Help Me Find It

My new favorite song by the Sidewalk Prophets (one of my favorite bands).

It has all of what I believe to be the most important aspects of God:  trusting in God, having faith, grace, waiting on Him, God’s will for your life, and God being all we need.

The title stems from asking God to help find the road you should take and His will.  I love the emphasis on asking God to help you.  We all need His help and I think many of us don’t ask enough.  “God, help me” should be a cry we utter on a regular basis.  Not just in the big stuff but in the small stuff as well.

I love this!  Right now in my life I am seeking the right road for my life as I continue to seek a job/career for myself and figure out what God wants me to do in my next stage of life.  I have all these interests and skills and gifts and I’m trying to put them together to do His will.

The band sums up the song as finding the patience to wait on Him and then going when we hear Him.  You can view the band themselves in this short video sharing the story behind the song. View HERE.

Very encouraging song.  Very powerful.  My latest ITunes download that is played over and over in the car!

View music video on YouTube HERE


3 thoughts on “Help Me Find It

  1. One of my favorite songs, too. I simply love the part where it says if I need to be still, give me peace for the moment. Recently the song “I Refuse” helped me make a much needed change in church membership, but it was “Help Me Find It” that stopped me from choosing the wrong place. Long story, but, yes, yes, yes. Powerful song.


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