BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 1, Day 5

Summary of passages: Various passages for the day.


11)  Jesus (duh).  Moses wrote about Jesus.  In Deuteronomy, Moses says God will provide another to be the mediator since the people asked for one.

Blog post HERE  and HERE lists all of the parallels with Moses and Jesus and as Moses led his people out of Egypt so Jesus will lead us out of this life and into another.

12a)  Part Personal Question.  My answer:  Jesus promises that everything that is written in the Word will be fulfilled (Luke), that he will go and prepare a place for us and then come back to bring us with him and dwell with him (John), that Jesus will come with angels and reward each person according to what he has done (Matthew).  I have every confidence this will be fulfilled.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  The book of Revelation will come true.  We will be with God.

Conclusions:  Number 12 was weak.  I found the comparisons on the blog posts for number 11 quite interesting.  God is amazing, isn’t He?

Conclusions on Lesson 1:  BSF focused on Lesson 1 on prophecy:  what is it, why is it important, and where is it in the Bible.  Prophecy is relevant to us today.  Although I’m one not to dwell on it, it’s good to know what will happen in the future.  It gives hope and meaning to our lives here on Earth.  It proves God is omnipotent and the One, True God.

I think most of us take each day as it comes because we never know if it’ll be our last.  We’re not doomsday-ers or the like.  We strive to follow God.  And He gave us the book of Revelation so we can better know Him.  As we study, ask yourself, “What does this tell me about Christ, about God, and the real meaning of history?”  A healthy perspective will make this study rewarding and life-changing.

19 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 1, Day 5

    1. Jerry,

      You can’t. You must attend to receive the questions each week. I cannot post the questions due to copyright laws. I do post the passage for the days and summarize it. Sorry about that. I have advocated for an online group in the past but, as of yet, to no avail. God bless.


  1. It really is a shame. There are so many of us that have no way to get to the lessons.
    What a waste of such a good program. True Christians with no ulterior motive it seems would want the Word to get out everywhere. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have online meetings where we could discuss and talk about the lesson just like they have in the
    meetings? I am so disappointed!!


    1. BSF is a four fold approach. They’re not trying to limit availability, they accommodate all who will come whenever possible. It’s that it’s not just about doing the questions, it’s about the questions sure, but also the discussion group (the fellowship), the lecture and the commentary. The four fold approach is a corner stone of their classes. It’s how they’re structured. Going online would eliminate a lot of that.

      They are coming up with new ways all the time to accommodate those who want to learn, it just takes time and money to implement change. They are fully volunteer run (except for a few at HQ) and donation supported. They don’t charge for the study. They do an incredible work and they do it well but there’s only so much they can do. They are trying to foster bible knowledge sure but also connection and fellowship, that’s their priority.


      1. Shelly,

        I think Lissette is emphasizing those who can’t make it to a class (and there are many for many reasons some of which is age, money, distance, time, etc). Setting up an online forum is not all that expensive nor is it time-consuming. They already record the lectures. Once it’s in place, it’s self-sustaining.

        I’ve been in BSF for 6 years now I think. I have yet to have made a life-long friend in one of my groups or even someone I speak to outside of class. There just isn’t time with the need to get through all the questions and stay on target and a lot of people can’t make the Fellowship days and times either.

        In this day and age of texting and Facebook and disconnect, it’s the way of the world. I’m not saying it’s good (I don’t think it is) but it’s reality and if BSF wants to sustain itself, it has to make changes with the real world.

        Lissette is also pointing out how many more people BSF could reach with online availability. Some people (especially young people) are more comfortable with their computers than in person. They would sign up for an online class but never attend a BSF class.

        It’s about God. Period. Our job is to make Him known however we can. An online forum is another way to make Him known. To bring others to Him. To foster fellowship with HIM first. That looks different for different people.

        Sadly, this is how the world is going. I hate to see us in 30 years when everyone is attached to a screen constantly. I don’t think God cares. As long as some of that screen time is HIM.

        There is a need for an online forum Bible Study. Someone will figure it out/start it if not BSF. And it’ll be huge.

        God bless.


      2. I believe a Facebook group would foster fellowship for those unable to attend classes. I could not attend for a few years due to a disease. Luckily, my friends made copies of the questions for me and we discussed the lesson over the phone or on Facebook. I missed the lectures, but eventually they started recording them for me. I know it was against BSF policy, but how else was I to learn? I think BSF could easily record just one lecture from each country and place it on You Tube. Why they don’t do it, I don’t know. If they want to spread understanding of the word, then spread the knowledge available to people can learn. You have given me an idea. I just might start a Facebook group to discuss BSF questions online with others around the world. I love atozmomm and have followed her (I assume she is a she) for years. Well done good and faithful servant.


  2. Thank you, Atoz. Yes there is a need for an online study. I was with BSF for many years and loved it. They have the perfect structure already in place. I would be willing to pay to join a BSF study on line. I think hundreds of people would be willing to financially support it.
    I have tried other so called “studying the bible online”. There are none that I know of where you can study the questions and then discuss them. What is so difficult about BSF doing that? The four fold approach could be done on line.
    Yes Atoz, I so agree with you. The only approach should be to make God known and available to so many that want to know Him more intimately.


  3. Why are you not posting the Bible passages for each lesson. If you are they are not on the posts I get. I totally agree that online studies would be wonderful. I am older and don’t drive the freeway anymore. The closest study to me is 15 miles away so yes, it would be great to have online study. Thanks so much for all you do and all the time you put in to help us. You are amazing



    1. Lessons 1 & 2 have us all over the Bible, looking into various topics before we dive into Revelation. Lesson 3 you will begin to see the passages again as we begin the book of Revelation. There are just too many for each day to list and summarize.

      Thanks and God bless!


  4. Regarding Question 12b and the hope and comfort of God’s promises are always 100% trustworthy: There is an old saying “God said it, I believe it, that settles it” could easily be changed to “God said It — That settles It!”


  5. Thank you so much for your blog. As a new BSFer as of late late year, you have helped me understand answers to many questions and even helped answer questions I couldn’t answer. You have helped make this study much more meaningful and enjoyable. I continue to follow you on each lesson and will do so throughout the study. You are a blessing.


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