“Atozmom’s Blog Ruining BSF”

This was a hit I received on my blog yesterday.

Admittedly, it made me chuckle.

I also received this one, probably from the same person: “how dare women put bsf material on internet”

Was just wondering your thoughts on the matter?

Am I ruining your experience and/or BSF?

Am I a hindrance or an asset or some annoying lady with some weird compulsion?


164 thoughts on ““Atozmom’s Blog Ruining BSF”

  1. You are a big help to those of us that need a little bit of help in BSF. Not easy to answer all these thought provoking questions!

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    1. I so agree. Many of the questions are challenging to me. I for one am very grateful for your blog. Those who feel it is an intrusion do not have to go to your sight. Please, please, please do not let a few ruin it for the rest of us.

  2. Perfect compliment to my daily study.

    I don’t always agree with your responses but it’s nice to read what others are thinking.

    Thank you for all you do!

  3. Forgive me but if they don’t want to read our blogging don’t go to the site…remember it is what God says to each of us individually.

    1. I enjoy the blog, but even if I didn’t, it’s wonderful to live in the U.S.A. where we still have freedom of speech. After all, reading the comments or not is my choice. I don’t spend time on things I don’t like. There is an abundance of bad online comments, so the blog is refreshing to the soul!

  4. It is sad world we live in when we cannot help each other seek the study of the Bible. Your help is immeasurable. Keep up the good inspiration. Please ignore the comment.

  5. It’s a huge help…especially on challenge questions. I don’t use your answers but see if I’m track or totally missing the boat sometime.

    You’re doing a great job!

  6. You go thru this all the time.Forget those judgers.as many have said your writing and input in riches my study of Gods word.My BSF is very legalistic…not allowed to ask questions in small groups…as a new woman committed to studying your feedback as well as my study bible makes it make sense.

    1. Mine is very legalistic too. I nearly quit a few times this year. It is nice to come here safely and get opinions that are not the usual Christian lingo while someone is timing the questions and making sure no one goes over 5 seconds with something.

    2. My BSF was like communing with Nazi officers. I was led to leave after four years and find other means of studying God’s word. Seek help where God leads you. He will lead you where he wants you to be.

  7. Asset to many. I use your comments to see if I am on point. Not to copy word for word. 

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    1. I agree! I use you comments when I’m really struggling. Your help is appreciated and remember HE helps those who diligently seek Him!


  8. Ruining my experience? Heavens no! You are very respectful of the *guidelines* of BSF.
    I enjoy being able to read answers and comment without feeling like I can’t express a different viewpoint.
    Don’t like it? don’t read it.

  9. Your blog is a definite asset! I read all scripture listed in our notes in addition to related scripture listed in my Bible. I will check my answers and thoughts against yours, and I don’t always agree with you, but your input gives me food for thought and comparison. In discussion group, if someone offers an answer, scripture or thought that we didn’t come up with, most of us make a note of same to check out later. That’s exactly what your blog does!!! I like BSF but sometimes I feel like a third grader whose teacher who won’t let her student color outside of the box. Pharasitical and controlling. You’re helping a lot of us. Bless you!

  10. My gosh, what is wrong with this person.  I have been meaning to write to you and tell you what a help and savior you are to me in my bsf answers.  Not to answer questions word by word, but to work the lesson as best I can, and then see what you say and then I have a better understanding and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make it more of a clarity for me and then the light bulb goes on so whoever you are, thank you, God Bless You, and keep up the good work and I’m sure you don’t get thanked enough. Blessings to you and the time you spend for people like me.  This is only my second year and just learning the bible so believe me, I am grateful to have you.

  11. I treasure your input and thoughts. I answer my questions and then I look at yours. Occasionally I will change my answers, but for the most part I use yours as another way of looking at the meaning of the scripture. Thank you for all you do!

  12. You once wrote in one of your lessons about commentaries and how they can add insight and/or help understand the Bible. I know BSF discourages the use of commentaries and other resources which I disagree with that decision. I find it almost funny when someone attends school they are encouraged to reach out to other resources but when we are studying about our Father we are asked to restrained from resources. You are a blessing to many!!

  13. Reading your blog is eye-opening. It gives me another way to ponder the question and then I use that to inspire my own answer. Keep it up. We might not answer the same way but it certainly helps.

  14. Ah, the saying goes like this “The lady doth protest too much!” She should stay off the blog. Point, blank, period. Don’t judge. The blog does help and it’s nice to see someone else’s opinion.

  15. I cant tell you how much I look forward to your posts! I have been unable to attend BSF in person because I’ve gone back to school. I gave up my seat in BSF last year because I was traveling with my husband for his employment. Your posts are the only method I have at this time to enjoy the studies, I’m just sad that I don”t have access to the text that accompanies the studies.

  16. it’s not like it’s a secret society. if that lady feels like it’s ruining her experience then why is she going to your blog? it expands my knowledge and makes me want to dig deeper sometimes. it’s like a extra discussion group. love the positive comments i agree with them

  17. I love your blog. After I have answered the questions, it is so good and add to my study to see your opinions and interpretations. Keep it up.

