BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 8, Day 4: Daniel 6

Summary of passage:  Daniel advanced in the kingdom of Darius of Babylon to the point he was about to be set above the whole kingdom.  His enemies tried to find something to take him down.  All they could find was his God.  So they suggested and had King Darius make a law that says anyone who prays to a god or man except to the king in the next 30 days be thrown into the lions’ den.

Of course, Daniel was discovered praying to God.  Much to Darius’ dismay, he was thrown into the lions’ den.  Darius worried all night.  The next day, Daniel was found unharmed thanks be to God.  The men who had urged the king to issue the decree and their families were thrown into the lions’ den and killed.

Darius issued a decree that God be revered throughout the kingdom.  Daniel prospered throughout Darius’ and Cyrus’ reigns in Persia.


8 )  A decree was issued that no god or man be prayed to except the King of Persia, Darius.  Daniel was a loyal subject of the king, but he was also a loyal subject to the King of Kings.  God won and Daniel prayed to God and he was thrown in the lions’ den.

9)  He was thrown into the lions’ den.  He stood for God.  God saved Daniel.  Darius issued a proclamation that the God of Daniel be revered.

10)  Personal Question.   My answer:  Kingdoms today could be “your little world and anything in it”.  For example, your job, your family, your schools, church, etc.  Truthfully, I’m not really facing any hard choices right now between my faith and the world.  I believe I’m following Him in all that I do and am blessed to be able to do so.  I pray every day for His will and not mine.  I pray for others around the world who do face such choices with such dire consequences.  In the United States, God has blessed the majority of us with an ease in life that we all should be grateful for.

The story alone encourages all Christians to stand tall for Him no matter what the consequences in the big and little things in life.

Conclusions:  I enjoyed just reading the story of the lions’ den again.  Such a powerful story it always strengthens my faith.  What does it have to do with Revelation?  Not sure.  Except to stand for God no matter what kingdom is in power.  The kingdom of God is supreme and no one on earth or in the universe will usurp God.  All kingdoms/governments exist because God allows them to exist for His purposes.  God is in control.

End Notes:  Daniel is in his 80’s now.  He’s been a powerful leader in Persia for six decades and his faith in God has never wavered despite being surrounded by a pagan society.  God used Daniel to spread His name and power to others.  Soon, the Jews will be allowed to return to the land of Canaan and rebuild their temple.  I’m sure the leadership and example of Daniel has gone a long way in bringing this to fruition.

Daniel was such a shining example of integrity that his political enemies had to make up something.  Not the first time man will resort to lies for political gain.

The men played off Darius’ pride.  Darius agreed immediately to such a decree.  Why not?  Who wouldn’t want to be worshipped for 30 days?  Also, this would bring some of the conquered peoples together.

The edict could not be undone because the king was thought to represent the gods.  And what god was ever wrong?

In today’s society, it seems as if men are the ones making our lives miserable by hiring or firing us, breaking our hearts, evicting us, etc.  Really God is in control of everything.  Obey Him and we will never be heartbroken or miserable or downtrodden.  Circumstances come and go but not God.

Daniel changed nothing after the decree.  He still prayed–no more, no less.

Darius did not blame others; the fault was his.  He took responsibility.  Great lesson for us.  Albeit we make foolish mistakes, God can and will amend them for good.  Like with Daniel here.  And the king never stopped working to fix his mistake.  Another good lesson for us.

Sealing the stone was for Daniel’s protection so his enemies couldn’t break in and kill him if they so desired.

Daniel had lions and angels for company all night.  Who wants to sign up for that?

Daniel did not wrong the king with malicious intent.

Daniel was saved by faith alone.  God honored and protected him.  Daniel’s testimony shone God to others.  This should be the pattern for our lives as well.

Key Point:  After the exile in Babylon, the Jews are never known again to practice idolatry. Lesson learned the hard way but one that has lasted!