BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 7, Day 5: Matthew 6:25-34

Summary of passage:  Jesus says to not worry about anything (food, clothes, etc) for worry does not add a single hour to your life and if the Father provides for the birds, why wouldn’t He provide for us?  If you see first his kingdom and his righteousness all these things will be given to you.  Tomorrow will worry about itself as each day has enough trouble of its own.


12a)  Life, what you will eat or drink, your body, what you will wear (clothes)

b)  Because life is more important than food (verse 25).  If the Father feeds the birds, why wouldn’t he feed us who are much more valuable than the birds (verse 26).  Worry does not add a single hour to your life (verse 27).  Since God clothes the lilies which are here today and gone tomorrow, why wouldn’t He clothe us? (verses 28-30)  Because pagans worry about these things (verse 32) and God knows our needs.  If we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, then all these things will be given to you (verse 33).  Tomorrow will worry about itself (verse 34).

c)  Personal Question.  My answer:  I worry about money which is essentially the same as worrying about food and clothes since money buys all of the above.  Jesus says I should seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to me.

Conclusion:  I love lessons on worry.  I’m not one who overly-worries as I constantly remind myself that God is in charge and worrying does do no good but I think we all worry at points in our lives.  What a comfort these verses are when we are consumed by worry or anxiety.  It may help too to remember we are merely stewards of God’s blessings, which is hard to do in a society obsessed by material goods.

Jesus’ point is our life is more than physical concerns which is the primary concern of animals.  We have a purpose and if we worry about physical needs, we debase ourselves and our purpose here on Earth and we show we don’t trust God to provide for us.  So if we seek Him first in all things, the rest will fall into place.  Seek Him today and every day and tomorrow (the future which may or may not exist) will take care of itself.

As keeping the the Beatitudes, Matthew 6 has some wonderful, practical lessons for us on how to live our lives as a Christian.  Giving.  Praying.  Fasting.  Working for God.  Trusting in God.  Great lesson all-around.