Prayer Requests for Week of February 15th, 2015

Hey all,

Post your prayer requests below or email them to me at

Mine:  for my husband’s work to increase.

God bless and have a great week!


10 comments on “Prayer Requests for Week of February 15th, 2015

  1. Deb says:

    I do pray for your husband to have more work to provide for his family. Please pray my husband finds a job soon. And please pray for me. I fell and I’m sore on my right side. Ask God that I will be over it soon and have no lasting damage. Pray for the Muslim families of the college students shot at UNC Chapel Hill. Their pain is great as ours would be if it happened to our children. Thanks to God for all of you who are so faithful to pray.

  2. Virgil Schnell says:

    Pray for my wife Connie She has conjestive heart failure.

  3. everlyne imbosa says:

    Mine;God to increase my business,add me strength in fasting, God bless as we continue the journey together in salvation.

  4. Debbie Barbour says:

    Please pray for a precious lady in my BSF class that is experiencing extreme pain. I do not know the circumstances, but our Great Physician does. Pray that He will ease her pain and comfort her. Also, please keep the company that I work for in your prayers that GOD will find favor on this business and its workers and bless us through HIS financial provisions.

    Remaining in HIS grip,

    Debbie Barbour
    Administrative Assistant

  5. Paula from Dallas says:

    Mine please pray for my job to continue and become full tiem
    For my husband: Rest for him, health issues. And for God to reveal a miracle to him so he will trust in God as he used to trust our Lord

  6. atozmom says:

    Joanne Requests:

    Campus housing for daughter and the best housing for me and our establishing boundaries with those who are self justifying.

  7. Betsy says:

    Please Pray for me that my health will improve and that my blood sugar and blood pressure will be good when I see my Doctor this week. Also for my husband’s health too and his anxiety. . Thank you for your prayers and May God Bless all of you!

  8. Carol says:

    please pray for my son, that the Lord will take all desire for drugs and alcohol away from him and he will be a good husband and father. Also my son in law that he will be more involved in his sons life, and be the daddy that my grandson so deserves.

  9. atozmom says:

    Yvonne Requests:

    Guidance for family members who seem to have lost their way.

  10. Lovely says:

    I just came upon this site. What a wonderful work you are doing ‘atozmomm’. I just spent 15 minutes praying for all these requests, and it was so fulfilling to life you all up and your needs to God, our ultimate Provider.
    Me: I have misplaced an important legal document. It’s in this house somewhere. I need to find it to save me from having to spend $300. Silly request, compared to the rest of you, but money is tight. Thank you.

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