Why is BSF SO Popular?

I got this question on my blog and rather than answer it myself, I thought it would be cool to have you all answer it.  So post a comment below answering the questions:

Why do you love Bible Study Fellowship?  Why do you attend?  What makes it so great? And Why do people flock to it every week?  I will post my answer after I read you all’s 🙂

My answer:  BSF is an in-depth bible study of the Word and the Word only.  Before I found BSF, all the bible studies I had found were fluff to put it mildly.  Most of the time it was about the people in our group and their circumstances.  We’d spend the whole two hours on “problems” instead of seeing what God said to solve the “problems”.  I’d walk away, depressed, feeling none the better.  I felt no closer to God or to knowing God.  I was so disenchanted I wanted to quit.

Then a mentor of mine from my church told me about BSF and the study of Isaiah.  I signed up and haven’t looked back since.  As you may have seen from my answers if you have been here long enough, they are much more thorough, in-depth, and thoughtful.  My knowledge of the Bible has increased 100 x (and I’m not exaggerating here).  I feel like I can discuss the Bible with others and know what I’m talking about.  Before, I had a vague impression of stories and that was it.  What the Bible was all about, I could never have told you all.  Now, I know when someone is twisting the Truth and I call them on it.  I know when something is dead-wrong–because I know God.

BSF is for those who want to know God and His word.  It’s for those who are tired of sitting in church on Sundays only hearing the “good” God and not the “wrath” of God.  It’s for those who want an authentic relationship with Jesus.  It’s for those who crave the Truth and all of the Truth.  It’s for those who are looking for a study where God is first and relationships with others second.  They have a top-notch kids program as well from infants through high school, which follows along exactly with the current study and steadily progresses in depth with age.

After every class, after every homework lesson, after every day, God will reward you for your diligence. He is there with you.  And if you join Bible Study Fellowship, He will be closer to you than ever before.


33 comments on “Why is BSF SO Popular?

  1. everlyne imbosa says:

    BSF is great,it has made me have intimacy,study the Bible daily For sure it has been hard studying the word consistandly from Genesis to revelation Its only through Bible studies that on can grow spiritually,we can worship God with our canal minds but through spiritual,for he worshipped in spirit.

    Thanks so much BSF

  2. Tonia says:

    I’ve been going to BSF since Feb 2005. Since I’ve been attending I have sat in many Sunday School classrooms, wondering why this person was trying to teach when he/she doesn’t know how. They read the scriptures, talk about what the scripture says, but don’t go any deeper. I have heard sermons that I can hardly sit through, the preacher never seems to get to the point. They skim the surface without going deeper.

    BSF does that—goes deeper. I find out things about verses that I never knew was there. I feel deeper, closer to God, get a better understanding of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the creation, the laws, and most importantly, what Jesus did for all of us. I’m awed with each lesson, each discussion, each lecture. I learn something new every time, something deeper, more profound.

    I’ve been in church all my life, I’m 74 years old and I’m still learning, not from most pastors, not from most Sunday School teachers, but from BSF. The people as well are unique—I’m surrounded by love, caring and like minds eager to learn—that overwhelms me every time I walk into the sanctuary.

    I cry every time the children meet with us or I help out with the children. To see them learning from a very early age, to know they live in a home where the parents make sure they are learning, to see the love and excitement they display is incredible.

    • frederick reynolds says:

      Tonia, I can relate to what you say, it is so true. Without a structured Bible study I was completely lost in the word of God. A friend told me about BSF starting a men’s bible study in the town I live in , got in on the ground floor of the startup. I thank God every week for this blessing from Him, “The power of prayer” what a awesome God we have. Stay with the study it only gets better.

    • Barbara says:

      God bless you my Sister, I truly know what you mean.

  3. schellen@aol.com says:

    Do not change your life because of the world Change your life because of what you learn through The Bible or The Truth from God !!

  4. Amanda Dortch says:

    I’ve never been in a deeper Bible study and I love being with 500 or so other women who love it also! It makes me study Gods Word and grow closer to Him each day. Thank you, BSF!

  5. Pamela McMillin says:

    I go to BSF for many reasons. I love the digging in the word, I love the closeness of the small group, I love the extra information that we get in the notes, I love the teaching that we get with the lecture. I most of all love that I am closer to God than I have ever been. I have never learned so much as what God has taught me thru BSF. I always have a single lesson God is trying to teach me each BSF Study. I think this one is that I need to let him guide my steps, as he had guided the Israelites. Follow his commands and I will survive the difficulties that life is throwing at me right now. By the way, thank you for what you do with posting the lessons and prayers.

    • frederick reynolds says:

      Yes Pamela, you are so right, I refer to BSF as the Dale Carnegie of Bible Study, you grow in the word and the love for “The Lord.”

  6. It is a call from the Holy Spirit, He is in charge! We are attracted by the Truth, the Love of Our lives !

  7. frederick reynolds says:

    BSF is the is the equivalent of going to a Dale Carnige class.

  8. frederick reynolds says:

    A BSF study is like a deep cleaning of the soul!

  9. Minnie Wagoner says:

    I have learned how the Old Testament points to the New Testament and that Jesus was always present. the people are fantastic. I am especially impressed by how much the children learn from a very young age and I love the privilege of enjoying the children of the leaders when the leaders meet.

