Thanksgiving Memories and Traditions…

Hey all!

I wanted to do something different this week to honor God and to celebrate Thanksgiving which is this week here in the US.  Thanksgiving is a day to thank God for our blessings.  This was the original intent back in 1863 when Abraham Lincoln made it a national holiday.  Somehow it has gotten squeezed between Halloween (a waste of time, energy, and money in my opinion) and the commercialism that is replacing “Christ” in Christmas.

I invite you all to comment below with your favorite Thanksgiving memories or traditions or to list your prayers to God and your thankgivings to Him for what you have.  We are all blessed whether we feel like it or not.  If you are breathing, it is because of God…

I wish you all a joyous Thanksgiving, full of warmth and laughter and family and friends and praise to Him who made it all possible.

I would like to personally say thank you to each and every one of you.  I am truly blessed to have this forum and to have amazing readers who find something here every week.  It gives me a purpose that I only recently have come to appreciate, and I pray I will appreciate more.  I wish I could give each and every one of you a big hug and invite you over for coffee to praise Him!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God bless you all!

18 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Memories and Traditions…

  1. There were 6 of us kids and when Mom was alive we all went to her place. We each would take a dish sometimes assigned and other times potluck but the special part was the love and fun as we and our kids shared time together.
    They are good memories and I miss them and the many who have died. I thank God for the memories and all of His many blessings especially for Jesus and the free gift of salvation. It was free for me but cost His life. Thank you.


  2. God has directed me to your site and your comments help me with my BSF study and our walk with God and the spirit that lives in us. At this time my family welcomes the prayers for recovery and healing to be Gods plan for us.
    Thanksgiving is a blessing from God.
    We thank you and have you and atozmomm on our ASK prayer list.
    Blessing of God be with you.


  3. Thank you, God for the many many blessings that you have granted unto me. From granting me the gift of life, to the gift of a Savior, my loving parents, a wonderful husband of 56 years, 3 adorable kids, 3 beautiful grandkids & one Ggrandkid, for these and much more I am Thankful. I love this holiday that brings families together for no other reason than to Thank You, Dear Lord!


  4. Thank you God for watching over my wife and I . I am challenged with her multiple illnesses and how to assist her. I am growing thru this challenge of numerous years, to be more thoughtful; considerate and to becoming more of a human being instead of a human doing. Praise God!!


  5. So blessed and happy. Most of my older family has passed on but the younger generation is still here and they love to celebrate. In past times, I loved seeing everyone gathered together and we spent the whole day eating and visiting. There was never any drama and everyone was happy just to be together. We never even thought to turn on the tv! Today’s a little different with all the busyness of electronics and gadgets. And being in a hurry to move on to friends or in laws. Still there’s something to be said for listening for the Saviors still and calming voice.
    Hallelujah, what a Savior. A classic and favorite hymn. Have a blessed thanksgiving everyone!


  6. Thank you for this great opportunity. Our newer tradition is to participate in a Thanksgiving race – run 5k or 10k or a relay… gives us a great start in the morning….
    If we had a big family here, I would love to just get together and visit and cook and stuff and thank Jesus for it all.
    I wish you all a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving.


  7. Happy Thankgiving To You and Your Family. My Happiest Thanksgiving is not really on Thanksgiving Day, But a couple of weeks before. When we gather with my Aunts,
    Uncles and Cousins. This Year was bittersweet, with the lost of my brother; but our mother still wanted to attend (this i was gratiful) and we were in the presence of 4 sets of twins the 5th set was unable to come. My grandparents would be so proud. Now I will have Thanksgiving with my Children and families on Wednesday and leave to go Boone NC to work the Operation Christmas Child. And I am Thankful and Grateful to able to do this.


  8. I would like to thank God for my family and that they are coming to my house for Thanksgiving.
    I have no children, but I have several Great Niece’s & Nephews, the newest is 5 months old and I will be seeing her for the first time on Thanksgiving Day. Thank you God for the miracle of birth.
    When I was single my three sisters & I would go to my Mother & Father’s house for Thanksgiving. She had a very small kitchen, but it was a miracle all five of us (including my mother) would be in the kitchen cooking something, with my Father and Brother-in-Laws watching football. It was a glorious time every year.
    Thank you God for family and the blessings you have given us and for the time I had with my Mother and Father.


    1. Paula, I am almost as excited as you are. Parents are special, but the kids make it all more wonderful. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. God Bless


  9. Thank you for your blog each week and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Actually Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday they are all special to me. When my children were small we always had family dinner together now my children have children so we’ re still keeping up the tradition. I thank God that I have a large family and we can at least get together once a year and it is not for a funeral. Thanks to God for all of His for all of His Blessings


    1. Willis, I agree. Christmas is fun, but Thanksgiving is more relaxed without the gifts, etc. Congradulations on the large family. I head that having children is hereditary. If your parents never had children, then you won’t either. Have a great day. Luther


  10. When my grandparents were living, we always went to their home in Hattiesburg Mississippi for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My Grandparents were well off and had a dining room table that would easily seat the entire extended family of about 18 people. Under the carpet at my grandmothers end of the table was a button that she could press with her foot, to have the cook come from the kitchen and see what was needed. There were 4 of us grandchildren that were not allowed to eat at the “big table. We ate
    in the “breakfast ” room, which we enjoyed with no adult present to tell us to eat this or that. We finished way before the adults did, and went into the living room which was adjacent to the formal dining room. With the long table cloth on the adults table, we could
    get on our hands and knees and crawl under the big table, unnoticed. Then we would crawl down to my grandmothers end of the table and press the button. The maid made about three
    unnecessary trips into the dining room before “Gran” figured out
    what was happening. That was in 1942. I am 78 today, and any day now we will all be together.


  11. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ATOZMOM. I am truly thankful and praise God for putting you in my path. I believe that if I had not happened upon you, I probably would have dropped out of BSF a long time ago – because I had direct answers and wasn’t as wordy as others in the class, I thought I wasn’t getting it! However, I have been blessed with you over the past few years and now find that AFTER I answer the questions, I then go and compare with your answers with yours. Its amazing how we are often on similar tracks. Love You and May you and your family have Blessed Holidays! I too am much more fond of Thanksgiving (I usually take the entire week off). Christmas has lost it’s true meaning to me!


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