  18. If this person was not looking for material like what you provide, she would not have a clue you were here. IMO, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. It is like anything else, i.e., if you don’t want to watch something on television, you have that option, and we have the option of reading or not reading this blog. Freedom is sweet, eh? No one is making anyone read this. Personally, this blog saves my mind for many reasons and for that I thank you. It does not mean I always agree or disagree but is great to have you a click away when I am confused or have thoughts on something in the material and can still remain anonymous. Now, if we want to get rid of something on the Internet that is offensive, let’s worry about child pornography but not stopping God’s Word from being shared by men and women who are hungry for His Word and want to grow.

  19. You have been more help than you know!
    Even though God works through each and every one of us, it has really helped me a lot just to get a direction to look in. Sometimes we are lost and not sure where to look for the answers and you have helped. Thank you for sharing 😇

  20. Reading your blog is optional, if this person doesn’t agree then don’t read it. But I had to wonder if they were referring solely to your posting of answers or criticism of the BSF lessons. I will say that sometimes your critical attitude towards the lessons is difficult for me (even when I agree with you!) and I will take time off from reading your blog.

    This has caused me to wonder if as Christians, we have a responsibility to consider our words not in light of free speech but more along the lines of “is this glorifying to God and does it build up the kingdom or tear it down”? Now, I believe there are times for correction and we need to be careful to weigh everything we are taught against the Word of God so I’m not saying to go into things blindly or never question teaching. However, there is something to be said for submitting ourselves to the teaching of God’s Word through BSF and trusting that the Holy Spirit has empowered the lesson writer to ask the questions that will speak to the most people world wide.

    Anyway, I wondered if the comments were directed towards a different issue then just posting the questions. I’ve always wondered do you have a mentor in your life that knows you’re the author of this blog and keeps you accountable?

    Thanks for posting, you are several weeks ahead of my group so reading your blog doesn’t really change my answers because I usually can’t remember what you posted!

    Blessings to you and your family.

    1. I question everything in my life as most of us do. Otherwise, the US wouldn’t exist if colonists hadn’t questioned Britain’s right to tax them. As most other empires that have collapsed as well. And as I question, I write it down. I’m honest and blunt. That’s me.

      Not sure what you mean by a mentor and accountability…in what way?

      1. Dear Ato Z
        keep going
        BSF is wonderful
        I have gone for 15 years
        and am a strong advocate of ‘opening’ and internet site
        the questions at BSF are great
        the men that go are usually over 50
        the rules are old
        the model could improve greatly, especially if i didn’t have to drive 45 minutes one way
        and I am a very small voice
        keep up the Ato Zmoms
        Dean Sands
        Placerville CA

  21. It’s not the answers you provide that make you awesome. It’s the “Fun Facts” and other research you share. BSF is made even better by your Blog.

  22. Your blog is a huge help! I agree with the comments asking why that lady even going to your blog if it’s ruining her experience. I think all of your followers feel the exact opposite. Thank you for all you do!

  23. I enjoy your insight. I do my own answers first then I check them against yours. We usually come close to
    the same answers but I must say when I am really “stuck” you are a great help. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t worry about “ruining BSF”, you are NOT.

  24. I absolutely agree with the last 2 comments. Your Blog definitely enhances the BSF experience. Please keep it going! God’s Word must prevail.

  25. No one is required to read your responses. I see them as having another person in my small group who shares ALL her answers. Seriously, what is the difference in seeing them here and hearing them during our class time? Keep it up.

  26. I’m in the process of losing my hearing – so hearing the answers of others in my group can be challenging. Reading your answers after I have done mine helps me feel connected and enhances my learning. So THANK YOU!!!

  27. I am so glad your here especially this year because I had to sit out due to already studying Matthew a few years ago in BSF. Reading your answers to the questions each week has helped me keep engaged with BSF’s study of Matthew. I am eagerly waiting the study of Rev. next fall which will be my 8th year with BSF. I can only tell you that we are instructed to share the Word of God. Thanks for doing your part.

    1. I don’t understand that rule that if you’ve done the study once you can’t do it again. You can never get enough of God’s word. Anyone want to explain that one to me?

      1. There is no rule that says you can’t repeat a study. Those who have already done a study are asked to “wait” two weeks so that anyone who has not had the opportunity to do the study can be placed first. In today’s society too many people are unwilling to accept the call to leadership and so sometimes, when BSF doesn’t have enough leaders, they will hold off two weeks to ensure others have the opportunity to do the study. The classes I have attended have always done that and yes, there were several times when I was put on the waiting list and was not able to attend until the 3rd week. I guess I always viewed it as an opportunity for someone else to have the blessing and I would wait since I had already done it.

      2. Rule or not, it doesn’t matter…I never got a call that I know of, so the classes must have filled up. I don’t know anything about a BSF test class for Revelations, but hopefully, we should have a great study next year. Wonder how AtoZmom’s blog will handle next year with most studying Moses and some studying Revelations? Sounds like a jam packed year for her. I’m not an insider or leader, just one of the followers of Christ. I love to study the Bible and be with others who love it too. Keep sharing the Word…

      3. A few thoughts: The purpose of BSF is to be a training center so that once trained, the student can then go out and lead others in the cause of Christ. That is why graduates are invited to return AFTER the new students have been placed. They have already had an opportunity to study and if not serving in leadership or in volunteering of some way, they have already had the benefit of study, so let another come and see.

