BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 11, Day 5: Exodus 32:30-33:6

Summary of passage:  Moses goes up to the Lord again to plead for the people’s forgiveness, saying to blot him out of the book if God does not forgive them. God says He will but when the times comes for punishment (judgment), He will punish them and blot them out of His book.  He struck them with the plague as punishment (death of 3000).

God commands Moses to leave for the Promised Land and He will send an angel before them to drive out their enemies.  However, God will not go with any longer for His anger is such that He may destroy them anyways for their sins.  The people mourned these words and put on no ornaments at Mount Horeb.


10a)  Both of them wished to sacrifice themselves for the people, to take on God’s wrath and be cut off from God.  Love for the people, God’s great heart.

b)  Jesus.

c)  Jesus sacrificed himself and atoned for our sins through his blood sacrifice to demonstrate God’s justness (Romans), to redeem us so that we may receive the full rights of sons (Galatians), to be our ransom so that we are set free from our sins and are able to receive our eternal inheritance (Hebrews).

11)  Without belief in Jesus, you will die for your sins.

12a)  The instructions are the same–to go up out of this place and head to the Promised Land with an angel to guide them–except God will not go with them this time.

b)  “Stiff-necked”

c)  They began to mourn and did not put on any ornaments.

d)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Confess our sins and receive God’s forgiveness and truly repent in our hearts (like the Israelites who mourned).  We should be sad and bereft and crave God’s fellowship once more.

Conclusions:  Overall, much more focused study.  I like this one better than all the readings. Great example of Paul and Moses pleading for us-how they have such a heart for God and others that they are willing to sacrifice themselves.  So inspiring.

I would imagine without God, Immanuel with them, the Israelites feel very alone and even more fearful.  I can imagine once you have God the thought of losing Him would be devastating.  Good lesson for the Israelites to appreciate and learn from their sins.

End Notes:  Moses understood the gravity of the people’s sin so asks for forgiveness again, even offering himself as a sacrifice, sensing that an animal’s blood would not suffice.  God says no because He knows Jesus is coming.  I want such a sacrificial heart.  Moses appeals to God’s grace and mercy.  Still, God’s punishment is that none of these adults will see the Promised Land.

This would merely be an angel, not Jesus, with them.  God wanted to see if they truly cared if they had Him or not if they just wanted the possessions.  They cared and God later relented again in His infinite mercy (Exodus 33:15-17).

Here, we see what should be done after sin:  1) Repent of God’s loss of Himself  2)  Do not outwardly adorn yourself for it is the inward that matters.

Later, we see what the Israelites should have used their gold for–the tabernacle (Exodus 35:22), which they did. Learning is taking place, which is all God asks of us.


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