BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 2, Day 5: Revelation’s Content: Eternal Hope

Summary of passages: Various passages for the day.


8a)  “I am the First and the Last.  I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever!  I hold the keys of death and Hades.”

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  It means we will rise again with him and live forever.  It helps me to keep an eternal perspective in our transient world.

9a)  I could write pages and pages to answer this question.  Murder, abuse, rape, incest, untimely or needless death, hard financial times, broken dreams, death of a loved one, war, famine, fights with friends, guilt, physical disabilities and struggles, etc

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  I should have an eternal perspective and not worry over trivialities.  My reward is in heaven, not here.  Here is merely for Him, not me.  Live for Him.  Live to the fullest.  Let the trivialities fall away.  Pray for the fallen and broken.  Leave the world to Him.

Conclusions:  Like yesterday, lackluster.  Maybe it’s my mood.  Didn’t like 9a.  I could go on forever.  Some questions are just depressing.  This is one.  Admittedly, I answered 9b before I looked up the passages.  The passages merely state Christ is coming back (like the question does).

Conclusions on Lesson 2:  We once again spent another week looking at the Book of Revelation as a whole before we begin to study the passages.  Days 2, 4, & 5 all point to hope.  We will all once again be with God here on Earth.  God will defeat all evil.

Day 3 was the most useful in my opinion.  Understanding who John was writing to is critical in trying to interpret the text.  Putting ourselves back 2000 years is hard enough.  What we can’t reproduce is the mindset, perspective, and the knowledge the average first century Christian had.  This is partly why understanding Revelation is beyond so many of us and why it is so confounding and why we’ll never have 100% answers.

Keep in mind:  In this study, there will be variances amongst all of our answers and that is to be expected and to be the norm.  Some of us will be guessing.  Some of us will have our own beliefs.  Some of us will have no clue.  Some of us will have a lot of knowledge.  Wherever you fall on the continuum, that is okay. We are all here to learn from each other.  It should be a great ride!


8 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 2, Day 5: Revelation’s Content: Eternal Hope

  1. This message, that John writes down, is what he sees and hears. Sometimes it is difficult for us to recognize what he is describing. You have to remember that John is describing things he has never seen. Things that would not be in existence until thousands of years after his time. You can imagine how he would describe a helicopter or a jet airplane.

    Atoz, Are you allowed to put down the chapter and verse that you are relating to, even if it is only on the headlines and not the specific answer? That would be so helpful


    1. Yes, Lissette, I am. Here, I just chose not to since the passages all say about the same thing.

      In my end notes, I usually don’t. I just write down thoughts that strike me about the passage and have assumed others would understand.

      Do you have any specific recommendations that would help? Examples?

      Thanks and God bless!


      1. Your answers are specific and I can usually figure out which chapter and verse you are talking about.

        Revelations will be a challenge but if anyone can put it into words that can be understood or at least lead us to think you can.

        God bless you for your time and effort.


  2. I look at your answers when I am unsure of my own. This year I am learning and copying!! I help my daughter with her school but this year is KILLING us. Freshman in high school😁😳

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  3. I am responding to Question 9(a) where BSF is asking us to respond to things of this world that lead to doubt and despair. AtoZ has written many specific problems that address the issues leading to doubt, frustration, despair, etc. I feel BSF may be also asking us to think about the existence of evil and suffering in the light of a God who is all-loving, all-righteous, and all-powerful. The age old dilemma and “Achilles Heel” of Christianity is how an all-loving, all-powerful God would allow innocent suffering and horrible evil in this world. Difficult questions also include why God allowed evil to occur in the first place? Why does God allow evil to continue? There is much suffering and evil for which we know of no good purpose. Even the philosopher, Epicurus, asked if God wants to abolish evil, but cannot, then He is not all powerful. If He can destroy evil and does not want to, then God is not all loving, merciful, and compassionate. Obviously, the fact of suffering and evil constitutes one of the greatest challenges to the Christian faith, and these questions have been asked in every generation. Just some thoughts to consider and throw out as we read God’s final plans for humanity in the great Book of Revelation.


    1. Julia: love that you go in a different direction with your answer. I’m not sure BSF was considering the *Achilles Heel* of Christianity, as they rarely question God’s goodness, etc. But.. I think your perspective DOES cause doubt and despair. People say they would believe, if only He fixed bad things, healed sickness (every time when prayed for), rescued all believers from harm, etc.
      So they doubt and despair, sometimes not seeing God in the trial.
      I look forward to your comments with this years’ study.


  4. God could have made a world with no evil in it. However, it would have been one of robots and puppets—creatures who could not love Him or anyone else. Instead He made us free to choose and free creatures are capable of free choices that bring disease, disaster and death. This is the world in which we live.

    God already has done something about evil. He sent His only Son into the world to die for the world and to defeat evil. Evil was defeated officially at Christ’s first coming through His death and resurrection . His victory over sin and the grave ensured Satan’s eventual defeat. The same Bible that accurately predicted Christ’s first coming through nearly 100 fulfilled prophecies promises that Christ will come again and will completely defeat evil.


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