BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 2, Day 2: Exodus 2:11-14

Summary of passage:  Moses as a young man went out one day to watch his people at their labor.  He witnessed an Egyptian beating a Hebrew so he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.  The next day he saw two Hebrews fighting and asked why.  The man said he knew he killed the Egyptian so Moses was afraid.


3a)  Yes.  The Bible tells us “Glancing this way and that and seeing no one” so Moses thought first before murdering the man.  If someone had been around, Moses would not have killed the man.  Thus, he didn’t act out of uncontrolled anger but out of premeditation.

[Note: Some scholars say Moses killed the man to help the Israelites recognize him as their deliverer.]

b)  We learn Moses was forty years old.  Moses thought he would be recognized as a rescuer of his people, but he wasn’t.  He killed the man because he was defending the Hebrew and avenging him.  He tried to reconcile the two who were fighting the next day.  He fled to Midian and had 2 sons.

c)  It seemed he thought God would make them see and they would recognize he was from God.

4a)  I think Moses chose to identify with them first.  He chose to be a Hebrew rather than an Egyptian.  God lets all of us choose our path.  Therefore, I think Moses had to choose his people first (and thus chose God himself) before God would reveal His plan to him.  Also, if Moses had chosen to be an Egyptian, he wouldn’t have visited the Hebrew slaves.  He wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them for he was better than them and they were unworthy of him.

b)  Faith in the One, True God.

c)  Everything.  Power, riches, maybe the throne of Egypt, an easy life, his friends, his family, his life for now he was a wanted man.

d)  Moses chose the hard life of following Christ over the easy life of an Egyptian prince because he knew his eternal reward was in heaven and not on earth.

5a)  He was determined, strong, confident yet quick to take a life to prove himself.  He underestimated how much he needed God with him.  He underestimated the work involved in being a deliverer of a people who see him as a foreigner and not as a Hebrew.

b)  His methods (sinning just to prove himself).  His closeness to God.  Listening to God first before acting.  Patience.

Conclusions:  It seems to me that Moses had some word from God that he was to rescue and deliver the Israelites; hence, setting this scene in motion.  We are not told but Moses has this idea and it had to come from somewhere.  I think God did tell Moses this but didn’t tell him the time so Moses jumped the gun here and paid the price for not waiting on God.

I like how Moses had to choose God first before God would act.  I like how Moses took the path less taken to become one of the greatest men in history.  If he had chosen to be an Egyptian prince, he would be just as nameless as this Pharaoh.  Instead, he followed God and God’s purpose.

Map of Midian:

End Notes:  Notice how Moses is rejected by his own people.  Remind you of anyone?  Yep, Jesus.  Moses’ life will closely mirror Jesus’.  Moses is correct in his role as redeemer; he just had to wait on God.


7 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 2, Day 2: Exodus 2:11-14

  1. Passages like this that contain sin in order to carry out their purpose have always been bothersome to me. I think it needs to be viewed as Moses making a commitment to God by killing the Egyptian and since the man saw it he could not turn back.


    1. Marcia,

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  2. I took a different slant on Question 3(a) and felt that Moses did NOT plan beforehand to kill the Egyptian. Even though Moses acted wrong, unwisely, rashly, etc. in killing the Egyptian, I don’t believe that it was pre-meditated. Moses was defending a fellow Hebrew who was being beaten. Moses probably was a take-charge guy, a man of action with a strong sense of justice. He went to watch his people and though his killing was ill-advised and his zeal and passion outran his discretion, I don’t believe he had planned this act beforehand. Interestingly, God’s word does not call Moses a murderer, and no where in the Bible does God condemn Moses for killing the Egyptian. Moses is a godly man who acted rashly and let his flesh take over on seeing this Egyptian beating one of his own people. I feel this was more of an impulsive wrong action rather than a careful thought out beforehand plan. His “looking this way and that” to me implied that he was trying to see if other Egyptians were around before he intervened. Moses probably looked in all directions except up where he would have seen God and sought His wisdom! When he thought there was no one around he did impulsively strike and kill, and then compounded his bad action by hiding him in the sand. I can not excuse his actions, but I do not feel he did this as a pre-planned, pre-meditated act. He obviously is not ready to be God’s man at this time and God sends him into the desert for 40 years. I like what I read that D.L. Moody said on the life of Moses: He said that Moses spent the first 40 years of his life thinking he was somebody, 40 years learning in the desert that he was a nobody, and then the last 40 years of his life seeing what God can do with a nobody, and proving God to be everything!


  3. The question for me is “when does a plan to do wrong begin”? Does someone just decide or plan to be an adulterer, murderer, or thief and become one when they commit the sin or did they become an adulterer, murderer, or thief when they permitted those thoughts to come into their heart? Christ told us in Matt 5:28 that the sin begins in our hearts…”but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” I suspect Moses let the thought of murder exist in his heart before he put on his sandals that morning. Having these thoughts in our heart is when we allow the plan to sin start unfolding.


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