        The only problem I see with your blog is that you break the copyright which is clearly printed on the back of each lesson which states, “NO portion of this material may be reproduced in any form without permission.” I assume that since you are a Godly obedient woman, you have received permission from Headquarters to have this blog.

        The freedom of having a blog of the lesson, then, is that after you do your questions, you look into the history/commentaries before you join your discussion group. I also assume that you listen carefully and do not jump in and ‘answer’ every question as that would be rude and you have already read “the notes” unlike the ladies who followed the guideline to simply pray and do their best on the questions, asking for help only from the Holy Spirit, not outside resources.

        I then can conclude, that since you have received permission from BSF Headquarters to use copyright materials; we, your occasional readers have already completed our lessons and are eager to see “what you got” and like the study so we look on AFTER adhering to the guidelines of answering all the questions through prayer and study of scripture only, that this blog can be fun to read and gets us geared up for what we know will be a Godly, Holy Spirit taught lecture come class day!

      4. Jessica,

        I am NOT breaking copyright and I do take offense that you suggest so. You yourself do not understand copyright so I suggest you do some research before accusing others.

        You are also a first time commenter here so you missed my post explaining it although there is a link on the homepage to this post because so many of you are ignorant of what copyright is.

        So here it is for your benefit, not mine: https://atozmomm.com/2011/08/29/reproduction-versus-distribution/

        I am asking you do not leave any more comments here as they will be spammed and deleted henceforth.

        Your assumptions and inferences are offensive as you do not know me and are merely spouting speculation without knowledge. This I have dealt with so much in the past and I refuse to allow those nay-sayers like you to pepper this site with such negativity.

        Please also do not speak for others with the plural “we” as I’m sure you do not like others speaking for you.

        No, I haven’t read the notes ahead of time. Again, your assumptions and virtually everything in your comments are wrong.

        Yet how could you know? You are not an “occasional reader”. You are one of those who stalk my site with un-Godly intent. You are definitely not a long-time reader so please don’t infer that you are.

        When your assumptions are wrong, your conclusions are wrong. If I assumed you had read the Bible, you would know not to judge others. But you are judging me. So therefore I can assume you haven’t.

        Is this fair? No. This is a faulty conclusion based on assumptions. But that is what you have done. Just thought I’d point that out to you.

        Please adhere to my request. I have had several people like you continue to leave comments even after I have repeatedly asked them to stop.

    2. Just an fyi, unless you are in an area with one of the test classes, BSF will be studying The Life of Moses next year. If you are blessed to be in one the test classes, how exciting! It is my assumption that BSF will have a few test classes like they did when the Isaiah study was developed but the rest of us will be on The Life of Moses.

  28. Thank you for sharing what you have learnt with us. I use your input as a cross reference. BSFers must be disciplined to do the study first before comparing their answers with yours. Please continue to post your thoughts on BSF lessons inline. Those who disagree can choose to stay away from your blog. Thank you once again. God bless you.

    Your sister-in-Christ, Debra Khoo (Malaysia)

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  29. I truly enjoy reading your blog and find it very helpful and thought provoking. I always try to answer the questions first without help, but when I’m stumped I appreciate and value your input.

  30. I do my lesson each week and like to compare my answers to yours, so in my opinion you are anything but a hinderance but an great resource

  31. Dear Lady, this issue will NEVER go away. Some folks will just be jealous that you have decided to share your faith by sharing your thoughts on each lesson. THEY need to get a life.

    I have a “work in progress” web site. I scan each set of notes into a pdf file. That pdf goes into two places on the internet. I am able to pull up notes and answer sheets wherever I may be. I am not yet so bold as to add my completed questions that I carry into BSF each week. Those sometimes contain personal info I do not care to share. I have not added a link to those pdf copies. A searcher would have to dig pretty deep to find any one of those pdf’s. Even with the copyright note at the end of each set of notes, federal law states that I am allowed to make a copy for my own use. That is what I do. The notes are out there but most folks would not be able to find them.

    You are NOT ruining my BSF experience. Posting your thoughts on each set of questions is not wrong – that is the definition of “blog.” I rely on the email version of your blog. I save those emails throughout each study so that I can restudy the material over the summer. I find it encouraging that when I check my answers against yours we must be brother and sister!! Keep on keeping on, Sis!!

    My jail ministry partner died in early December and I have been really pressed to keep up there and BSF. I have not had the time to compare mine with yours. Amazingly, I am pretty much in synch with the rest of my group. The accountability part of that is I am not copying your answers into my own study materials. I attend BSF so I can learn. Copying is definitely not a learning process. I read the scriptures/references and determine my own answers.

    Are you a hindrance? Not to me. You may be a hindrance to those who are not into Bible STUDY Fellowship.

    The idea of someone objecting to a “woman” posting BSF material? Give me a break!! All those Biblical women supporting The Kingdom is your justification. No one can take that away. NO PERSON NO WAY NO HOW!!

    Keep the faith and do not let the detractors prevent you from following Matthew 28:16-20 to take the Gospel into all nations!!

