Dadblamed Union Army Cow

Dadblamed Union Army Cow
Dadblamed Union Army Cow

Dadblamed Union Army Cow is a delightful tale from Susan Fletcher that tells the true story of a cow in the Civil War.  A soldier tells his tale about his cow who followed him everywhere, including to enlist in the army. She wouldn’t go home.  So she went with him, rode on a train, and followed him all the way to war!

In the beginning, the cow was a pain.  He had to find fresh grass for her and she got stuck in the mud and had to be pulled out and she’d end up in the middle of a battle.  But that cow turned out to be useful.  She kept the flies away with her tale.  She kept him warm at night.  She supplied milk when they had little else to eat.  And when the soldier took a musket ball to the shoulder, the cow was there, staying by his side in the army hospital as he healed.  When the war ended, the cow was there, following him all the way home.

Their story made the newspaper and the cow made headlines.  She got visitors from miles around and got a new shed built.  She even received a medal!  In the end, the cow was his friend who always said “moo”.

Based off of a true story of a cow that traveled with the Fifty-Ninth Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, this tale touched my heart.  Another story of how attached animals are to humans and how that bond is very powerful.  The cow did appear in the Greencastle, Indiana, newspaper in 1872 and retired to pasture upon returning home.  Just a wonderful picture book with great illustrations and simple text that will surely delight.  Highly recommended!!

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