs. I’d prefer just to zoom in to day 2. God bless you.

    Your sis-in-Christ, Debra Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

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  2. Though I have no pets, losing anyone is always a heart tugger. It has been a year since I lost my sister and I still feel her presence. Go in peace and thank God for the many years you had with her. That’s how I cope.

    Looking forward to a new year with your witty, brilliant input. God’s blessing on you.


  3. I miss my sweet Maltese that passed away three years ago, even though I, too, have another sweet mutt to love now. So I think even though we miss our loved one terribly, God allows our heart to fill with love for others that take their place.


  4. I have so many fond memories of the dogs I have had in my life; of them giving such much love and attention. Each dog having a separate personality, but each giving so much love. It is heart wrenching when we experience a loss of a beloved pet, but our memory of them always remains.


  5. Me, too. The losses pile up the older we get…friends, loved ones, our pets. Some of the ladies in our BSF class have lost small children, adult children, parents, infants. Many lost beloved pets last year. I really don’t know how people who don’t have Jesus in their lives do it. So glad you found the Irish Wolfhound to be part of your family. She looks like a character. I sometimes look at the young girls in BSF and wonder where the time has gone. If I linger too long, I envy their legs, too. I’m thankful to be alive.


  6. I am so sorry for the loss of your dog. I still miss all my pets who have passed on. Each one touched my life in a special way…what treasures in the memories we have of our pets who are no longer with us.


  7. Your new puppy seems to love her sister. So wonderful of you to get her a companion. They have heaven on earth with your family. I know you miss your doggy. They stay in our hearts forever.


  8. Thank for showing the picture of your lovely dog! Me too have two pomerenians dog, nine and ten years old with thirteen years old loving cat.


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