I Got a Massage!

My Thoughts were as Serene as a Snowfall
My Thoughts were as Serene as a Snowfall

Yesterday, I got a massage.

I had hurt my back somehow doing Group Power on Monday.  I iced my back, but it was still tight.

I asked my husband to rub my back, but he gave up.

Finally, I decided:  I need a professional!

It has been years since I’ve had a massage.  It’s just an extravagance I normally don’t indulge in.  Like getting my hair done…

But it was so worth it!

My back feels so much better.  I could feel the knots in my back as she worked them out.  I lay for one hour, not moving, not having kids demand to be fed or the dog demand to be watered or any other distraction.  And now I feel awesome.

Granted, it hurts.  But it’s supposed to hurt if the job was done right.

I got tips to do at home when it happens again.  And I was sent away with a glass of water.

It was a good reminder that sometimes a little pampering is needed in this harried world that never stops.  TLC can go a long way to reducing stress and for me pain.

Maybe I’ll do this more often.  I definitely left taller than when I entered.  And to me that was worth every dime!

10 thoughts on “I Got a Massage!

  1. Hey sis. So interesting that you blogged this today. I’ve craved loving nurturing touch for the past two weeks and I found myself researching and found that it’ll help people and animals live longer by lowering risk of heart disease and other diseases. When I was able to find rest in God again I understood it’s also good for the soul; when I want to express love to a dear friend hugging is my language to say I love you heh heh. Though hand holding I find soothing too. It’s a way of saying I’m here for you don’t worry. A massage, I haven’t had one in a long time those sure are calming. In the Bible, it talked about David and Jonathan giving hugs and kisses and weeping and it says:”their souls were knit.” I remember somewhere in the New Testament one of the apostles mentioned the body of Christ being “knit together”. I get emotional thinking about that. Really taps you into what GOD’s IDEA of love and affection looks like. Blessings!

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  2. So happy your back is better so you can fully function .   We are working on nurturing our soul with God and his teachings and need to nurture our physical bodies too and am guilty of that myself and so your words were very encouraging and could use some massaging on my back, mostly in the neck area myself.  Thank you for the time you take for all of us. 


  3. So glad you used a massage to help with your back. I am waaay older than you are (79), and I get a massage every two weeks, or at the least once/month. The water is important after a massage as it stirs up stuff in your muscles – drink lots!! Thanks for sharing and all your encouragement. Yes, massages are expensive, however, I believe we are worth it and will live a longer, healthier life!!! My massage therapist is a long-time friend (I knew her when she was a little girl and “accidentally” met up with her about 5 years ago. She is a strong Christian and very with it for massaging). Did your massage therapist use essential oils? Those are helpful for really deep aches. I will pray for your complete healing.


  4. You deserve the pampering and I am blessed by your blog! I follow you each week and appreciate your insights. Blessings, Rob

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