BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 19, Day 3: Numbers 11:4-35

Summary of passage:  The “rabble” complain now about only having manna to eat.  God is angry and Moses is angry as well.  Moses asks God why did He give them those people to care for.  He tells God the burden of these people is too heavy to bear alone and he wants to die for God doing this to him.  (Moses is complaining as well here).

God agrees to anoint 70 leaders to help Moses with the people.  God also says he will provide meat for the Israelites for 30 days until they will loathe meat because they have so much of it.  Moses lacks faith and asks God how he is going to do such a thing.  God says He will.

God put His spirit upon the 70 elders who now prophesied.  Then God drove quail from the sea for the people to eat.  However, God still being angry, struck the Israelites with a plague.


5a)  The fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, and garlic they ate there.

b)  That they were slaves.

6a)  He became so exasperated that his faith began to waver in God and he even asked to die rather than deal with these people alone.

b)  No.

c)  He agreed to anoint 70 elders to help Moses with the people and to provide meat for the Israelites so they would stop grumbling.

d)  Personal Question.  My answer:  With peace that it would all turn out alright.

7a)  God deemed they would have meat for 30 days until the point they loathed it.

b)  Before the people could even taste the meat, he struck them with a plague.

Conclusions:  A couple questions I thought were left hanging and could have been expounded upon more.  I love God’s response!  It’s like “Fine.  I’ll show you!”  Be careful what you ask for!  I picture Moses’ tirade and it isn’t exactly pretty.  While I can understand His frustration, I don’t understand His doubt.

End Notes:  The word “rabble” at the beginning includes the non-Israelites who accompanied them to Egypt.  So everyone is complaining.

The Israelites are traveling with a huge flock of goats and sheep so if they wanted meat, it was freely available as well as any wild game they came across in the desert.  It’s as if they were too lazy to do it themselves and wanted God to provide it, but they went about it in totally the wrong way.

Funny how the Israelites remember the good in Egypt and not the bad–the whippings, the work, etc. They have forgotten God’s promises of the Promised Land ahead in favor of the hardships to get there.  This is true for us today.  God’s best is ahead of us, not behind.

Complaining against what God provides is complaining against Him.  The manna was very nutritious in every way and yet the Israelites were bored.  How sad!

Moses allows the people’s unbelief to infect him and he doubts God as well.  God allowed this to happen to Moses to test him as well.  It’s how God grows our dependence on Him.  Here we see the earliest argument of “If you really loved me, Lord, then why did you do this to me?”.  God’s response:  “Because I love you.”  Great testament for our lives.  We see what God does.  He answers our prayer and then some.  He also brings about judgment as well.  Great lessons here of caution against the negativity of others and how God grows our faith every day in the midsts of our “why me’s?”.

We can also see through Moses him pouring his heart out to God–his anger, his frustrations, his pains, his anxieties.  We need to take it to God more and pour out on Him our troubles–but not question His character nor His goodness.

God did not answer Moses’ request to not “face his own ruin.”  For in our weaknesses, we find God.

God picked Godly men to help Moses and support him.  This is a good lesson for us–we need to not be afraid to ask for help and to accept it in our Christian walk.

Moses could not see how God would provide meat.  This is often the case.  We cannot see how God will do something and frankly we don’t need to see.  All we must do is believe.

The anointing of the men with the Spirit is key here–one cannot do God’s work without His blessing and His heart.  God needed to make sure these men were His to act for Him.

Joshua here is only looking out for Moses.  He is not jealous in any way like Moses suggests.  He (like many others) wasn’t privy to what was going on with the 70 men, so he was merely alerting Moses to what he saw happening.

Quail by the millions migrate over the Sinai Peninsula every year.  Note how the quail landed outside of camp.  We should know that nothing good is outside of God.  If this were to be a blessing, the quail would have landed smack in the middle of camp.  Here we see God’s judgment coming.

This is an important lesson for the Israelites to take to heart:  don’t let your cravings control you or get in the way of your relationship with God.  It’s about the spiritual, not the physical.

Psalm 78:27-31, 106:13-15 speak to this incident.

5 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 19, Day 3: Numbers 11:4-35

  1. Praise God beloved.

    I have received bag notes for lesson 19.

    I think in my region we are in lesson 16.

    If you could kindly send me notes for that lesson I would really appreciate.

    May God bless you as you do that.


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  2. Your comments and commitment to BSF warm my heart. Praying for your job situ. We are in oil and gas, too, so I understand. Blessings in Christ,


  3. 1.The Israelite used to work hard in Egypt and lived in slavery all their lives,but now when God is caring and giving them without sweating and toiling for them to eat the water melons etc, Human being are people not to understand till the life we have today,ie one can volunteer to raise an orphan but He/she grows and disguises and raises issues and raises issues 2.I wonder why Moses was complaining yet he met God`s presence. To my opinion Moses made the Israelite s weak in faith ,as much as they could complain , he could stand firm and show them that God cares.God assures as in Mt. 6;31. MY QUESTION IS ; Could it be well for them if they could be in God`s presence themselves? 3 They were complaining about not eating meat yet they could slaughter for their gods sacrifices yet God is the one who made all their livestock to multiply, The nature of man is to forget easily the desert,there is a desert in everyone’s Christians life 4. The number of Israelite s grew bigger and Moses could not manage alone,Moses had also grown old and needed some help,in leadership one is to be strong, For one is to serve God in youth ship,I know even before Moses chose the men to help God had already anointed them, When God want one to serve him He anoints even when one s not yet borne. 5.People eating quails died, I think they ate the forbidden,for when you eat the forbidden you are likely to die even in our today’s life.

    CONCLUSION There is no one who can read the mind of God, Pastors, Prophets are only used as vessels, and it matters the intimacy one has, people have risen with different motives in the body of Christ, thus cheating christian denying to tell the truth, we should desire to be spiritually filled, for its through the Holy spirit that many secrets are revealed,for He is the only one who knows what God in store for us


  4. Just a couple variations on some answers:
    5b: they forgot their lack of freedom to worship.. which was the original plea to Pharoah
    7a: I thought he *charged them* (weirdly worded question).. that by complaining they had rejected the Lord, the Lord who even dwelt amongst them. So, ultimately He felt rejected.

    and regarding the flocks of livestock they had.. I did question whether they were allowed to eat this. Why would they need quail then? Also.. was there was some envious feelings towards the Levites/priests who did get to eat the offering meat. (ok, to correct me if I have that wrong).


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