  32. I love your posts. I love reading them after I’ve done my own lesson. Just as with the ladies who share their answers in my group, I find that your answers give me more insight to what the Holy Spirit would have me learn. While I certainly understand the importance of doing the lessons ourselves before using other sources, I really appreciate you sharing with us & I don’t think God wants us to put limitations on what we learn. I’ll be honest in saying that I don’t always understand some of your answers & I think you’d feel the same way about mine. That’s what’s so awesome about BSF. God gives each one of us answers & when we share with others we learn more about Him. Thanks again for doing such a great job, & don’t let the naysayers get you down. You’re awesomely blessed with great writing skills. Blessings!

  33. The Blog is helpful. I read and study prior to comparing my thoughts with the blog. It’s a choice. The person who is complaining may have a pastor husband or someone to discuss questions with, not everyone has that option. I wish they would put the notes on line. I enjoy your comments at end of days questions.

  34. Absolutely not! I love reading your comments. We all learn from ea h other. I love BSF, lets don’t make it ” a private study”. After all, aren’t we called to be disciples. Spread God’s word!

  35. No, you are NOT ruining BSF or my experience. I enjoy your comments. I use your blog as insight when I am stuck on a question. It often helps me see something key I’ve missed in the scriptures. To see another point of view often helps me get back on track when my answer seems to be out in left field, or spurs me on to answer a question I was about to give up on.

  36. For me you are a blessing! At the end of my BSF week, after I’ve finished my all my questions, I love to see your answers and compare. Sometimes we are on the same page and sometimes we aren’t. I love seeing another perspective that I hadn’t thought of. I have never used your words and will never. Why would I cheat myself out of growing my relationship with the Lord? I’m the one who would lose. You know there is always going to be someone who doesn’t like you, doesn’t agree, whatever. You can’t please everyone and if you try to, you will most certainly lose your mind! Please do not let the mean words of a few take away the blessings so many of us feel as we read your blog. I will bet they are the minority. Please listen to the majority. You are enhancing my NSF experience and so I am extremely grateful. Pray about it and the Lord will give you the answers.

  37. Sounds like the enemy is trying to attack you! I do appreciate your blog and read it every day. I try to come up with my own answers, but like your input very much. This is a calling you have from the Lord, so don’t stop!!

  38. NO! NO! NO!!!!! Your blog has been such tremendous help to me. I use it as a study tool when doing my lesson. I give myself a high five when I come up with the same or similar answers to yours. This is only my second year with each passing day and every new lesson I find myself learning more and getting closer to The Lord. Please do not let anyone or anything derail your helping those of us that are new students in the gospel. Thank you, Juanita Glover

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  39. This is left over from the days gone by. The days where you could not effectively study the bible unless you had a suit and tie on or a dress. Jesus desnot care how you looked on the outside and he knows the hearts of people who read your blog.

  40. They don’t have to read it! They should just go away! Your a blessing, remember together in Christ we are stronger. This connects us with other BSF/ Christians.

  41. I agree with above…you are an asset…and all you are doing is sharing your time, gifts, insights….Generally, I read your comments after I do the study…only when I am really stuck…before…although I put down my 1st thoughts….thanks again….my prayers….

  42. Some of those “stepford wives” have their little rants every once in a while; yet obviously they are looking for something if they found your blog. I say blog away full speed ahead! Thank you for your efforts and insight. You have helped me greatly.

  43. This person is obviously looking for answers to BSF questions otherwise why would she be on the internet reading your blog. I really don’t know for sure but feel that BSF doesn’t like people using the internet to gain assistance of any kind or to gain additional information with bible study. I personally appreciate your diligent work and thoughtful answers that have helped me when I am really stuck on a particular question or just want to see another viewpoint. Thanks for all you do! God Bless!

  44. Keep up the good work. I don’t see anything wrong with you posting BSF material. Your help is immeasurable. If your comments bother this person so much…don’t search for your site. It’s as easy as that! Why is this person going online to check your BSF anway! God has Blessed you! I luv, luv reading your answers and all the juicy tidbits you add. I learn so much from reading your blog. Ignore what the person saying.

  45. Dear AtoZmom, some people have too much time on their hands, let me explain. Most people have jobs consuming at least 40 to 60 hrs a week of their time, children to take care of, “never ending” responsibilities of maintaining home, family events, doctor appointments and the list goes on of time consuming events. It is a blessing to have your input into question answers, if not for you we don’t know how we would have the time, it actually is a relaxing time spent reading your input. Keep up the good work.
    God Bless.

  46. We all learn more with study, different perspectives, and discussion. After completing my lesson, I love to review your post. Your blog is straight-forward, thoughtful and well-written. You are a true student of God’s word and I very much appreciate your blog . . . Suzanne

  47. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment. I’ll never quit as I believe it’s a calling but I do wonder at times if I am helping you all or not so great to hear feedback from you all! I’m always looking for suggestions on improvement as well or anything else you all would like to see just let me know. It’s hard for me to have a different perspective than my own most of the time!

    1. Don’t let the BSF police get you down. God is blessing what you are doing. It seems to me, sometimes, that BSF leadership takes itself and its operation far more seriously than it takes its partakers.

  48. I am thankful for your blog. Many times you have a group in BSF and no one hardly says anything, I use your blog to help sharpen and grow my understanding, like having a real group member who will discuss the questions. So often in BSF we just run through the questions and get very little from it, thanks your blog I get so much more from my BSF study.

