BSF Start Dates 2015

Like last year, I’m wondering when you all begin.  I haven’t heard from my leader yet and it’s almost September!  I wonder if that’s because Labor Day is late this year.

If you wouldn’t mind could you leave your location and start date in a comment below?  I’m getting a lot of comments/questions on it and it might help others!

God bless!


211 comments on “BSF Start Dates 2015

  1. Crystal says:

    Montgomery, AL – Monday 9/14

  2. barbBarbara Kaczmarczyk says:

    September 16th. Faith Lutheran coon rapids

  3. Mary Johnson says:

    I believe ours starts Sept 15th. We were told it would be the 1st week in Sept before we would be notified of our group leader. So….should happen anytime now…so looking forward to studying Revelation.

  4. Judy Marti says:

    St Augustine, FL Ours starts on Sept. 16. My leader has contacted me.

  5. betsy says:

    we start sept 15th.

  6. Tonia says:

    Rock Hill SC:
    Women’s Morning Group September 16;
    Women’s Night Group: September 14;
    Men’s Night Group: September 14

  7. Cindy Kinnoin says:

    Glendora, CA, September 15th

  8. joan says:

    sept 15th

  9. Karrie says:

    San Antonio, TX
    September 14th

  10. Jane Pears says:

    Minneapolis MN, Monday 9/14

  11. says:

    I am in the Detroit, MI area.  North East suburb.  We start on September 15th.   Lisa

  12. Sharon Middleton says:

    I think we are starting on 9/10/15. Have not received a call regarding my new leader. I am in Orange County, California. Sharon Middleton

  13. Gwen says:

    New Orleans, LA – Tuesday 9/15

    • Jackie says:

      Gwen ,
      Where are you located? Time ,day?
      I visit Westwego, have been looking for a class when we are there.
      Thanks Jackie

  14. Baton Rouge Evening Women – Monday, Sept. 14. Baton Rouge Satellite Evening Women Class (Zachary, LA) – Tuesday, Sept. 15. Many workshops were just held this weekend, so some leaders didn’t get their names until that time.

  15. cprguidry says:

    Lafayette, LA, Sept. 14th

  16. We start Sept. 16…just got an email from my group leader last night!

  17. Carolyn says:

    Nashville Tn- we start Wednesday -September 16! My leader contacted about two weeks ago.

  18. I am at the Wheaton, IL Morning Group which meets that The Wheaton Evangelical Church on Roosevelt Road – Thursday mornings. Our first class is on Sept. 17, from 9:25 – 11:15 for Revelations.

  19. Linda Bengtson says:

    Hi from Post Falls Idaho we start on Sept16th and I just heard from my leader on Saturday . We are at the Coeur d’ Alene Bible church in Coeur d’ Alene , Idaho

  20. Dee says:

    Ottawa Lake, MI. Already received a call from the group leader. Sept. 15th.

  21. Kevin says:

    Tampa Monday Night Sep. 14

  22. Connie says:

    September 16th, 2015 – 9:00 a.m

    Beaumont, TX

  23. Taylor says:

    Grapevine, TX Sept.16

  24. Carol says:

    Women’s Morning Group September 16 Moore Oklahoma

  25. Carol Field says:

    Redwood City, CA Wednesday morning, 9/16

  26. Nancy Diaz says:

    Here in south Dade Miami fl no reply yet

  27. Shelley says:

    San Diego East – Starts Wed 9/16

  28. Nancy says:

    Oklahoma City
    Sept 15

  29. Shelly says:

    All the classes
    Seem to be starting the week of the 14th. I believe it is because Labor Day is so late. Members haven’t heard yet because most of the leaders are just now getting their materials. 🙂

  30. Charleston, SC > Women’s Day Class, Thursday, September 17th. Still haven’t heard from my discussion leader yet as well…

  31. D. A. says:

    We in Florida begin the 15 of Sept. Orlando WD. Our group leaders were to have contacted members before our workshop which was last week. Hope you hear soon!

  32. Chris M. says:

    Sumter, SC morning group Sept. 18

  33. JJP says:

    Phoenix AZ. 9/14. men’s group

  34. Katherine Rouze says:

    Franklin, TN, Wednesday September 16th

  35. Laura says:

    Greenwood, Indiana. We start on the 15th

  36. Gretchen M. Hughes says:

    Bloomington, Minnesota. BSF begins September 17.

