BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 2, Day 5: Exodus 2:23-25

Summary of passage:  The Pharaoh died and the Israelites continued to suffer under oppression.  God heard their cries and was concerned.


10a)  By preparing Moses and by bringing the Israelites to a point of total dependence on God–to the point of hardship beyond bearing because in the desert they will have to have total faith in God to survive.

b)  Cried out to God

11a)  Heard, remembered, looked, concerned

b)  They tell us just what the verbs mean:  That God heard his people, remembered them, looked on the, and was concerned.  His people are important to Him.

c)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Yes

Conclusions:  Again, thought the last three days should have been combined into one.  I’m not a fan of “yes” or “no” personal questions.  I just don’t get a lot out of those.  Thought Question 9d and 10a should have been together as both have the same answer of relying totally on God.

End Notes:  We must remember God remembered his people and turned his attention to His people because of the covenant with Abraham and not because of any other reason (like suffering or the people deserved it).  If it not for Abraham, God would probably have let the people suffer in Egypt.  But because of God’s goodness and love and because he chose Israel, He rescued them.


4 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 2, Day 5: Exodus 2:23-25

  1. Thank you for continuing to bring us all these great studies of BSF. Is there any way I could get the questions in their new format? I am a graduate of BSF and I am not attending this year so you help bring me back to where I need to be reminded of God’s commands. Deut. 6:5-9
    Thanks for your honesty in your blog and showing your human side. All we can do is control ourselves and not others. I still haven’t learned this, but I am trying.


  2. The notes have changed since I started 7 years ago. They are in a new format now. The questions you can only get if you are a member. This is my second time through Moses. Go back next year and do Revelation but the one I go to Sydney Australia has a class of 460. I think people are getting ready for Revelation. Just as well the car park holds a lot of cars and we car pool. In all we have with children about 550 people. I just love BSF it has taught me so much. The reason why we have a big car park is it backs onto a retirement village and that is huge. It goes for 2ks and comes out into another street.


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