  49. I enjoy reading your blog and am blessed by your writing just as I am blessed by hearing what God is saying to each of the ladies in my BSF group. BSF needs to keep up with the times. This is an age in which internet communities flourish. Our class has trouble attracting new members, especially younger women. The structure of the class is old fashioned. Your blog and the sharing it promotes is a breath of fresh air!

  50. I like it! I attended classes for eight years and was a DL. I’m going through it again on the net and find your blog a lot like the class/group discussion. Please don’t stop.

  51. You can repeat BSF classes. I am doing the Matthew study for the 3rd time. It has been rewritten quite a bit, the questions and the notes. You are put on a waiting list at the beginning of the year as a *graduate* to allow those who have not ever done it to have first available openings. They cap class size dependent on group leaders, etc. Max is 15/group and if they don’t have enough leaders (or maybe rooms in a church?) then you have to wait.
    I read your answers after my own lesson is all wrapped up and I read my previous lessons from 2000/2007. Sometimes I am stumped on the same question, sometimes, FINALLY, I see the light and some questions have now been omitted or changed.

    1. How are new leaders recruited? I understand capping the small group size. That is important. But, if more people register than they can accommodate, with regard to leaders, do they quickly recruit new leaders immediately? Seems a shame to let people who want to study slip through the cracks.

      1. leaders are recruited from current leadership. we keep an eye out for those in class that may be a good candidate for leadership. the TL is notified and will then interview the candidate. training is done in leadership meetings as well as some one on one. Sitting in on classes as well as lead under the direction of the regular class leader. it works very well.

  52. You are definitely a blessing to me. Keep up the good work. The legalisms of BSF drove me away several years ago. It has relaxed some and that is good. Don’t let some naysayers drive you from helping those of us who struggle. Barbara

  53. I enjoy reading your Blog and hearing your view point. I receive more from your Blog sometimes than from my class on Monday night. Keep up the good work. You are help many people with your love of God.

  54. You are just wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re thoughts are very enlightening! They help me in to find in
    the Word things I never thought of before. PLEASE DON’T STOP, WE NEED YOU! I look forward to
    studying with you every week! Diane

  55. Some folk just have nothing else to do. Thanks for the help. I only use it when I get N a jam. Pay her no mind. B blessed and U R a blessing to many people. Some people get up N the morning trying to figure out how to ruin somebody’s day. Pray for her and keep it moving and keep it coming. God knows our hearts and hers too. Have a blessed day.

  56. You can not “ruin” my BSF experience if I don’t turn to your answers for my answers. I complete my homework and then AFTER my homework is completed, before my class meets, I love to read your answers. Not every week it just depends. Sometimes I think – “I don’t agree with her answer, mine is better.” Other times “What insight God gave her on this one.” and every now and then “She took the easy answer on this one and didn’t dig deep enough.” There is no harm in seeking more insight or sharing what the Holy Spirit has revealed to you.

    Each lady is responsible for delving into the Word and seeking the Holy Spirit for understanding and enlightenment. If women are not doing their homework and taking your answers for their own – than they are ruining their own experience by shortchanging the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.

    So please continue to blog. My daughter has a saying which she uses mostly in jest but I think applies here…”haters always hate.” I’m sure the comment was not meant as hate but if s/he did not agree with your blog the appropriate thing to do was not access your blog or your comments – ignore it.

  57. I always prepare my Lesson first and then read your observations. Sometimes I read all of them but usually I just read your responses to the more difficult questions. If some people do not enjoy your comments, they can stop reading. God knows what is in the heart of each BSF Member and I’m sure most BSF Members who have read your observations sincerely appreciate what you do. – Larry

  58. I think it’s great that you share, I do my own and see what other have to say also. I have found that many time we have the same train of thought , but there are other time you help clear out some things I question… I have recommend your site to a few other newbies to BSF and they find it very helpful.

  59. I think that it is great that you share. I don’t look to you for an answer. I wait until I am done, then I see what you have to share. It is no different then sharing with a girl friend. People need to get over it. Have a great day

  60. Your blog is a “BIG TIME” asset! You have been a tremendous help to me, thank you so much for your dedication to helping myself and others.

  61. I had to laugh. “How dare you!” Who says stuff like that?
    BSF use to have so many rules and I stopped going because I felt choked by all the legalism. I enjoy how much more relaxed they are now and don’t think you should put the old rules on yourself either.
    Thank you so much for helping me this semester.

  62. It absolutely is not ruining BSF. It actually helps me very much by comparing my answers with yours(after I have answered them. Besides a study of GOD’s Word is not property of anyone, it is for us to share with each other as The Holy Spirit leads! If she is so upset by this why is she reading it. I suppose the same reason the religious leaders followed Jesus around ridiculing Him. God bless you keep up the good work.

  63. Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your answers after I have finished mine or if I am stuck on an question. I love the additional information and the reference links that really add to the study. You can never please everyone. You can only do what God calls you to do and move on.

  64. I find it helpful to read your blog on BSF. I feel it helps me when I have trouble with a question. Some times I see things difference than you. It is good to have another view point.It like online group.

