CrossFit Level 1 Certification Course

I recently completed my CrossFit Level 1 Certification Course.

My biggest question I had before signing up was this:  is it worth it?  Is the $1000 price tag worth it?  Will I ever reap the money back in coaching?

The answer is a resounding YES!  It’s so worth it.  With a caveat:  you might not reap the $1000 back immediately.

I have very little CrossFit experience.  At the course, I had only had one month of experience and felt out of place.  Over half the participants were getting re-certified meaning they have about five years of experience since becoming certified.  Very humbling.

Our trainers were amazing and some are well known in the CrossFit community aka GIANTS.  Very, very cool to be learning from the best.  All were Level 4 certified and there aren’t that many that are.

Broken up between lectures and break out groups, the two days flew by quickly!  It was information overload, but luckily I’d read the manual twice and felt very versed in the lingo.

CrossFit is an open-source methodology meaning anyone can visit and read the workouts.  Greg Glassman, the Founder of CrossFit, believes the more people contributing ideas, the better CrossFit becomes.  He began posting his WOD’s (or work out of the day) online in 2000 and hasn’t looked back since!

There are a TON of misconceptions about what is exactly CrossFit.  According to Greg Glassman, CrossFit is “functional movements, constantly varied, at high intensity.”  It’s a different work out every day that targets specific metabolic pathways such as anaerobic or aerobic to achieve fitness.  It prepares the body for the unknown and the unknowable!

Most people have an idea of what CrossFit is by watching the CrossFit Games every July on ESPN.  Yes, the Games is a great introduction to CrossFit but keep in mind–THESE PEOPLE ARE PROFESSIONALS!  They train every day for this competition.  The average athlete at a CrossFit box (what CrossFit calls their ‘gyms’) around the world cannot do what the Gamers do.

Can you get hurt?  Sure, like in any sport.  Is it preventable?  Yes!  That’s why there are trained coaches to assist you in the correct form before you add the intensity.

Is it for everyone?  Yes!  All the moves are scalable, designed to progress up to the difficult moves.

The course covers nutrition which CrossFit recommends either the Zone Diet or a Paleo Diet or a combination of the two.  The Zone Diet is based off of Dr. Barry Sears’ book The Zone:  A Dietary Road Map.  It differs from the Paleo slightly.  Paleo eliminates all dairy and wheat products.  Sears says you can eat these in moderation and in the correct proportions.  It is less restrictive.  My husband and I started the Zone Diet in mid-November and I’ll post on that at a later time.

At the end of Day 2, the test is administered and I was nervous!  A couple of the questions I had no clue and to me were obscure in the manual.  However, I passed!  What a relief!

Will I become a coach?  Probably.  In the near future?  No.  I don’t feel I have the experience to coach others.  I’m still working on Mechanics, the first phase of CrossFit, before adding Consistency and then Intensity.  I can’t do a double-under, a pull-up, or a rope climb.  I’m just not strong enough.  Will I get there?  You bet!  But until I do, I will build on my knowledge from the course, learn from other coaches around me, and gain proficiency in the moves.  CrossFit will be there when I’m ready.  And even if I don’t end up coaching, the knowledge and experience was well worth the price!

Who knows?  I may even open my own box!