BSF Revelation Poll Results

Hey all!

Happy New Year!!

I’ve had a poll up on my side bar for the past month or so and there’s an area for comments.  I’ve received some interesting feedback and would like to share that with you and also invite you to add your own thoughts and comments to this discussion.  I feel it could be useful to BSF in the future.

Thanks and God Bless!

Question:  What do you think of the Revelation Study So Far?  There were various answers such as easy, hard, moderate, etc.  34% said moderate.  21% said too personal.  20% said hard.  13% said perfect.  5% said not hard enough.  4% said other.  4% said easy.

Comments on my poll:

I love it

Too much homework

Too many personal application questions

It’s okay

Focus should be more on Revelation

Also fragmented.  Hopefully we can get back into answering questions from Revelation

It is getting harder

Makes you think

Too politically correct (I like this one.  I’ve said BSF is trying to please too many people and not offend anyone.  This one summarizes it nicely.)

Challenging in places

Wondering if there is more to this book

Repetitive questions

Questions are often redundant

BSF has made it easy intentionally