BSF Revelation Poll Results

Hey all!

Happy New Year!!

I’ve had a poll up on my side bar for the past month or so and there’s an area for comments.  I’ve received some interesting feedback and would like to share that with you and also invite you to add your own thoughts and comments to this discussion.  I feel it could be useful to BSF in the future.

Thanks and God Bless!

Question:  What do you think of the Revelation Study So Far?  There were various answers such as easy, hard, moderate, etc.  34% said moderate.  21% said too personal.  20% said hard.  13% said perfect.  5% said not hard enough.  4% said other.  4% said easy.

Comments on my poll:

I love it

Too much homework

Too many personal application questions

It’s okay

Focus should be more on Revelation

Also fragmented.  Hopefully we can get back into answering questions from Revelation

It is getting harder

Makes you think

Too politically correct (I like this one.  I’ve said BSF is trying to please too many people and not offend anyone.  This one summarizes it nicely.)

Challenging in places

Wondering if there is more to this book

Repetitive questions

Questions are often redundant

BSF has made it easy intentionally


26 thoughts on “BSF Revelation Poll Results

  1. I have a hard time understanding what the questions are really asking for. I wish the questions would stick to what you could answer from the scriptures.Not what I feel or think.


  2. I have run into some former BSF’ers at the grocery store and asked them why they are not at Revelation. They don’t really say but I think they are afraid of Revelation and in past years the questions were so difficult to grasp they just dropped out. At the beginning of this year we had a lot of former members return because they had never studied Revelation. The numbers were a 300 member increase. Just last month a leader from headquarters was saying we had a 200 member increase. I take that as a 100 member drop out. Well, I am older and I have been studying the bible for many years. Someone who is 30 years old might find it more difficult than I do. I don’t want to say the questions are EASIER now. Easy is not a word to use. The questions give us the scripture verses for reference. That helps. I agree that there is too much of asking for personal opinion. I prefer to read the scripture and be inspired by it. Also a comment about ASK. Last year my small discussion group focused on individual spiritual growth in our prayer requests and asking for prayer that we might recognize, acknowledge and accept God’s Will. This years group not so much. Some people seem to feel they can’t pray for themselves.They think prayer for self is selfish and prayer for others is more noble. They prefer to ask for prayers for sick relatives. I hope they are enlightened about this.


  3. I’m enjoying the study, but also think there are too many personal questions. And in this week’s particular lesson, there was no mention of the 144,000 witnesses at all. So I appreciate your comments on that.


    1. I agree with Tom! We now have a clear picture of the end time and the beginning of eternity with Christ, Hooray! We just don’t know when!


  4. So far very disappointed, too many “filler” repetitive, personal questions. Was hoping to go deeper than we have so far. That said, I love my study time with the Lord


  5. I am enjoying all of the study. It allows me to go deeper and beyond in research to answer questions. I have gained a deeper appreciation of things to come and look forward to the lectures that confirms my thoughts. The personal questions make me think of God’s goodness and how He has helped me through the rough times in my life. We do not have to share personal experiences if it’s too painful. I have enjoyed sharing, because my experiences can help some one else. I thank God for BSF and it’s group leaders.


  6. I think the people who are taking this class are or new people to the study. We have some who been around for 5 to 6 years and some who been around for a long time, there is going to be different opinions of this study. As for personal questions it should be it’s the last book in the Bible, it should be hard, it is telling us what is going to happen to us, if you don’t like it you should not be trying to study it.


    1. I agree, I’ve been in BSF for 15 years, I’ve never seen their focus as it is this year, or at least to this degree, and that is that they’re hoping it will be transformational more than informational. I’m fine with that. There is so much we don’t know about the end times, they couldn’t take an emphatic position on most positions where it is speculation. Their aim is that the one studying it is transformed in their walk, not experts at end time doctrine. It’s their study, that was their call.


  7. I’d prefer the study went deeper. There’s so much more to be learned.

    Question with boldness, demand the truth, speak without fear. Aspire to inspire before you expire. Carole Conway Sent from my iPhone


  8. This is my first year in BSF and if it wasn’t for your blog I would have quit. Every Bible Study I have ever done gives you the lesson and reading first. I was confused and disheartened at the thought of leaving the friends I had just met. I get the fact that they want you to think and give your answers, but for someone who suffers from TBI, PTSD your brain just doesn’t work the way you want it to.


  9. I have enjoyed the study but am also one of those who is frustrated by the repetitive personal questions. Who cares what I think about a passage of Scripture?! Truth is truth and that should be the focus.

    I do see disparity between the notes/ questions/ group discussion and lecture, but it’s in a good way. Our TL is a good friend of mine and her personal theology is very well-defined. I think she brings as much certainty to the teaching as is possible where apocalyptic literature is concerned.

    Group discussion has always been my least favorite element in the four-fold approach, and this year is no exception. My GL is one of the best there is, but it’s BSF’s loosey-goosey, inclusionary, “let’s-all-share-our-opinion” approach regurgitated ad nauseam for and hour a week and I lose interest quickly.


    1. Agree, Carley. What I can’t stand is the one person in the group who dominates the conversation and feels the need to share their “woes” and “pities” with the group and every answer is personal in nature. There’s one of these every year. It’s one of the reasons I quit going to other women’s bible study groups because it was either a “knock your husband” fest or “my life sucks” fest. Times are hard but God is there and it always seems God was knocked away.

