“I Can’t Homeschool.”

If I had a dollar every time I heard this, I’d be close to having $1000.

And you’re right.  With that attitude, you can’t do anything let alone homeschool.

I’ve been speaking to a mom who is very frustrated with the public school system.  She is complaining her kindergarten child is learning his colors.  This he has known since he was three.  The teacher is ambivalent to her concerns.  She says school will get harder as it goes along.

I told her to homeschool and this was her response.  “I can’t homeschool.”  She also said, “I need me time.”

That’s the crux of the problem.  Selfishness.

150 years ago, there was no “me time”.  There was no time for anything luxurious.  Between making food from scratch, planting and attending crops, raising your kids, keeping your home, and struggling to survive, no time was left.  150 years ago, there were no discipline problems in school either.  Because kids were extremely blessed if they had the privilege to go to school.

At my church, the pastor actually got up in front of the congregation and praised how school started so parents could rid themselves of their kids.  When did shipping your kids off to school where some other adult could influence them become a celebration?  Was I the only one dreading the start of school and relinquishing my children?  Apparently.

Just what do these moms do with their “me time”?  Meet their friends for Starbucks?  Go to the gym and hang out?  Do laundry?  Cook dinner?  Clean house?  Do nothing?  Some of the work is admirable like cooking dinner but how much of this “me time” is frittered away?

Our job as Christians is to raise His kids for Him.  And believe it or not that takes time, effort, and a lot of hard work.  There is no “me time” built in when you decided to have kids.  There’s just not.  You give up your life for your children.  At least in my world you do.  Until the day they are on their own.  Then your world can be about you again if you wish (although I’m sure God wants it about Him).

If you don’t like the public school system, take your kids out.  Can you imagine if everyone did that?  I’m pretty sure there would be real change in the public school system if parents did.  Imagine the political power if homeschooling became the rage.

Don’t complain to me about your frustrations if you’re unwilling to do anything about it.  I told her to supplement at home.  Again, a balk.

“I can’t.  What about me?”

What about you?

More importantly, what about your son?


14 thoughts on ““I Can’t Homeschool.”

  1. Amen to your reply. I was an elementary school teacher grades 2-5 for 27.5 years. I loved interacting with the students. Some parents were not very respectful but the students were. I often see them around town; of course some I don’t recognize, but they recognize me. God-given teaching ability!


  2. I CAN’T homeschool, and it has nothing to do with me time. I’m also a parent who dreads school starting back up again every year because I want so badly for my children to be with me! I work a full time job plus mandatory overtime at unexpected times on graveyard shift. So, where do I find time to even spend 5 minutes with my kids without feeling extremely exhausted all the time? I would give my eye teeth to stay at home with my kids but I’m the sole bread winner in my family and that’s not possible. Hmmmmm….


  3. I agree with you to a certain point. 150 years ago, you did not hear about divorces. 150 years ago most women stayed at home and were not juggling a job outside the home, chauffeuring kids to soccer practice or single handedly trying to raise kids. We live in a much faster paced life where it just does not seem to stop….add in kids and there are no breaks whatsoever. I have a daughter who is now 14. She has never seen her father. He refuses to be a part of her life. So I don’t even get weekends off. YES, I am even going on our 3rd year of homeschooling. Boy am I a glutten for punishment. I gave up my days to school her. But yes I get some ‘me’ time. I have always got up an hour or two before any of my kids. Just so I could wake up and do the things I needed to do and focus on myself. But yes, I agree. I look at my life and society and what I hope for my daughter and that is precisely why I pulled my daughter from public school. It’s more work, but it is well worth it. We do an online accredited school that keeps her paced on her work. Fortunately she is getting to an age where I also don’t have to be on top of her every waking moment. But being a single mom I can see the importance of ‘me’ time. I lost sight of myself with my oldest 5, I focused only on their needs. Didn’t have the money to take care of myself, let alone to afford luxuries. I am paying dearly for it with several health issues. So there really needs to be some sort of balance that allows some sort of time for self or you can loose sight of yourself while you are busy putting all your time, energy, strength…etc into your kids.


    1. I wanted to send my children to a private Christian school when they were young, but my husband didn’t. He felt we could teach them about God and godly principles during the weekends and before and after school. That’s what we did. Not only were they taught Bible stories at home, but they also accepted Christ as Lord and Savior at home, as well. My son and daughter (now 25 and 29) are both Christians who truly love God and try to live for Him. (Only God knows their hearts for sure, but at least, on the outside, they appear to be living for Him. – I believe they are saved and truly living for Him.) My daughter had a friend who went to a private Christian school from 1st to 9th grade who seems to be way out of God’s will at this present time. I know of children who were homeschooled that I can say the same for. We never really know how kids are going to turn out. Some are brought up in Christian homes but end up following the wrong crowd. It happens all the time. I think each case is different. We have pray and ask God to guide us. It’s possible that it may be His will for our children to attend public schools.


  4. A slightly different perspective but I do not know what people do with me time or what I call time off from life. There is so much in life to learn to improve your skills on, to serve with that is life games and me time I suppose are important to some I have wanted to get back to life, I love to watch a football game but not over a couple of hours and then I want something more challenging to do. Just me.


  5. Thank you for your correct insight into most of today’s problems—–selfishness and the me attitude accompanied by the right to entitlements. Self sacrife ,self discipline ,and self worth are almost lost virtues.
    If one doesn’t want to home school —-look for a good Christian school as an alternative.
    One should be grateful for a healthy child—- that can be home schooled.Far too many have children with various limitations who need 24/7 care and most of these parents have no “me time” either
    Remember with God all things are possible.


  6. I can’t homeschool because I barely remember anything I learned in school. I don’t have the proper training or education to raise educated kids and I leave that to Teachers. Yes, I work under the Holy Spirit, and with Him I can do all things, but I know my limitations and I don’t judge others for having a different outlook on homeschooling, or breastfeeding or working out of the home. The list can go on and on. It’s not your place to judge and call her selfish. If more women took a little bit of ME TIME, kids would probably be happier.


    1. Homeschooling does not always require that you have to be educated. I homeschool my daughter thru an online program that has teachers for every course. Most of the time the students work on their own, but they have 1 live lesson each week with each teacher. The teachers are just an email away. The beauty of homeschooling you can work thru it with your child (if you want)at the same time and learn with them. Not to mention that the teachers can easily be reached if there are any questions. I don’t understand science and last year her teacher spent an hour on the phone with her. Wound up getting an A the next day on the test. So don’t ever thing that you don’t have the proper training to home school. It does not take special training, or any license to homeschool your child. Merely the passion and desire to want to do so.


  7. I think it’s important for us ALL to remember that most moms love their children and are doing the best they can. Instead of criticizing each other, let’s lift each other up.


  8. Hi homeschooled my children and as a lone parent with no other family help, ‘me time’ just didn’t exist. It was hard and I was often without money due to paying for petrol for the car to ferry the kids around to groups that also needed funding. It was very often hard but I knew that to send them to school where they would just be a number, just wasn’t an option.


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