BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 25, Day 4: Matthew 25:31-46

Summary of passage:  The Son of Man will separate all the nations gathered before him.  Those on the right will inherit the kingdom of heaven and eternal life that has been prepared for them since the creation of the world because they took care of Jesus through taking care of others (his sheep).  Those on his left will go to Hell and eternal punishment for they did nothing for him nor others.


10a)  A throne on earth in heavenly glory

b)  All nations, the world, people everywhere

11a)  By doing for their brothers (or others).  This includes feeding, clothing, inviting in, taking care of when sick, visiting in prison.

b)  By not doing for their brothers (or others).  This includes by not feeding, clothing, inviting them in, looking after them when sick or in prison.

12a)  They said they never fed Jesus himself or gave him something to drink or invited him in or clothe him or see him sick or in prison to care for.  The ones on the left said the same thing, adding they never saw him to help him.

b)  Romans 2:7-11:  If we do good and seek to do His glory, we will receive glory, honor, and peace.  If we are self-seeking and reject the truth and follow evil, we will meet with wrath and anger, trouble and distress.

James 2:14-17:  Act out your faith:  if you see someone in need, help them.  Offer clothing and food.

1 John 3:16-19:  We ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.  If we see someone in need, we need to have pity on them and help if we are able.  Love with actions and in truth and then we will know we belong to Him.

Conclusions:  Sigh of relief!  Much, much easier than the last two days.  Basically, what you do for others, you do for Jesus himself.  Be kind and generous and do what Jesus would do since he is not here in person to care for his sheep, then we are to care for his sheep in his name.

End Notes:  This judgment is different than the one in Revelation 20:11-15.  This one happens on earth, right after Jesus returns and seems to be only for the Gentiles.

Sheep and goats were pastured together but at night separated since goats need to huddle for warmth but sheep with their wooly fur do not.

This judgment is based purely on works.  The ones on the left were condemned for being indifferent and doing nothing.  Hence, scholars believe this was a separation before Jesus’ millennial reign.  I am no expert in this area so I defer to our forthcoming study of Revelation to clear this one up.

This ends Jesus’ Olivet Discourse and Jesus’ teachings and now we will focus on the events that lead to Jesus’ death.


One thought on “BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 25, Day 4: Matthew 25:31-46

  1. Thanks for your answers they gave some great insight and information on lesson 25 about the parables. How interesting about separating the sheep and goats at night. That was also a great site you gave to look up on tracking Bible prophecy from a previous day. I thought my lesson was pretty complete but you had even more!


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