  37. Jan Hill says:

    September 16
    First Baptist Lowell

  38. Mary Jo says:

    The lists were given out on Saturday for the group leaders. We will be starting September 14 in St. Louis, Fenton group. You might have received a call Saturday or Sunday. I didn’t check my email over the weekend.

  39. Thomas H says:

    Start date San Antonio Texas. Sept. 14

  40. Fran Rouse says:

    We start at Day Springs Baptist in Mobile,Al on Septemer 17th

  41. pjpierson says:

    Lafayette, IN starts the morning of Thursday September 17

  42. Here in southern California September 16

  43. Ceil baker says:

    We start in Albuquerque New Mexico on Thursday September 17

  44. Bonnie B says:

    Allentown/Bethlehem, PA. We start on Wed., Sept. 16

  45. LAURA says:


  46. Karen Osborn says:

    Fayetteville, NC. No information on start dates yet
    We normally meet at Lafayette Baptist Church.

  47. Carol Brinkley says:

    Spring, Texas evening group at Woodlands First Baptist Church on Monday, September 14.

  48. christ2014 says:

    Our class in Ohio is 9-15-15

  49. Carolyn Norton says:

    Our Mon class in Naples, FL starts 9/14.

  50. Pamela McMillin says:

    Knoxville TN 9-14-2015

  51. Debbie Barbour says:

    September 14th,2015

  52. Lillie Lewis says:

    JACKSON, MS BSF starts on Sept. 17 at 9:15 A.M.

  53. Kristy says:

    Longwood, Florida and we start September 16…I heard from my leader last week

  54. Tom Payne says:

    Columbus, Ohio, evening men, starts 9/14, due, as you assumed, to a late Labor Day.

  55. Karen D. Kudia says:

    September 14 2015 FBS begins in Ocala, Florida

  56. jimmyandpam says:

    Wednesday September. 16
    Faith Baptist Church
    Raleigh NC

  57. Mary Lou Reynolds says:

    Monday, August 31


    I LOVE your blog and have created a special file to keep each post!

    I live in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia. We always start back the first Monday after Labor Day.

    I haven’t heard from my discussion leader yet; however, I know the leadership meeting was last Saturday, and they have their lists of ladies to contact.

    Just to share a bit, I’ve been through the entire BSF course program. This new course is the MOST exciting, but I just finished a line-by-line study of Revelation at my church. I am only going to this one because I feel like I may regret it later. And it won’t come around again for many, many years!

    Can’t wait to read your posts. God bless you!

  58. Jackie R says:

    Plano, TX
    Got my call. Class starts Monday, September 14.

  59. Vincent Smith says:

    We will be starting up September 15th in the book of Revelation. I enjoy your post.

  60. bill pugh says:

    start date 9/14

  61. highpockets1937 says:

    Our BSF starts on September 14 at Lake Oswego, OR

    Dave Manning

  62. Thomas Haley says:

    San Antonio, Texas September 14

  63. Maggie says:

    Noblesville, Indiana — September 15th

  64. Emmaline Keels (Lonnie) says:

    I would like the date for the womens class on Thursday in Tempe, AZ. I think it is the 14th of Sept. please let me know if this is correct.

    Thanks you

  65. Vancouver, Canada – September 17

  66. Nan Stegall says:

    Ft. Worth. We start September 14th.

  67. Bill Cooke says:

    starts 9/14 Raleigh, nc

  68. Jim Lucas says:

    Colleyville, TX 9/14/15

  69. Linda says:

    ours if Sept. 17 -Mobile, Al

  70. fransnelson1 says:

    Reno, NV men’s leader’s training tomorrow night 6-9 PM and new year for men starts Sept 14

    You’re a blessing

    Frans Nelson

    Sent from my iPhone

  71. Violet says:

    The Whittier CA day class starts on Sept. 16th I just heard from my leader today August 31st

  72. Danette Sowell says:

    Sept 16 southcliff baptist in ft worth,texas

  73. Elaine says:

    Reno, nevada have not been contacted yet

  74. Sandi Sumrall says:

    Sept 16th. Tallahassee FL. Starting day

    Sent from Sandi’s iPhone

  75. abyland says:

    In Evans, GA (Augusta) Wednesday, 9.16

  76. Gene says:

    Sept 15, St. Louis, MO

  77. Mary says:

    September 16 in Fresno Ca. No call here yet either. Wondering?

