Yep, You Guessed it…

Here he is!!  Our New Pup!!!  He’s a European Blue Great Dane!! As you can see, he’s loved!!!

My daughter and new pup
My daughter and new pup


He's Got Some Growing to Do!!
He’s Got Some Growing to Do!!










30 thoughts on “Yep, You Guessed it…

  1. Love danes, we had 3, the last one being deaf from birth, but was better trained than our two sons, and she was never fenced. Lived the 8 years untile she got sick. While walking the other day, ran into someone walking their dane. He was a very wet mouth dane, . That was a first for me to know. Enjoy, they are such babies all their life and give so much love.


  2. Believe it or not for some reason I have never seen a newbie Great Dane! Adopted one years ago and loved Junior! Congrats! Need name? Girl or boy?

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  3. That is so sweet! I’m very happy for your family. There is nothing like a new puppy. I lost my beloved doggie in February. She was 16 yrs. 6 mos. & 10 days old. I am still grieving but hopeful to move thru the grief to open my heart for another puppy soon. Congratulations & God bless.


  4. God’s creation constantly blows my mind! My daily graditude prayers include all of our pets. Your new baby is precious! What wonderful gifts God gives us ! I love the photos.


  5. So very cute . . . Congrats! Your email is tugging at my heartstrings. Over a year ago we lost our precious Basset Hound Penelope. Time to act . . . maybe for smaller version like a Beagle! puppy hugs to all . . .


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