  65. Keep up the good work. I am so grateful for your Blog. I have lots of trouble understanding the Bible. I did not grow up with Bible lessons. If it was not for your Blog I might of dropped out of BSF. It is very helpful.

  66. Your blog is very helpful. When I have trouble understanding a question or even coming up with the answer I use your blog as a reference to get me going in the right direction.
    Thank you for your blog!!!!!

  67. There are always critics of good work, confidence, success. Several of men that I know read your blog after they have completed their lesson. There will be others who will read it at other times. That is their choice. Don’t sweat it. I injoy a second, third, fourth opinion. Keep writing. You will anyway.

  68. You are very helpful! Ivan get a different take on some questions. I don’t understand why anyone would be so concerned with what you are doing. Thank you for sharing your insight.

  69. First, I have never seen “BSF Material” in your blog. You post YOUR summaries and answers, which you are free to do with as you wish. You also reference Bible verses and quote from them. While the NIV and some other versions are copyrighted they do allow limited quoting of passages. I forget the exact numbers but you are well within both the intent and letter of the law.

    Second, I greatly enjoy seeing what context you use to answer many of the questions. There are some questions that make no sense what so ever to me. Maybe that is because I am male. I can read your answer and see what context you put the answer in and that can give me a direction in which I can look for a way to answer the question.

    Keep up the great work. You make BSF accessible to people who would otherwise give up in frustration. Your work helps advance God’s Kingdom!

  70. Years ago, many rulers and scholars said the same thing about Jesus and even more so about printing of the bible. It’s disappointed that people would say your ruining bsf when the entire foundation is focused on letting the Holy Spirit answer and move you. I find your answers insight full but I hardly ever copy them word for word. (I say hardly because a yes or no answer is hard not to copy exactly). I like the answers because our lecture leader is disconnected and often I have a hard time following her. Also this gives me a great deal of insight immediately when I need some help or can’t dig in deeper with just a bible. Why do bsf leaders or ppl feel the need to hide and be exclusive. It’s the word of Christ!

  71. Your blog encouraged me to remain in BSF. When I started BSF, I thought I was lost & didn’t know the word, because of how the questions were being answered within the discussion groups-some people had these really elongated answers and liked to talk a lot – I usually had a one sentence direct answer & always felt it wasn’t enough; although as the years went on (this is my 4th year w/BSF), I started to “get it.” Your blog helped me to realize I was responding to the questions according to how the Holy Spirit moved within me. I use your blog as a reference. I answer the question then refer to your blog and get really excited when I see we are on the same track. If I don’t agree w/you, there is no right or wrong answer, it is all in how we interpret the scripture & sometimes I may interpret it a little differently. . . BSF questions seem more confusing than they really are & if I’m, initially, confused upon reading the question, your blog helps me to get back on right track. I appreciate you & if that person is not strong enough to handle your blog, why are they reading it and trying to “ruin” things for other. There is a reason God moved you to do what you are doing. You have been a blessing to many.

  72. Just returning to BSF after a few years away and was excited to find your Blog still thriving. One of the reasons I left my local BSF group was because of its formality and concentration on “rule following”. I am not a rebel but I am a wife and mom who has a busy schedule. I felt a little uneasy when I wasn’t doing everything “right”. By that, I mean having an absence here and there because of family obligations or an inability to attend a Fellowship left me feeling like I was somehow disgracing myself in the eyes of BSF. The idea of an absence needing to be excused seemed quite sad.

    My guess is that the individual(s) posting negatively are of that rule concentrated BSF group. Thankfully, times are a changing and I returned to find a much more relaxed environment and the leadership group actually wearing jeans. It is so much more relaxed and inviting…and, I am thankful.

    BSF can be confusing to even the most scholarly individuals. Your posts are your thoughts and understandings and that my friend can be a gift to someone who is struggling. At the end of the day, if GOD did not want you using this format, you wouldn’t be.

    As I said earlier, times are a changing and who knows–perhaps your blog will be a catalyst for BSF to explore on-line studies. Just imagine who they could reach then! You are just a maverick and ahead of the bunch!

  73. Her comments are ruining my atoztmom blog experience!!!!!!! It defies logic that someone who is so concerned about a site visit it to see possible answers….like anything else if you do not like it DON’T PARTICIPATE. We should be obedient to what God calls us to do. Sharing your opinion and research of the scriptures is beneficial to those who wish to compare, learn, understand, and seek clarification to what they feel is their understanding of the word. They have the choice to agree or disagree with your comments or answers. Sharing God’s word can never be wrong.

  74. I have to say…you are a great asset and I thank you. As I always say…Let your haters be your motivators.
    Thank you once again for what you do. God Bless.

  75. You’re not ruining my BSF experience. You’re answers are very helpful to me and so are your explanations and side notes. Sometimes the questions totally stump me, and when I read your answer I understand what they are asking a little more clearer. I don’t use it for copying purposes I like to compare my answers with yours.

  76. I personally like reading your posts. It helps me to see another perspective when I am doing my lessons. Kind of like my class. We don’t aways agree on everything, but I always appreciate the insight and opinions of others. Let’s be honest, there are times when I don’t understand the question and can see what you think to help me understand. You enhance my BSF experience, not ruin it.