  78. Rungirl42 says:

    We start 9/16 – Houston, Texas
    In our area the Area Group leaders just met to discuss all the changes and material. Leaders haven’t had their Workshop where they are trained and get new materials. I’m enjoying the this time before it starts as school starting has been exhausted.

  79. Minnie says:

    Starts Sep 23 at Parkside Baptist Church, Denison, TX

  80. Evelyn Petree says:

    I live in Albuquerque NM and my BSF starts Sept 17th

  81. Estella says:

    BSF start date is 9/15 in Sacramento, CA

  82. Judy says:

    9/14 in Santa Ana, CA

  83. Wanda Stagg says:

    Wednesday sept. 16th

  84. Alice Dear says:

    9/17, VanDyke Church, Lutz, FL

  85. Judy says:

    BSF starts on 9/14 in Santa Ana, CA

  86. DLynn says:

    Austin, TX
    Monday Evening Women’s Class
    Sept. 14th

  87. Lee Stokes says:

    September 14….Raleigh, N.C.

  88. Shirley says:

    Woodbridge, VA September 14

  89. Lynn says:

    My class in Fort Worth, Texas starts Sept. 16th. I just heard from my group leader last Friday.

  90. Joan Campbell says:

    Sept 17…. Tampa,Fl

    Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  91. Mary White says:

    Jackson Friends Church in Massillon, Ohio Starts September 16th at 9:20 a.m. Woman’s Day class My leader contacted me last week!

  92. Babara says:

    September 16- Oklahoma City, OK, I heard from my group leader, last Thursday.

  93. Paula Linder says:

    I am in Dallas, TX and we start September 14th, however as like you, I have not heard from my leader yet.


  94. Carol says:

    Have no idea. Have not heard from leader.

  95. Jim J says:

    Bellevue WA Sept 14 & 17

  96. Becky says:

    Chattanooga Tenn Sept 17

  97. Deb Wagner says:

    Sept 15 Arnld, MO

  98. Brenda Hallock says:

    Fort Worth begins the week of September 14th

  99. Jan says:

    Sartell Minnesota starts Sept. 16

  100. Kim says:

    Smithfield, NC Monday September 14

  101. Vicki says:

    Denver, 9-14

  102. Phil Adams says:

    Raleigh, N.C. Sept. 14

  103. Gloria Peppers says:

    When does it start in Fort Worth, Texas

  104. Peggy says:

    Crystal Lake, IL Sept. 16

  105. kpramsey11 says:

    Orlando, FL – September 14

  106. Katie holliman says:

    Chattanooga, TN, 9/17/15

  107. Barb says:

    Raleigh, NC, Start date is September 14th . . .

  108. peggy says:

    September 16 2015… miami florida

  109. Patti says:

    Bloomington IL Sept 15. I just heard from my new leader Friday

  110. Avalou says:

    Start date sept 15th my leader has contacted me

    Sent from my iPhone

  111. Karen says:

    Dayton, Ohio Sept 16

  112. Heidi says:

    I’m a Group Leader. Classes are starting late this year due to Labor Day. I just got the names of my ladies last Thursday.

    I go to class in Portland, OR.

  113. Trina says:

    Stuart, FL Sept 16

  114. Barbara Jackson says:

    Smyrna, start 9/16

  115. Barbara Jackson says:

    Smyrna, GA 9/16
    I have heard from my leader also!

  116. Bonnie Dorsey says:

    Stuart Fla. September 15

  117. Jennifer says:

    Our Concord CA BSF Revelation study starts Tuesday, September 15, 2015.