  10. Lucia mukora says:

    I Love bsf coz it has made my life change.I never had love for small kids coz mine children are young Adults.I joined as a children’s leader in the book of Acts.It challenged me it has .taught me to be humble, patient and Love the young kids who are so loving to teach.
    I have appreciated the bible more than before and am sure at the end I will receive my crown of righteousness I have learnt what it means to serve God coz every time on earth and everything belongs to Him…My God us awesome. .

  11. Ruby Shannon says:

    BSF is a very intensive study of God’s word, it has helped me to enjoy continuous study and explore the treasure of learning and understanding the purpose God has intended for His people. The group leaders are fantastic, they show love for God and loyalty to their duty

  12. Kay Womack says:

    I enjoy BSF because it is World-wide, that women and men around the world are studying the same lessons we are in CA. Even though I have to drive 20/30 mins. each Wed., I enjoy the women I study with and it is almost unbelievable that we come up with similar if not the same answers to the questions. I have met and become friends with many women from BSF.

  13. Mavis Ratcliff says:

    It is very well structured. Women are keep under control that want to talk forever. The fellowship and concern with prayer. Covering the material four times.

  14. LA says:

    Agree with Mavis that the structure of BSF makes a difference. With greater accountability and discipline than we find elsewhere, we are being trained to be more diligent followers of Jesus Christ, to hear his voice and to behave as we believe.

    BSF’s emphasis on prayer and seeking God’s wisdom for every member and every resource and guideline to serve each member results in an experience of greater intimacy with the Lord and with each other.

    • Ann says:

      The Bible has great WISDOM because they are God’s words!! I look forward to doing my lesson – I feel God’s loving presence and His loving arms. BSF is an intense study, and difficult but it gives me more purpose to complete
      each lesson.

  15. Drema Caldwell says:

    I prayed for years to get involved with a good women’s Bible Study. When I was introduced to BSF I didn’t think I would be that interested. The Lord reminded me that I had ask for years for his answer, the message was You Asked, I answered, and now you are going. Never say No to our faithful and loving Lord Jesus Christ. I am in my 8th year and you can never get the in-depth study any where in a church service for an hour. The friends you make and the fellowship is God’s blessing to all who come. Thanks to the people who sends her comment on lesson it helps me to understand better. God Bless

  16. Teresa says:

    BSF doesn’t shy away from or water down difficult biblical teachings and provides a forum for discussion among fellow Christians. They do not spoon feed teachings but rather encourage members to let the Holy Spirit work in their lives through scripture and only through scripture. The goal is always to point every man, woman and child to Christ and Christ alone.

    I’ve been in BSF since 1998, both my kids went through the children’s program, first the preschool program and then the grade school program. I am STILL hungry for the Word to be taught without the burden of denominational biases.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share this.

  17. CLO says:

    iattend for my personal growth & for my more closer walk like jesus

    • CLO says:


  18. Julia says:

    The advantages and benefits of BSF are bountiful as listed in all the above responses. However, after AtoZ summarizes her thoughts and gives us her thoughtful analysis, I think in another future blog post, she should ask for comments on the minor problems with BSF, and also ways to improve BSF. The BSF leadership would then have a great cross-section of well thought out comments regarding their excellent Bible study. I have very little doubt that with as many folks that follow AtoZMom on her site, many are leaders and could use this info to enhance their program of teaching and proclaiming Jesus. To AtoZ: Keep up the good work!

    • atozmom says:

      Thank you, Julia, and great idea! I will leave up the post for another week to give all a chance to respond then will juxtapose your suggestions together at the end of this week! Thanks again and God bless!!

  19. !. It is a great place study the Bible. 2. To learn more about the Bible. 3. The people we meet and the leaders who help us understand what we are seeing. 4. Because of all the new men I study with.

  20. Carolyn Vaughan says:

    I love BSF because it makes to get into God’s word. Without it, I would only read my Bible and would not get the message that God has for me. I love the groups and the bonding with Christian women from all walks of life.

  21. Leo Treat says:

    The letters BSF pretty well say it all. It is an in-depth Study of the Bible, with wonderful Fellowship with like-minded Christian men and women. One of the most important decisions I have ever made was to attend my first BSF meeting almost eight years ago. Of course, the kids have a great program, too!

  22. […] I will post mine at the end of next week and then juxtapose the two posts next to each other in two weeks.  Previous post HERE […]

  23. Shirley Johnson says:

    It amazes me how so many ladies attend each week. If you have bible study at church you hardly get anyone to attend. I just admire how everyone is committed. This my 4th year and praise God I have not missed one yet. I like the structure of the bible study.

  24. Roxana corradino says:

    Everyweek God reveals himself more and more to me while I’m working and reading my BSF lessons. The people that attend BSF are just as serious about learning God’s word as you.

  25. Suzanne Sibley says:

    I love bsf. It would be helpful if the notes were audible, so I could listen as I clean the house or drive.

  26. darlinessie says:

    Since I joined bsf while studying the book of Revelation, my foundation of my Christian faith has really deepened. I no longer get bothered more by circumstances because I have grown in love with the Sovereignty of God . It is one thing I always look forward every week

  27. Michael Sanders says:

    Make the leader’s hymnal a download.

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