  77. I respect your efforts in keeping this blog. I had enjoyed reading your answers and thoughts. It also helps me a lot when I do my BSF questions because your answers gave me perspectives on the meaning of questions asked. Thank you very much. I truly respect you. Keep it going and please don’t be stressed out by someone who does not like what you wrote. Majority of us like what we are reading each week.

    Lyn (your follower from Japan)

  78. Sometimes I cannot wait to read your opinion. You have enlightened me through the years with BSF. I came to BSF as a relative new Christian, so you know how confusing the scriptures can be. So many times you have made the light bulb go off and then the pieces would come together. I especially appreciate the links and maps, etc. that you provide. I always use these helps. You are like another lecture for me with extended thoughts and interpretations. Sometimes I think you can feel the emotions and the environment of the situation and it helps me to see more clearly what is happening. I love your blog and I need your blog in my Christian awakening. Thank you so much for your time and work in helping me get to know my Savior.

  79. Please do not stop! I love your comments, I do my own study and often cross check with your information to see if we are in agreement or if I am in left field and sometimes I am comfortable with left field. I think what you do is an asset. Real life commentary from one of us – I am happy to have found your site. God’s word will be used. I don’t think God’s word needs man’s or woman’s rules. Thank you for all your time and effort

  80. Please continue your blog. It gives me some incite on some of these difficult questions. I decide what my answer will be but your blog helps me to stay on the right track.

  81. Don’t let it bother you. I like your blog because it’s good to check someone else’s thoughts when you’re a little confused and its 5:00 AM and you’re the only person you know that’s up at this hour I write my answer and if I need to see if I might be going in the wrong direction I’ll check your blog. Judy

    Quote for the Month: Philippians 4:11-13 (NIV) (11) “I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. (12) I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. (13) I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.”

  82. I have been following your blog for 4 years and I enjoy it tremendously. I try to answer the questions myself before I read what you have to say, and sometimes we have the same or very similar thought/answer. At other times we are miles away in thought/answer, but always somewhere in the post, I find insight on things I never considered. I agree with your post from Lesson 14 about needing a different and somtimes “expert” (those who dig deep into the word) explanation. I say continue what you are doing; as you see from the different replys, most BSF attendees agree.

  83. To me, it’s like the small groups we break off into, where we discuss our various different answers. However, you’re here, in a blog, instead of sitting in a chair next to me. Just like sitting next to a person who gives diversion in answers, you bring the same diversion in your blog. I love it!! Keeps me on my toes and diggin for the answers instead of giving up and moving on.

  84. I’ve been following your blog for several years and I think it’s wonderful. I answer my questions and look to yours when I have questions to see if my answers were even close. When we are in small group we are sharing and people often have different trains of thought…so I don’t see how this is really any different. Your answers are so well put together, well documented and with references to follow for additional information. I know you are helping me and no doubt many many others to understand the complexities of the bible. Thank you so much for what you do.

  85. I appreciate all of the extra information that you research and find out and NO you are NOT ruining it for me.

    Debbie Barbour

  86. I am so glad you are sharing BSF with me. I work non-stop and do not have time to attend a BSF class, so I try to figure out as much as I can from your comments. I wish BSF would publish the commentary/notes to the public.

  87. I really appreciate your answers. They help me tell if I’m even in the ballpark….I am doing Matthew for the second time, and with your notes I am getting much more out of it. Don’t worry about the complaints. These people freely chose to read your answers. If they were honest with themselves, they were probably blessed by your answers which are given in a much more Christian spirit than their complaints were…..

  88. I love your posts. BSF is meant to be shared. Your answers almost always lead to a deeper understanding of the scripture and they always make me think about my answers on a more personal level. Please don’t stop!

  89. You are my guardian angel in helping me make it through some very tough questions and I like your incite and your conclusions as well…..Please don’t stop its like having a personal tutor that gives me a special incite I wouldn’t have gotten without you. There is always some one who has to be negative…..I feel my bible study is the most important thing I do and I pray for you and your wisdom to help guide me through this as well as God…..as I get to know Him I am also getting to know you and cherish these blogs as sometimes when I am unable to get to class I have had another classmate to help better understand and to see more clearly what it is I am suppose to learn from the lesson…..Thank you and please do not stop and I will also pray your book gets published as it should.

  90. You are definitely a help . I always answer the questions Then look at your answers. Try to get a different viewpoint. Keep it up.

  91. You are a help to me. I too answer the questions 1st and then may compare with you. I leave my answers because they fit me better, but I like knowing what another view is.

  92. You are a big ASSET and a big HELP. It is a great tool to be able to see another persons ideas. You are wonderful. I always look forward to your prayer request list too. I hope you will not let anyone “rain on your parade”.

  93. I am a man and I think your site ROCKS. Thanks for your input into BSF. I enjoy studying the different insights into these questions. I sometimes struggle with the questions and youi make it clearer. Please don’t stop posting.

    Jerry Wade

  94. Hi Atozmom:

    I am relatively new to BSF (3rd year) and I must admit am not completely sure what the purpose of your blog has been but thought, naively perhaps, that it must be good and of the Lord.