      Also, I’ve noticed the group time is either good or bad depending on the leader. This year my leader (although sincere) is disconnected with the group, too busy with her life to do much outside of going over the questions. She misses quite frequently, resulting in double groups and no outside fellowship outside of All-class Fellowships. She forgets to print off ASK’s. Sometimes she doesn’t even go over ASK’s! Very hard to get women to stick with BSF (we’ve had 15 people drop from our group!) when the leader is ambivalent.


  10. I’m not particularly happy with this study of Revelation. Too many personal questions with lengthy answers. Questions repetitive and redundant. I’ve been taking Precepts studies and this may be why I’m not happy with BSF. Precepts is heavy study and I guess I’d rather spend time concentrating in that area because it’s very challenging.


  11. Please remember, people, that not everyone who attends BSF is a Bible Scholar, and may not even be a Christian. They may never have explored the Scriptures and would be lost without the O.T. Scriputre references or even where to find the words Jesus spoke about the end of time. Since Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ and what is to come, what a blessing so many have come to the study out of curiosity first, and many are being saved by what they are learning!

    One of the goals of BSF is deepen one’s knowledge of the Word of God so one can grow closer and intimate with God. Study of the Word is never time wasted–even the parts you can recite from memory in your sleep. You know that every Word is God-breathed and true, but the newcomer may not. They may not understand the Bible is made up of 66 books, but the story from beginning to end is the same: God’s love story to mankind and His plan of redemption offered to all people, but each individual must decide whether to accept or reject His offer of reconciliation to Him through Jesus Christ. People who have come to the study of Revelation may have come only out of curiosity, but as they stick with us, they will read and hear the Gospel message over and over and many are coming to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. What you consider redundant or unnecessary may be the very thing that brings them to salvation.

    There is nothing politically correct about the Bible and BSF does not intend to be seen as such. BSF members come from different denominations that have differing opinions of what certain passages mean. There are sound, well-respected Bible scholars who disagree on the exact timing or meaning of certain passages in Revelation. BSF has taken some of the most respected interpretaions of these passages and printed those in their notes. Each of us should follow the example of the Bereans and study the Scriptures for ourselves with prayer and the Holy Spirit as our tutor, to determine what the passages are telling us. Since there are no absolutely correct interpretations given by God Himself, BSF wants us to understand that their are differing interpretations and to be respectful when differeing opinions are expressed.

    Keep in mind that you may be the only Gospel that some will ever know.


    1. I totally agree with you Ellen. There were points where I too was a bit frustrated at the “simpleness” and repetitiveness of the questions. I even mentioned it to another personal friend and GL and she explained to me that there are new ladies totally clueless as to the bible, its contents, its importance, its application as a whole. So I figured out that my job is to be patient and understanding. From that perspective the study was still worthy of my attention and I learned a ton of stuff I had not really even thought about in the past and I have been a BSFer on and off for the largest part of 15 years… I believe God uses BSF and I am proud to be a part because I know that I will hear what He has for me personally. Revelation is not easy and there were many many people who came just for their curiosity of the end times…. God will use every word and effort to accomplish His will. This study really brought home the urgency of the times we are living in! Written for the future it continues to be like opening and reading your daily newspaper with important truth for your everyday life.


  12. I have not been in BSF for several years. I think there are too many personal questions but am enjoying the study. I love my bible study group. We range from age 25 – 88 years of age. I am getting so much insight from all believers in my group who also range in different ages in the years that they have been following the Lord. It has made me want to dig deeper and that is how I came across this blog which I enjoy tremendously. I am not knowledgeable on where to find things in the bible so it helps me to have to go to other books. I am hoping that through here and BSF I will learn a lot in this year of study. I know it is already changing my outlook on certain areas of my life. I am thankful for BSF and this blog too.


  13. If it weren’t for the AtoZMom’sblog, I would be totally lost. The help I received from this website helped me understand more and enlightened me tremendously….so thank you for this blog.


  14. I am relieved that this study is about to end and hoping the study of John won’t have so many personal or opinion type questions. I noticed in signing up for John that we were asked to share our level of biblical knowledge. Hopefully, BSF powers that be will eliminate so many repetitive evangelical questions. It may not be politically correct to say I was bored with some of the lessons, but that’s the truth. I always love the ladies in my groups and have made some friendships. Hope everyone has a great summer!


  15. i started from chapter 18. Revelation reveals how the end will be and makes one search your heart at all times. Forgiviness and thanks giving should be the order of the day.


  16. While I am enjoying the study of Revelation, & the many truths about the end times which I have never come across before, the Lord has placed a greater urgency in my heart & the hearts of many ladies in my group to start committing to praying for the non-believers among our own loved ones. And because of this united hearts and prayers, we see miraculous conversions and greater boldness in sharing the gospel. To me, it is a very valuable lesson on the whole, regardless of the “too many personal questions”, “repetitive & redundant questions”…etc.
    We need to bear in mind that everyone who attends BSF are growing at different stages in our Christian life, and a redundant question to you, may mean a whole lot of heart-searching to another. I will just “skip” or pay less attention to that question & move on to another one that moves my heart….but keep in mind that our hearts will not be moved by the Holy Spirit in any part of the study if we harbor displeasure over the questions from the start. This is another valuable lesson I learnt in this BSF study.


  17. I am late in leaving a reply to Revelation. It was a revelation to study it. I always looked at it as scary and not understandable. Well the in-depth study changed my thinking completely. It isn’t scary and it is understandable. It really opened my eyes to what is coming with the Lord. Wow! What a wonderful place the New Jerusalem will be! I want to be a part of it! God is so really good to all his people.


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