BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 10, Day 4: Revelation 5:6-10

Summary of passage: A Lamb (Jesus) who had been slain stands near the throne surrounded by the living creatures and elders. He had 7 horns and eyes for the 7 Spirits of God. Jesus takes the scroll from God and the elders and creatures fall down in worship and prayers and song. Jesus made people into a kingdom and priests to serve God and reign on earth.


8a)  They fell down before the Lamb and sang a new song of praise.

b)  The answer is in the three verbs:  because Jesus was slain, he purchased us for Him, and he made us into a kingdom and priesthood to serve God.

The main reason is because of Jesus’s work on the cross.  He is the only one who was fully God and fully man and able to sacrifice himself for us.  He is also the high priest and God’s Son, giving him the rank needed as well to open the scroll.  He is perfect with no sin allowing him to open the scroll.  His sovereignty over judgment gives him the power to open the scroll and reveal the future of the world to all.

“Purchased” means to cause the release of someone by paying the price.

c)  Personal Question.  My answer:  It means everything to me (seems to be my ‘go to’ answer with these kinds of open-ended personal questions) and demonstrates the awe and gratitude I should have for Jesus’s work on the cross for me.

9)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Every assurance.  These passages are just some that say we are God’s, given the Holy Spirit, and sanctified through the blood of Jesus.  It’s all about faith.  If you have faith in Jesus as the Savior, you are assured of eternal life and Salvation.

10)  Part-personal question.  My answer:  Believers in Jesus as Savior are a kingdom of priests.  It means we are set apart, held to a higher standard, and chosen to live differently.  It means we live out God’s words and ways in the hopes of shining light to others and bringing them into a relationship with Jesus.  It means I have nothing to fear for I will be with God forever.  Again, it means everything.

Conclusions:  Seems to be the application day to Day 3’s passage with the emphasis on personal questions here.  9 and 10 are similar but the difference is important.  We must not live in fear of the unknown or the future of what-have-you.  We have to have faith God loves us as much as He says He does.  We have to believe it.  Then, once we believe it, we can step into the kingdom He has for us and serve Him through serving His people and fulfilling His purpose for our lives.  Doing these two things (faith and Godly-living) will prepare our hearts for eternity.

End Notes:  Same as YESTERDAY’S.

5 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 10, Day 4: Revelation 5:6-10

  1. Some comments that are relevant to this study. I love it.

    “A lamb, looking as if it had been slain.” When Christ completed the work of redemption, He earned the title deed to the earth; as by Adam came sin, so by Christ came redemption. It is a beautiful picture that we see here!

    Even though the angel refers to our Lord in His glory as a Lion, indicating His power and might, John sees Him as a sacrificial Lamb, for John sees Him through eyes of faith. Those who reject Christ will see Him as a Lion when He comes to judge and to reign over them. Those who believe in Him will see Him as their sacrificial Lamb.

    It is a real comfort to know that every prayer that we ever prayed is stored in heaven

    The shed blood of Jesus was, is, the redeeming factor. I love the fact that nationality, or color, or sex, or any other separation that man has will not be a factor here. Salvation is for everyone who will accept it. Jesus died for each one of us whether we are Americans, Indians, Africans, Chinese, Russian or otherwise. It is our choice whether to accept, or reject, the gift of salvation. No other barrier exists.


    1. I liked your comparison of unbelievers seeing a Lion/judgment and believers seeing a Lamb/sacrifice.
      And the note about all the prayers stored up.


  2. Regarding Question 9 and what assurance do we have that Jesus has purchased us and that we are God’s children: Answer is: “that the Bible tells me so!” All the Bible promises of what Jesus did for us and our acceptance and belief in God’s promises should be the obvious answer. I am always concerned that some of my brothers and sisters in Christ have doubts about their salvation, the finished work of Jesus on the Cross, and the free gift of eternal life that Jesus gave us. When in doubt, always go to His Word in the passages given in our question, and all of can know that we have a “KNOW-SO” salvation and not a hope-so or think-so salvation!


  3. Is it significant that 1 Pet 2:5 uses the phrase a “holy priesthood “. Isn’t priesthood by definition holy? Or is there something subtle here that I am missing?


    1. I think it’s more for emphasis than anything else. That by being a part of the priesthood, we are holy, which is what God is. And only God is holy in our Fallen world until Jesus comes to redeem and restore.


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