  118. Herk Wolters says:

    Holland,Mi will start oñ Monday after labor day 9/14

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

  119. Knoxville, TN September 16th

  120. Dave says:

    Hi looking forward to this year, men’s bsf in Kent, Washington begins the 14th of September. Have fun

  121. Reagan Carroll says:

    Spring, Tx Men’s tues night Sept 15

    Sent from my iPhone

  122. Reagan Carroll says:

    Sept 15
    Spring, Tx

  123. Jane says:

    September 15
    Tulsa, OK

  124. Lili says:

    September 14th, Monday evening
    San Francisco, CA

  125. Shawna Curtis says:

    BSF start date Sept 14
    Indianapolis, Indiana

  126. Rich says:

    Questions for the first 8 lessons are available online at

  127. Martha McCain says:

    Burchman Baptist Church
    Ft. Worth, Texas
    Wednesday morning, September 16th

  128. We in Scottdale, Az. begin Wednesday morning Sept. 9th

  129. Joyce Heil says:

    Hi, from Michigan and we start Tues. 9/15/

  130. Vivian Dixon says:

    9/16/15. AM
    Elk Grove ,CA
    We are a satellite of the Sacramento CA
    Class which starts 9/15

    Thank you for all of your work for pre Rev and all of the past years. You’re
    The bomb

  131. Diann Milstead says:

    Mansfield Tx starts 9/16.

  132. hsouthron says:

    Yes, I just got a call from my new teacher today and BSF starts on Sept. 16, 2015,

  133. Bob Stone says:

    The first regular bsf meeting will be September 15th

  134. Marysville, WA starts Sept 16th @ 9:30am-11:20am
    Have been contacted as to my leader. All is ready.

  135. Sally says:

    My class will be starting September 14th, 2015.

    Sally—,Bradenton, Fl.

  136. Rene says:

    Columbia, SC – Sept. 17th

  137. Leleh says:

    HK – Sept.8th

  138. Edna Steen says:

    Montgomery, AL. Sept 16

    Sent from my iPhone

  139. Judith says:

    My class will be starting on 15th September 2015

  140. Sharon says:

    Seoul, Korea – Sept. 3rd.

  141. Nelda says:

    Waco, Tx Sept. 16th

  142. Kim says:

    Greensboro, NC starts September 17th.

  143. angie says:

    Greensboro, NC –Sept. 14

  144. Leslie Mills says:

    Mission Viejo, CA – Sept. 15th

  145. ksherin1 says:

    Sept. 17, just got a call yesterday

  146. Rudene Francis says:

    Classes start on September 15, 2015 9:20 a.m. in Deltona, Florida.

    Sent from my iPhone Keep the Faith Rudene Francis

  147. Melinda says:

    Pleasanton, CA starts Sept 14th

  148. Kathy says:

    Salt Lake City UT We start September 16th.

  149. says:

    I live in Arlington, Texas The mens BSF starts on 9-14 in the evening at First Baptist Church downtown at 7:00 pm

    My BSF class starts on 9-16 in the morning at Lamar Baptist Church at 9:00 am

  150. Leslie says:

    My start date is September 8th. It’s a Tuesday, and it’s at my own church.

  151. Linda says:

    September 16- Grove City OH

  152. Vanessa Richards says:

    Denton, TX. We start September 17.

  153. Bob Davis says:

    Columbus Ohio Men starts Sept 14th.

  154. Barry Callaway says:

    Start date September 14th

  155. Robert Henk says:

    We start on the 14th.

    Sent from my iPhone

  156. Peggy Parks says:

    Richmond, Indiana Sept. 15th

  157. Kathi says:

    We start on the 14th Sioux Falls, SD

  158. Carol Krogsgard says:

    First: I love seeing all the replies and thinking about all the wonderful groups of Bible Study Fellowship starting all over the world and seeing the excitement! We start Ladies Day Group in Mobile, AL on Thursday Sept. 17; Ladies Night Group is Monday, Sept 14 and the Men’s Night Group Monday Sept. 14. THis will be an exciting year! Love your Blog and looking forward to the study of Revelations!

  159. iloveu123 says:

    My BSF group will begin on Wednesday, September 14. And when will you begin Revelations? So appreciate your help and guidance.


    • atozmom says:

      Some of my followers in Europe begin next week so I will begin then as well. It usually puts me one week ahead of the US but it also satisfies the die-hards (of which I am one) who do their lessons early!

  160. Keith Mannen says:

    Sylvan Way Baptist Church
    Bremerton WA
    Monday Evening Men
    Class starts September 14

  161. tonib0224 says:

    Ames, IA Women BSF 9:10 AM on Wednesday, September 16.

