BSF Start Dates 2015

Like last year, I’m wondering when you all begin.  I haven’t heard from my leader yet and it’s almost September!  I wonder if that’s because Labor Day is late this year.

If you wouldn’t mind could you leave your location and start date in a comment below?  I’m getting a lot of comments/questions on it and it might help others!

God bless!


211 thoughts on “BSF Start Dates 2015

  1. I believe ours starts Sept 15th. We were told it would be the 1st week in Sept before we would be notified of our group leader. So….should happen anytime now…so looking forward to studying Revelation.


  2. I think we are starting on 9/10/15. Have not received a call regarding my new leader. I am in Orange County, California. Sharon Middleton


  3. Baton Rouge Evening Women – Monday, Sept. 14. Baton Rouge Satellite Evening Women Class (Zachary, LA) – Tuesday, Sept. 15. Many workshops were just held this weekend, so some leaders didn’t get their names until that time.


  4. Hi from Post Falls Idaho we start on Sept16th and I just heard from my leader on Saturday . We are at the Coeur d’ Alene Bible church in Coeur d’ Alene , Idaho


  5. All the classes
    Seem to be starting the week of the 14th. I believe it is because Labor Day is so late. Members haven’t heard yet because most of the leaders are just now getting their materials. 🙂


  6. We in Florida begin the 15 of Sept. Orlando WD. Our group leaders were to have contacted members before our workshop which was last week. Hope you hear soon!


  7. The lists were given out on Saturday for the group leaders. We will be starting September 14 in St. Louis, Fenton group. You might have received a call Saturday or Sunday. I didn’t check my email over the weekend.


  8. Monday, August 31


    I LOVE your blog and have created a special file to keep each post!

    I live in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia. We always start back the first Monday after Labor Day.

    I haven’t heard from my discussion leader yet; however, I know the leadership meeting was last Saturday, and they have their lists of ladies to contact.

    Just to share a bit, I’ve been through the entire BSF course program. This new course is the MOST exciting, but I just finished a line-by-line study of Revelation at my church. I am only going to this one because I feel like I may regret it later. And it won’t come around again for many, many years!

    Can’t wait to read your posts. God bless you!


  9. I would like the date for the womens class on Thursday in Tempe, AZ. I think it is the 14th of Sept. please let me know if this is correct.

    Thanks you


  10. Reno, NV men’s leader’s training tomorrow night 6-9 PM and new year for men starts Sept 14

    You’re a blessing

    Frans Nelson

    Sent from my iPhone


  11. We start 9/16 – Houston, Texas
    In our area the Area Group leaders just met to discuss all the changes and material. Leaders haven’t had their Workshop where they are trained and get new materials. I’m enjoying the this time before it starts as school starting has been exhausted.


  12. Jackson Friends Church in Massillon, Ohio Starts September 16th at 9:20 a.m. Woman’s Day class My leader contacted me last week!


  13. I’m a Group Leader. Classes are starting late this year due to Labor Day. I just got the names of my ladies last Thursday.

    I go to class in Portland, OR.


  14. 9/16/15. AM
    Elk Grove ,CA
    We are a satellite of the Sacramento CA
    Class which starts 9/15

    Thank you for all of your work for pre Rev and all of the past years. You’re
    The bomb


  15. I live in Arlington, Texas The mens BSF starts on 9-14 in the evening at First Baptist Church downtown at 7:00 pm

    My BSF class starts on 9-16 in the morning at Lamar Baptist Church at 9:00 am


  16. First: I love seeing all the replies and thinking about all the wonderful groups of Bible Study Fellowship starting all over the world and seeing the excitement! We start Ladies Day Group in Mobile, AL on Thursday Sept. 17; Ladies Night Group is Monday, Sept 14 and the Men’s Night Group Monday Sept. 14. THis will be an exciting year! Love your Blog and looking forward to the study of Revelations!


    1. Some of my followers in Europe begin next week so I will begin then as well. It usually puts me one week ahead of the US but it also satisfies the die-hards (of which I am one) who do their lessons early!


  17. Welcome to the land of Lincoln-Rockford, the start date is the Monday , the 14th of Sept as our start for BSF, yes Brenda my leader has contacted me several times till we contacted, appreciated her tenacity in regards connecting


  18. Ft Worth TX. We begin the 16th, expecting more people than parking. Should be interesting. Have often wondered where you are since you always begin before we do.

    Thanks for being committed to share your thoughts !


  19. Ours starts on 14th. I am on a waiting list. Praying I would get in. Thank you for posting your answers so I could follow the study. God bless you!


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