Whatever Happened to Thanksgiving?

I’m shopping the Halloween clearance racks at the major chain stores and notice the Christmas stuff right next to it.  I immediately thought, Where’s the Thanksgiving stuff?

So I started shopping around for it and after walking around for a bit I found one aisle off by itself with mainly tea towels and table decorations of turkeys and owls.  Not much else.

Is it just me or does Thanksgiving seem to be skipped?

Did you know Halloween is the second most lucrative “holiday” for retailers after Christmas?   $7  billion dollars worth of Halloween paraphernalia is sold.  Christmas does about $450 billion.

Thanksgiving?  A mere….footnote before Christmas.  Consumers spend $30 billion at Thanksgiving.  More than Halloween, right?  Yes, but not as profitable because the money spent at Thanksgiving is mostly food, which does not carry as high of a mark-up as Halloween items do; hence, it’s less profitable.

Shame, isn’t it?

It’s a shame that the “holiday” (although in my opinion Halloween is not a holiday) of Halloween is so celebrated in this culture.  93 % of children elementary age go trick-or-treating.  That is a HUGE number!  That is more than the percentage of the population who celebrate Christmas.

Sad….very, very sad.

How what began as a pagan celebration has now evolved into one of the most celebrated “holidays” in the United States.

I myself can’t stand Halloween.  We do not celebrate it.  My kids don’t trick-or-treat.  (The origin of the phrase is from those who actually used to play pranks on others–and not so nice pranks).  It drives me nuts.

The only reason I like Halloween is for the half-off merchandise the day after.  For years, my kids have gotten all of their dress-up clothes at these sales which I then save for Christmas presents.  We also get some candy half-off as well.

So after the windfall of Halloween, the greedy retailers then turn to Christmas, the biggest shopping season of the year.  Fine.  They have to turn a profit as well.

But Thanksgiving seems to be skipped.  It just doesn’t sell.  Is this because of the retailers or because of us consumers who put greater emphasis on Christmas?  You can be the judge of that.

We must take the time to be grateful for Christmas.  A holiday that gave us Christ, our Lord and Savior, and without which we would be nothing.

The Pilgrims and the Puritans had it right.  We must give thanks to God for our bounty throughout the year.  And it should be more important than a day that involves dressing up as scary monsters and zombies and scaring your relatives.  After all, Christmas is a national holiday; Halloween isn’t.

My point to this rant is this:  we should not allow Thanksgiving to be squeezed out of our memory.  We should be grateful every day for being alive every day.  We need to take more than one day to thank Him for everything He has given us.  And we need to focus on our gifts from Him instead of what gifts we can buy on Black Friday.

Thanksgiving deserves a more honored place in our society.  More so than Halloween.  I think in most people’s hearts it does.  But if one is not careful, thanks and giving will be squeezed between candy and Santa.


10 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Thanksgiving?

  1. Our Silver Saints group designed a “TREE OF TESTIMONY & THANKSGIVING”becsuse ee too had noticed this trend. We used a artifical Christmas Tree, added fall leaves (on the leaves we wrote or Testimonies and what we are thankful for) we also used Thank You cards with , we hung these items on the tree and got permission to display it in the lobby of our sanctuary


  2. Indeed !

    Sometimes I Fail To Notice , Which Is Something I Lack .

    May I , Become More Aware Of The Blessings That Surround Me. I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am Today , Had It Not Been For Christ And His Unending Love ! God Has Been So Good , And I Am Truly Thankful For ALL That HE Has Done .

    When I Look Back . . . . . .

    { Although I Know , We Are Suppose To Forget Those Things Which Are Behind , And Reach Forth Unto Those Things That Are Before} But Sometimes How Can We Not Look Back ?

    I Am Incredibly Grateful !! I Don’t Deserve It .

    I Am Thankful For You , And The Blogs You Do ! { I Am Serious }

    Anyway , Thanksgiving Has ALWAYS Been My Favorite Holiday , For Whatever Reason. Perhaps I Am Thankful , And Don’t Even Realize It ? I Don’t Know , Just A Thought .

    Thank You


  3. I think there are just more visual decorations that go along with Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving is more about the food aspect rather than decorations. It’s up to families to institute traditions for this holiday. I personally like to get everyone to list something they’re thankful for each day until Thanksgiving. It teaches children that we can be thankful for the small things too.


  4. For two years now we haven’t had kids come by our neighborhood for candy…..I am not sure why??? But I am glad …..I am not a fan of it….

    Our church has a giant ” trunk or treat” deal in the church parking lot , and the kids dress up as Bible characters …….and go from car to car for candy…apparently the diversion is working well.

    I love Thanksgiving….I reread the real Pilgrim diaries and relive the struggles for freedom they went through….it means everything to me to live in America and have my religious freedom….

    Halloween is for candy, parties and capitalists these days……hollow and empty….

    Thanksgiving is a day for American freedom heritage and for families being thankful together

    ….foundational ……. much appreciation ………great thankfulness…….



  5. Until you pointed it out I had not noticed that the world had started skipping over Thanksgiving. Now that it has been brought to my attention it is really noticeable! The world wants us to forget about a holiday that was designed to honor God and all His blessings. We will have to keep honoring the holiday to remind people of its importance.


  6. oh my gosh i thought i was the only one that noticed. i could not get to my Thanksgiving box, my husband cornered it in the garage…ugh. so several weeks prior to Thanksgiving i was searching for Thanksgiving supplies. and just like you stated…Halloween and Christmas only was to be found.
    Thanksgiving is such an important day in our country. it gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect what we have to be thankful for and share that with our family and friends. an opportunity to look outward at all the goodness instead of just inward and everything that is going wrong with our lives. not to mention…most importantly… an opportunity to give thanks to God for all that He has blessed us with. and furthermore to leave all of this as an example to pass on to our children so they can pass it onto their families. Thanksgiving is one holiday that should never be passed up,skipped or ignored in any capacity!


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