BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 30: Review Questions for Book of Matthew

As always, the last lesson in BSF is a review lesson and a reflection on what you have learned throughout the year at BSF.  I will not be posting my answers as they are all personal questions, but I will leave you with some of my final thoughts for the year.

I learned Jesus had to rise from the grave so that we could.  I learned how everything Jesus did was for us.  The connection between the Old and New Testaments was strengthened in my mind as I gained a deeper understanding of prophecy and especially how it relates to Jesus.

I learned how God briefly turned His back on Jesus at the cross but Jesus never turned his back on God.  Important for us to do as well when we think God has abandoned us.

I gained a much deeper understanding of the disciples.  Before, I thought little of them to be quite honest and what I did think of them was idealized.  Now, I know they were just like you and me–common folk who were flawed but with a good heart–who yearned to understand and follow Jesus even when they failed.  But they never gave up.  And in the end, they fulfilled God’s purpose for their lives here on Earth.

I learned the key to healing is having faith.  Those who had faith in Jesus were healed.  Those who didn’t, were not.  Unseen faith is the key to heaven.

I learned everything Jesus did had a purpose.  He wasn’t just indiscriminately walking here on Earth.  Every footfall was planned from the beginning of time.

Jesus himself became more real to me.  I saw him more as a human who had the same emotions and problems as we do here on earth.  He had to be God and man at the same time–I would imagine not easy to do.  He formed close connections with those close to him and felt pain when they failed him or betrayed him.  He had expectations that were let down.  He had burdens to carry that we could never imagine.  Yet his courage gives me strength.  For if Jesus could bear the sins of the world, then I can bear whatever little problem is going on in my life.

My favorite story/lesson was John the Baptist’s beheading for I saw just how easy it is to sway young people to do horrible acts because of their ignorance.  This is important for me to remember as I raise my kids in this Fallen world where at every turn they are bombarded with images of how they should be or how they should act and messages of how premarital sex is okay and smoking marijuana is healthy.

You can never fail when you study the Bible for God is with you and He never fails.  He speaks to you right where you are even if you’ve heard these very familiar tales a hundred times.  Overall, I loved the study of Matthew.  I’ve never really had the opportunity to study Jesus in depth and now I feel confident in speaking about his time here on earth with others.  Studying the Bible makes it more accessible and real and the life lessons are ones we need to hear over and over again in order to live them out.

I am, however, looking forward to the break where I have much writing planned (2 re-writes and a non-fiction book to begin), which I believe is my calling here on Earth.  Naturally, I am excited to begin!

I thank all of you for joining me in this study.  You have enriched it infinite-fold with your comments and presence.  I look forward to next year with Moses (or Revelation for some of you). God bless and have a rejuvenating break!

14 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 30: Review Questions for Book of Matthew

  1. I personally want to thank you for taking the time to share your answers and comments! I made it a point to not let the answers become a crutch, but a source for clarity when needed. As I (with the help of the Holy Spirit) continue to grow in my understanding of the WORD, I hope to be able to help others as you are doing. Enjoy your time off and “God Speed” in your writing! Looking forward to your books coming across my desk one day!

    BE BLESSED! Sharon Davis, Collection Management DeKalb County Public Library Processing Center


  2. Thank you for sharing your answers and comments this year. You have made the study of Matthew all the more enjoyable. Hope you have a blessed summer and look forward to studying Moses with you! Can’t wait to read your books when they are published. God Bless You!


  3. You have enriched my study of Matthew, I learned more from your writings that all of the other sources that I use. Clear, concise and to the point. Your insight is wonderful and thought provoking. Good Luck with your writing and have a a fantastic time off from BSF to do the other projects in your life. God Bless you and your family.


  4. Thank you for your effective writing. I agree you have enriched my study of Matthew. Matthew is my favorite book. I wish you a Blessed career in writing and look forward to reading your books. Thank you for bringing clarity to the questions. God Bless You and your family, Marlene


  5. Thanks again for your insightful writing.and comments. It was a pleasure to “study” with you. I do really appreciate checking in with you each week. You have helped me through many lessons. God bless you in your summer writing!


  6. Have you done the “life of Moses” study in BSF? That’s what we are doing in the fall, will you be posting on it?

    Sent from my iPad


  7. You’ve been a blessing to me this year, as my online BSF friend. Thank you so much for your help and encouragement . Am looking forward to sharing ” life of Moses”,next fall with you.

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Thank you!!! Was a group leader in the midwest and your support was a blessing to me and all i discipled given i had a suicidal adult child, unemployed spouse, leadership role in my home church as a coach to bible teachers and executive position at work outside my ministry as a wife and mother. Again, thank you for jump staring my thinking, lessons, and homiletics. Everyone in my family is in BSF. You are blessing beyond measure. I could not have done the year w/ out you and the HS! God is able. Thank you Atozmom m!!!


  9. Thank You so much for taking the time to post the study questions on Matthew. This is my first year at BSF and it can be overwhelming!! You helped me so much.
    Good luck with your book. I would love to read it! Have a wonderful summer. You have been a blessing to me. Thank You again and God Bless. I will remember you in my prayers.


  10. From Oklahoma, we are just finishing up lesson 30 next week. Thank you so much for your help – with many hardships in life lately and it is difficult to concentrate/study sometimes – and – as MAGM said “you jump-started my thinking” each week and was such a big help! May God bless you (even more) in your writing.


  11. Thank you for an insightful view of the lessons. When I was not quite clear on the question, you gave me a different way of seeing it. Though our answers often differed, reading your reply was like talking to my sister about the lesson. I look forward to ‘talking’ to you through the study of Moses. God bless and keep you. Enjoy your writing,


  12. Dear Atozmom, I have been following your blog for quiet some time now and would like to say thank you. There have been so many times I felt a little lost with some of the questions or needed a little confirmation on my understanding of the study. You gave me clarity some times and other times just a different perspective on the word. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and hope all goes well with your books this summer. I will be praying for you!! Sincerely, Carol Whitehurst. God is using you in a mighty way!

    Sent from my iPad


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