BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 22, Day 5: Psalm 90

Summary of passage:  A prayer by Moses to God.  Moses praises God’s majesty and His power and anger.  He says life is quick to man but not to God.  He asks for a heart of wisdom and asks God to relent His wrath and have compassion on His servants.  Show love and favor upon them.  Make His work the work of their hands.


12a)  In this passage, Moses is praising God and has a healthy fear of God.  He is also afraid.  He is yearning for God to show him a heart of wisdom and for God’s favor.  He is pleading with God to have compassion and love on them.

b)  Omnipotence, omniscience, compassion, love, goodness, God’s wrath, God’s power, God’s judgment, God’s unchangingness

c)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Anytime I think on God it helps me be a better person, inspires me, and gives me purpose in life.

d)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Well, I had underlined in my bible verse 12.  It’s a great, short prayer for us to use each day wisely and grow in Him.  It’s a good prayer model all around as it speaks to God’s greatness, God’s favor, God’s compassion, and God’s will for our lives.

Conclusions:  No one is sure when Moses wrote this.  It could have been at any time so to correlate it to Numbers 20 is a stretch.  I believe our time would have better been spent in Deuteronomy 3:23-27  where Moses pleads with God to undo His judgment upon Him.  Perhaps we will study this later but now would be a good time while all these events are swirling around in our heads.

Questions such as part d are becoming more and more frequent it seems and are just filler to me. I’m not sure how I feel about them as of yet.  They are so broad that it’s hard to truly get anything out of them.

End Notes:  If indeed Moses wrote this (scholars are not 100% sure but believe most likely only Moses could have written this), it’s about God’s eternal character and man’s limited time and ability to connect with God while on earth.  Therefore, we see Moses’s appeal for wisdom to not waste his life (or our lives) in such little time and do His will.  For living our way leads only to “trouble and sorrow”.

Moses speaks of being satisfied in the morning with God’s unfailing love.  This is the gathering of manna and for us the Word of God.

We see man’s frailness in the dust, a brief watch, and grass which ultimately dies.

Great verse 14 that shows Moses asking for joy and gladness and to know that their afflictions are for their own good.

Only when we do God’s work for our hands will we grow our hearts, souls, and minds. Not our will but His be done.

3 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 22, Day 5: Psalm 90

  1. God created heaven,earth&everything including man,He has always been good to us including the sinners,his home has always been our home for there is no where you can run to,may it be in riches or poverty.whenever one feels his/her ways are the best you find one time calling upon him for help.

    Moses always went to God for guidance,where he saw thing not going well,the children of Israelite were impatient but God didn’t put adeaf ear on their cry, he was ever there for them, till Moses could ask for his presence to go along with them,for He knew they couldn’t make it alone. Man was created on the dust, through disobedient the years were cut down,you find even doddles dying at an early stage which was not the will of God, God created man according to his own image,meaning then man was to live as God.

    God changes asituation in ablink of an eye,the children of Israelite could complain to Moses,ie in the situation of water and quickly God tells moses to strike a rock and there was water and the problem was solved in Numbers 20;11

    Moses discovered the anger of God when God told him to call Aarons sons and they died,the Israeltes who disobeyed God being swallowed by the ground,Mirriam being struck by sickness,Aarons death. Moses is left alone after his sister and brothers death,Aaron dies before Moses eyes and God tells Moses its because of disobedience yet he was aleader,He prays God to have pity on his servants,we are not told how old Aaron was but Moses reminds God about the seventy and eighty years is what we have, yet people who live before live for many years i.e in Genesis 25;7 Abraham died at the age of 175 yrs.

    Moses prays for the descendants to see Gods glorious might,when God released a punishment it included the whole clan.

    What God desires from us is to an intimacy,acknowledge his presence,observing his regulations& we shall recover even the year lost in our micery and sadness


  2. What a great but somber Psalm! As believers in New Testament times, we now live on this side of the Cross, under God’s grace and mercy. Before our salvation and the arrival of Jesus into our hearts, we were living under the decree of death, misery, and sin. Now this dark outlook of this Psalm is replaced with joy and victory in the believer’s life with Jesus and His indwelling Holy Spirit. Because of God’s grace, love, compassion, and mercy as noted in verses 13-17, the Christian life has value, purpose, significance, and meaning! The brevity of our earthly, human life span of 70-80 years (v.10) is replaced with eternal life with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Since our life is brief here on earth, we need to be alert for opportunities, divine appointments, and to be good stewards of our time to bring honor and glory to God.


  3. When you said: “Questions such as part d are becoming more and more frequent it seems and are just filler to me. I’m not sure how I feel about them as of yet. They are so broad that it’s hard to truly get anything out of them.”, what are you comparing it to? I looked back on a Moses lesson from 2001-02 year and the questions are virtually the same. I don’t think it’s ever a waste of time or “filler” when asked to reflect on God’s word.


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