BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 8, Day 4: Matthew 7:13-20

Summary of passage:  Jesus says to enter through the narrow gate for it is the one that leads to life.  The wide gate leads to destruction.  He warns against false prophets whom you can recognize by their bad fruit for only good trees produce good fruit.


9a)  Wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing (verse 15).  Grapes and thornbushes and figs and thistles (verse 16).  A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and vice versa (verse 18).

b)  Figs from thornbushes and grapes from briers.  Good must come from good and bad from bad.

10a)  Do not be fooled by outward appearances or pretenses as inside may lurk darkness and evil.

b)  Not a fan of how this question is phrased.  Everyone is sincere in whatever belief they hold and they are misguided if their belief is not adherent to the Truth.  Paul says in Acts men will distort the truth for the sole purpose of gaining disciples.  2 Peter is even stronger language, saying they will secretly (meaning purposefully and deceitfully) introduce destructive heresies in order to turn you from God.  Verse 3 uses the word “exploit” you.

The Bible is clear that there are false teachers, powered by the devil, out to turn us from God.  It seems that BSF is not so clear about that.  They are definitely misguided and corrupted and sincere in their beliefs which is not the belief in God.  “Possibly” needs to be stricken completely and misguided needs to be strengthened to deceitful.

c)  Personal Question.  My answer:  We cannot judge people by outward appearances only by their actions will their heart be revealed.  Most people live fake lives for all to see but inside they may be hardened.

Conclusions:  This whole lesson has been hard for me to draw conclusions I think because it is self-explanatory.  Here, we learn we cannot trust what people project or say; only what they do.  Their heart will be revealed in their fruit.

It is also prudent here to ask ourselves:  “What kind of fruit am I bearing?”  For our own fruit will reveal our heart as well.


5 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 8, Day 4: Matthew 7:13-20

  1. Thank You For This Question / Lesson !

    I Would Have To Agree With You !

    One Cannot Just Go By Outward Appearences Alone !

    But In Ones Actions As Well !

    You Know It Says . . He That Abide In Me , And I In Him , The Same Bringeth Forth Much Fruit , For Without Me ye can do nothing.

    { That Scripture Came To Mind , So I Put It Down }

    So I Would Think . . Watch By Ones Fruit That They Bear .

    Which Means Actions Towards Others In Preaching , And How One Is With Another !


  2. This is a tough one, How can we trust and love if we are watching and interpreting actions trying to decide if we should trust or judging whether others are worthy of our trust and love? Our conclusions may easily be wide of the mark due only to our individual biases. I think it is very difficult to tell the heart of a person just from his actions, not impossible but difficult.


    1. I Would Have To Agree To A Point , With What You Are Saying !!

      I Have Been There And Done That , So I Understand Your View , If I Understand Correctly !!

      People Have Let Me Down In The Past , Because I Simply Trust To Easily At Times !


      I Can Basically Tell , { Or Hope I Can } When One Is Genuine And When They Are Not !{ Pastor / Pastor Wife Speaking }, Anyway .

      That’s When One Needs To Pay Careful Attention . . Through What They Not Only See , But Hear , And How One Lives Their Lives.

      And If Unsure , Never Be Afraid To Ask Questions ! ~ {That’s Something I Have Learned}

      { Fruit Of The Spirit , Comes To Mind As I Think On How To Properly Give My Response}

      As Far As Loving . . We Are To Love One Another , Even Our Enemies , To Pray For Them

      I May Be Wrong , For I Am Learning Too . . . Just Trying To Help


  3. Regarding Question 10b: AtoZ Mom has it correctly: False teachers who oppose God’s Word are NOT sincere “though POSSIBLY misguided”, BUT are deceitful and corrupt. To Larry’s comment: One must always watch and interpret people’s actions, teacher’s comments, etc. by what the Word of God plainly says. He is correct regarding being careful on judging on individual biases and preferences especially on disputable matters that are not clearly outlined in the Bible. But we should be willing to judge, discern, evaluate and examine everything based on the innerant, infallible Word of God, especially teachers, pastors, Sunday School leaders, and yes even BSF teachers and commentaries that they write. I also agree with Kimberly that basically all we can do is be fruit inspectors and evaluate what type of fruit teachers are producing. We must, however, speak the truth in love. As Christians we must treasure and defend truth. However, we should always encourage with gentleness and humility, love, and grace. Remember: “There but for the grace of God, go I.”


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