    I have not read the recent posts and am not savvy or current on what is currently transpiring other than the subject line re: “ruining BSF”. I will say, however, that I’m not surprised you are having problems because of late your ‘work’ does not reflect an indwelling of the Holy Spirit, in your comments and responses. I continue to wonder, what is the purpose of your website??? Perhaps apropos to this very Lesson.

    For this reason I will attempt to block further posts and commentaries, etc., if I can figure out how to. Thank you and God Bless.

  95. First of all, your answers are your answers. Your conclusions and review of the passages are yours. And I have never read any BSF material in any of your posts.

    Second. I appreciate you posting your answers. I do not copy them, but do compare them with mine. Sometimes you are more accurate than me and sometimes I am. But then again, your answers are yours and mine are mine.

    Personally I consider you to be that extra member in my small group.I appreciate your posts..


    This is a study guide commentary which means that you are responsible for your own interpretation of the Bible. Each of us must walk in the light we have. You, the Bible and the Holy Spirit are priority in interpretation. You must not relinquish this to a commentator.

    The BSF discussion questions are provided to help you think through the major issues of this section of the lesson.

    They are meant to be thought provoking, not definitive.


    ATOZMOM’S response to questions is a study guide commentary which means that BSF students are responsible for their own answers and relationship with the Bible and Holy Spirit.

    While some are “STEALING” the answers, they are robbing themselves of a relationship with the ONE!

    Each individual is responsible for seeking an understanding and interpretation of the Bible with the Holy Spirit. This role must not relinquish this to you or any other commentator.

    Each individual woman should think through each lesson with the knowledge and skills within their own mind to become spiritually attuned and teachable by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

    BSF QUESTIONS are meant to be thought provoking, not definitive.

    1. I regard your blog as an extended discussion group and i marvel at your in depth research and extra thoughts and references you give. I will be especially looking forward to your blog next year for Revelations is a book I’ve put off reading. Thanks for all your time Karen

  98. I do not think so. I read the lesson using the materials as a reference, but mostly I read and study the Bible along other references to answer the study questions. Never your answers. KEEP UP THE WORK, and leave the critics to do what they do.

  99. I was a DL for 6 or 7 years and have returned to the class as several new studies have been added. I wish there was more sharing on the net – you should keep it up. i’m just catching up after 3 weeks of flu so may be behind. The only thing I object to is people using commentaries or quoting sermons, etc without really thinking through what God has for them. i don’t see you doing that, and I hope that you encourage others to think for themselves.

  100. When I first started BSF, I was very self conscious about my answers. I always checked yours and used yours if I liked it better than mine – which at that time was frequently. Now that I’ve been in BSF a while, I’m much more confident and realize that there are no wrong answers in BSF. However, if it weren’t for your blog, I would have participated less in the beginning and might not have continued. I’m very grateful. Keep it up.

  101. I do not think you are ruining BSF. Your answers and summary are helpful when I get stuck or can’t figure out what the question is. And some times I do not agree with your answers. But you get my juices flowing so that I can answer the questions better.

    Thank you

  102. I will admit, there were times when I absolutely had no idea what the answer was, so I looked on your blog…and when I did, I was enlightened. I then understood the question, so that I could figure out what the answer was. Now I do make sure the I do the study and (usually the night before BSF) I go over the lesson and then refer to your blog. I can’t tell you how much you have helped me. No different than getting together with my other friends who attend BSF and doing a “group study”. How could that ever be anything but helpful? I, personally, thank you for sharing your answers. I believe you are a help, not a hindrance. Of course, there may be some women who simply copy your answers to make it look like she did her lesson, but at least she continues to attend, and sooner or later the Holy Spirit WILL grab her heart and she will begin to have enough confidence in herself to try the lessons on her own. Again…how could that ever be a bad thing!
    And, to the lady who accused you of copyright infringement, please do not take offense. Let her heart be softened by the Holy Spirit just as she expects yours to be. Do not let the spirit of offense enter your heart. You do not sound like a person who would harbor offense, so the only reason I say this is because you outright said, “I take offense to your statement…”.
    God bless you. Keep doing whatever it is that God directs you to do!
    Thank you!

  103. KEEP SPREADING YOUR SEEDS, SISTER! Your blog is awesome! I refer to your blog because I’ve only been studying the bible for about four years’. Sometimes I do not understand the questions or do not have biblical knowledge. I refer to your blog when I am severely stuck on a question or answer. Sometimes, I just can’t formulate my words and you help me there too. Often times, you use other references or add historical information that helps me gain a better understanding or your answer paves my way to better understand the question that is being asked.

    I have been following you for quite some time and I feel as though I’m in your study group. Your blog is a good thing and I appreciate all of what you have done for me. My recommendation is to love and continue to spread the seed of the Word, Sister!

  104. You are such an inspiration. It helps me pray for you. Great to c how God speaks to each one of us thru this study. Keep it up. You are not the only one who does this. God bless you sister. In Christ

  105. Silliness. I am an ardent rule follower and I read your blog every lesson. I think you stay well within the BSF guidelines. I read your blog after my lesson is done. Yes, I do put your answers down, If different, on my lesson. In a different color. I don’t verbally give that answer in class. But I have another insight. I write other class members answers too if helpful.
    I used to have a close friend nearby that attended BSF and we discussed the lesson all week. No different here.

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