BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 11, Day 4: Exodus 32:25-29

Summary of passage:  Moses was not pleased that Aaron had made the Israelites a laughingstock to the world. Moses asks whomever is for God to come to him. The Levites come. God told the Levites to kill everyone else who is not for the Lord and they killed about 3000 that day. They will now be set apart and blessed for their loyalty to God.


8a)  They were running wild, not thinking or caring about their sin

b)  Aaron

c)  Personal Question.  My answer:  I am responsible for those in my charge.  I set the environment and if it’s sinful, then all will be infected.  If it’s full of God, all will be filled with God.  I need to be more mindful of what I do.

9a)  He asked, “Whoever is for the Lord, come to me.”  Those who didn’t come to him, were slaughtered.

b)  As punishment/judgment for their sin for He knew their hearts would never change.  The same reason why He wanted to kill all of them in Exodus 32:10.

c)  They were set apart as disciples (and we know as priests) for the Lord.  They became worthy of the Lord because they put Him above their brothers, sons, and family.

Conclusions:  Like yesterday, another easy day.  We are all responsible for ourselves as well even if we have no one immediate under us or in our care.  We affect everyone we come into contact with.  We either shine the Lord or we don’t.  Which are you?

Again like with Pharaoh who witnessed God firsthand, we see here that some people will never change and will never come to the Lord and we can do nothing about it and neither can God.  In this case, He kills them as their judgment.  Good reminder in our struggles with others to come to God.  We can only do so much.

End Notes:  Other translations say the people were “unrestrained”.  Basically, they had no moral compass and were following whatever made them feel good.  Hence, their hearts were hard and they paid the ultimate price.

The Levites were the only group who decided, acted, and separated for God.  So we must as well.

Stand for God, or you stand for nothing.