  162. Nancy says:

    Starting Sept 14. Ft Worth TX. Our leaders always contact us mid to late August. I heard from my leader 2 weeks ago.

  163. Judy Woods says:

    Hi there, Chattanooga, TN women’s day class starts on September 17th!

  164. Sandy Mather says:

    Ft lauderdale starts Sept 16🙏😊

    Sent from my iPhone

  165. Rene'e says:

    Welcome to the land of Lincoln-Rockford, the start date is the Monday , the 14th of Sept as our start for BSF, yes Brenda my leader has contacted me several times till we contacted, appreciated her tenacity in regards connecting

  166. Sandra Lee says:

    Walnut California classes start Wednesday, September 16th

  167. Diana Melton says:

    Texarkana Texas starts the 2nd week in September

  168. Lois says:

    Louisville, KY – SEPT 15

  169. Helen V. Davis says:

    We are in Jackson Ms. We will start September 17

  170. GH C says:

    Chesapeake, VA September 15

  171. arie Erskine says:

    Fort Worth, Tx we start September 16.

  172. whitladd says:

    Just got my call today. Sept. 16. Fort Wayne, IN. So excited!

  173. Barb Byers says:

    I’m in Brainerd, MN and we start September 17

  174. Marcia Leitch says:

    I live in NE Indiana and our start date is September 17.

  175. Jeanne McQueary says:

    Alaska – Sept 17

  176. Julia says:

    Pasadena, California – start date is Sept 16

  177. Patricia Britt says:

    Trenton, Michigan , Thursday September 17th

  178. Carol Davis says:

    Lakeland FL men – Sept 14 Women – Sept 17

  179. Lynda Fitzgerald says:

    Hi. Myrtle Beach, SC starts Wednesday, 9/16. Look forward to this year’s session! Be blessed

  180. Kathi Taylor says:

    Virginia Beach, Monday nights, Colonial Baptist Church on Centerville Tpke, starts Monday, Sept 14.
    Thursday morning at London Bridge Baptist starts Thursday, Sept 17

  181. Gloria Hilliard says:

    We start Sept. 16th. I live in Blue Springs, Missouri

  182. Rose Freeman says:

    Sept 15th

  183. Marissa says:

    Sept 17

  184. Linda says:

    Our BSF begins Monday evening September 14.

  185. Patricia Hargrett says:

    I am in Orlando, Florida, the classes begin September 15th at First Baptist of Windereme at 9:20 am.

  186. Marty McCrimmon says:

    Charlotte NC – Tues morning classes begin September 15th at Christ Lutheran.

  187. Jack says:

    Got phone call Sat. Start Tue Eve Sept 15 Host: Oak Ridge Baptist Church Spring Texas

  188. Josie says:

    I am in San Antonio, Texas. Wednesday morning start September 16.

  189. Kathy says:

    Pensacola, FL begins Sept 16th.

  190. Sheri says:

    Tulsa, OK start the 17th

  191. Jeanne says:

    South Carolina starts Sept. 16.

  192. Susan says:

    Arlington, TX …. We start September 16th

  193. Kimber says:

    Ft Worth TX. We begin the 16th, expecting more people than parking. Should be interesting. Have often wondered where you are since you always begin before we do.

    Thanks for being committed to share your thoughts !

  194. Bobbie A Edwards says:

    Tacoma, WA. we begin September 14, 2015, 6:30, PM, in Room 112! Thanking you in advance!!!

  195. RUTH PARSONS says:

    Charleston, WV We begin Tuesday September 15, I am so looking forward to our study on Revelation!
    Thank you!

  196. Amy Moore says:

    Birmingham, Al Monday night the 14

  197. Paul says:

    Bsf started in New Delhi on August 17,2015

  198. Sugar Land TX
    Thursday September 17th

  199. Ms Pam H-J says:

    I finally heard from my BSF leader last week and our (Minneapolis, MN) classes start today, September 14, 2015.

  200. Beena thomas says:

    Ours starts on 14th. I am on a waiting list. Praying I would get in. Thank you for posting your answers so I could follow the study. God bless you!

  201. Shannon S says:

    Yesterday, the 14th. We have a full house. I’m in Kalamazoo, MI.

  202. Mary Jo says:

    We started in Fremont, California, yesterday September 16.

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