BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 8, Day 2: Matthew 7:1-6

Summary of passage:  Jesus says to not judge for you will be judged in the same manner you judge others.  He admonishes hypocrites.  Be wary of those not prepared to receive Christ for they will turn and tear you to pieces.


3a)  Judging, according to Webster’s Dictionary, means:  “to form an opinion about through careful weighing of evidence and testing of premises”.

Galatians and Ephesians say love one another and don’t speak unwholesome to others (only words of encouragement).  Philippians says to help others, put others first, and don’t complain so that you shine.  Basically, we are allowed to judge others, to say what they are doing is right or wrong, only in a spirit of love and helpfulness, and one by which we hold ourselves to as well.

Often, we form an opinion without careful weighing of evidence.  We jump to conclusions about others and therefore treat them differently than we should; not with a kind heart or spirit of love.

b)  That we will be judged in the same way that we judge.  Judging people from a standard we ourselves do not abide by is hypocritical and wrong.  We often attempt to correct others’ faults instead of our own.  Yet we must be discerning and recognize those hardened towards the message.

c)  “Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned.  Forgive, and you will be forgiven.  Give, and it will be given to you.”   If you do that, you will receive a good measure.  If you are judgmental, you are unable to lad anyone and both of you will fall.

4a)  Matthew 18:15-17:  Other believers

Galatians 1:8:  Those who pervert the gospel of Christ (see verse 7)

Galatians 6:1-5:  Other believers

2 John 7-11:  Deceivers and unbelievers

c)  First deal with your own faults.  Then go and speak to that person alone about his fault.  If that person is still being obstinate, then take one or two other believers along.  Finally, take that person to the church.  If they refuse to listen, treat them as a pagan or a tax collector (which back then was horrible so I wouldn’t recommend this).

Galatians says to restore that person gently but be careful you are not drawn into that sin.  Help with others’ burdens but be careful of your actions as well.

5)  We must be careful not to give what is sacred to those who would only trample upon it (unbelievers who will never be open to Christ or who are openly opposing Christ).  Hypocritical believers also must not be given what is sacred.  We must correct in a Godly manner and preach pearls to those who are ready to receive the message.  If they are hardened to Christ (2 Corinthians 4:4), then we should not waste our time (Acts 19:9).

I found Acts 13:44-51 the most helpful.  It basically says if people (here the Jews) reject the message of Christ, move on and tell others.  Some are false prophets and will lie and try to deceive you.  Be wary.

Conclusions:  I have mixed reactions to this lesson.  I actually stopped and came back because I just was not feeling the message or the questions.  Sometimes I’m in the mood to go all over the Bible and sometimes I’m not and today was an “I don’t feel like working” day.  Hence, my judgement (yes, read irony here) becomes cloudy.

In essence, we are all called to share the Gospel but we ourselves must be careful and loving.  If people are not prepared to receive the word, move on.  Don’t batter or judge them because of it.  Give them time and then approach them again but continue looking for prepared hearts–all out of love and kindness.

We must remember God chooses those who will ultimately receive Him (John 6:44; 15:16 & 2 Thessalonians 2:13 & 2 Timothy 1:9).  We must wait on His time and try again later.


4 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 8, Day 2: Matthew 7:1-6

  1. Very Helpful For Me !! I Needed That ! Thank You,So Much !

    Sometimes When Trying To Help Another , Getting Overbearing Can Be Used In The Way One Presents Themselves With Speech .

    I Am Trying To Help My Sister . . . But One Day The Thought Came To Me ” She Doesn’t Have The Mentality To Understand What You Are Saying At This Moment” , So I Asked Her For Forgivness In The Way I Presented Myself , And I Let It Go , For The Moment .


  2. I especially liked the honesty you about your moods…….
    We all get them and they do affect our attitude how we will approach our different activities…..

    it is a physical thing, most likely something to do with low sugar or being more active ……etc.

    Anyway, they do pass and I like to use the saying ”
    God help me find a way” …… usually gets me on track…….


  3. Few comments on what the Bible says about “judging”. Matt 7:1 is often used by our carnal society as a rebuke against Christians as our being intolerant and not to judge their sinful behavior or lifestyle. Jesus does indeed warn us against a self-righteous attitude, holier than thou attitude, nit-picking on personal issues,etc.
    BUT as followers of Jesus we are to contend for the faith(Jude 3; 1Pet3:15); evaluate doctrine,false teachers; distinguish biblical Christianity from counterfeits, the false, and half-truths; Test everything(1Thess 5:21-22; Rightly divide the Word(2Tim2:15) and to be salt and light NOT honey and sugar. However, we are not to be moral policemen with exterminator qualities that kills grace. We are to evaluate, discern, warn, rebuke, and distinguish right from wrong, but do it in love and not in condemnation. Speaking the truth in love is very difficult in our society. Our goal should be in gently restoration. If the message of truth is rejected, than don’t cast our pearl before pigs and dogs. Move on to a more receptive audience and let God deal with the others! God doesn’t need me to defend Him!


  4. I loved this lesson because it clarified judgement by Christians. To me it says that not only can we judge our fellow followers of Jesus, but we actually should. However, it must be done lovingly and not hypocritically. We should deal with our own sin first. Also, we shouldn’t judge non-believers thoughts or actions because they don’t understand or accept our moral values system, not wasting our time either pointing out sin, nor preaching the gospel to those who don’t care.


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