BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 30

Hey all,

As all of these are personal questions, I won’t be posting my answers here.  I’ll just give you all a summary of what I learned for the year.  This will be my Sharing Day so to speak.

I learned that God only desires our faith in Him and obedience.  That’s it.  Later, it’s changed to faith in His son, Jesus Christ.  It’s so simple that most people are tripped up by it.

I learned how truly amazing Moses was.  Everyone knows about Moses but most people just know him as the guy who parted the Red Sea and turned some water into wine (this was my impression at least).  But Moses was so much more.  He was the closest to God a person can be.  He did amazing things for 40 years for millions of people.  He had a heart for God.  He stumbled and paid the price like we all do.  But his life was extraordinary.  It gives courage to those of us who live ordinary lives.

I learned how incredibly stubborn God’s people were and how this explains much of how we are today.  Man’s nature never changes.  Neither does God’s.  Repeatedly, the Israelites fell. Repeatedly, they rebelled.  Repeatedly, they turned away.  Always God picked them up.  Always God forgave them.  Always grace prevailed.  God is amazing and loving and awesome. Compassionate, forgiving, and omnipotent.  Protector.  Provider.  Comforter.  The story of the Israelites journey out of Egypt is a story of grace and God’s goodness.  His will in all.

I learned about the importance of helpers.  How we all need them.  Asking for help is okay. Humbly receiving it is even better.

I learned how God’s grace and judgment are not to be questioned.  We all know His ways are not our ways.  We all deserve death.  Anything we receive in our walk on earth is all by Him.  Every breath is by His grace alone.  One day we will all take our last when He deems it so.  What would happen if we all lived out that truth?

The Study of Moses was a struggle for my kids, especially the giving of the laws.  The first half of Moses they loved.  Full of heroic stories and deeds.  The second half was a drag.  Archaic laws that went over their heads.  But they came and they had fun and I know they got something out of it. Even if they don’t realize it until later on down the road.

Anytime I read God’s word my faith is strengthened.  Moses is a man after God’s own heart. Knowing more about him helps me to know more about what God wants for me.  Moses’s walk was an extraordinary one.  I only hope I can lead one half as well!

Final Link:  Just a little summary in a nutshell of Moses’s life and some important lessons to glean:

Thank you all for studying with me, for sharing your thoughts, for being my “group”.  It was amazing.  I can’t wait for Revelation!  Bring it on!  Have a great summer break and God bless!

11 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 30

  1. Thank you for another amazing year! Reading your thoughts and conclusions each week really has helped me to process my own thoughts about the lessons. I really appreciate the time, effort and boldness you put in each week in sharing with the rest of us. And I’m really looking forward to Revelations next year, too! Have a wonderful break!


  2. Thank you so much for all you do for so many people. Your answers are such a great help to me (never copy, just compare, and don’t change my answers when we don’t agree). My group meets on Wednesday mornings so on Tuesday mornings I pull your e-mails up and you and I have a little private study of our own! I look forward to that. Hope your summer is great, I’ve been praying for your requests about moving and jobs, and pray by September you will be settled and at peace.


  3. Thank you for all of your sharing, research and many, many extras that you do. You are a true blessing!!

    May GOD bless you and your family.


  4. Thank you for taking the time and effort required to keep this blog going. It is a true product of love and sacrifice. Hope you have a calm/restful summer. Praying you will have a new place to call home when fall rolls around.


  5. I just found your blog & I love it! I’m fairly new to BSF (but not to Bible study) & am looking forward to Revelations as part of your group! 🙂


  6. Thank You so much for sharing your lessons with all of us this year. I enjoyed reading them and your thoughts were very helpful. God Bless you.


  7. How does anyone just say “thanks”, “good job”, “keep it up” without expressing true gratitude I feel each week as I read your notes? Your writing desires are revealed in each week’s blog, you express your self so well and often clarify something I have been puzzling about as the week has progressed. When I finish my lesson I then go to your notes and sort of clarify my thoughts and wonder just where did my answer come from. I find your blogs wonderful and the efforts you put in them a joy. HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER BREAK, may jobs, houses, novels and joys be in this time for you.


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