BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 15, Day 5: Revelation 11:15-19

Summary of passage:  The seventh and final trumpet is sounded, signaling the beginning of Christ’s reign over earth forever. The 24 elders fell face down and worshiped God, praising Him for His judgments and rewards.  Again, as we’ve seen with God’s judgments, lightning, rumblings, thunder, earthquakes, and hail appears.


11)  Part personal Question.  My answer:  The elders bowed down and worshiped God.  I respond the same.

12)  Nations, the dead, and those still living will be judged.  Saints, those who reverence your name, and believers will be rewarded.

13)  Personal Question.  My answer:  It’s given me a more eternal outlook and made me more aware of God’s plans.  It has given me hope as I know He has a plan for my life in His timing.  I’ve been able to let go of worry over the world and let God handle it.  I’ve become more focused on my immediate world and not the greater world.

Conclusions:  This is the half-way point of our study; hence, question 13.  See End Notes for explanations of symbols in this passage.

End Notes:  With the 7th trumpet, the final days are ushered in (Revelation 10:7).  What happens next will happen during the Great Tribulation, the last 3 1/2 years before Jesus reigns forever on earth.  The angel in Daniel 12:7 says the same thing. Jerusalem will fall.

The seventh seal brought forth a profound silence (Revelation 8:1); the seventh trumpet initiates joy at the inevitable resolution.

Important:  Note the omission of “the one who is to come”.  Why?  Because now He has come!

The appearance of the ark (made of acacia wood Deut 10:1-2) is a reminder how God is keeping his covenant with His people and fulfilling His promises to us.

Note how the ark of the covenant is seen in heaven, not here on earth.  They are different.  The ark represented God’s presence and favor in the Old Testament. It also represents God’s throne (note HIS covenant, not the).  The ark was lost when the Babylonians invaded in 586 BC probably destroyed when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the temple (2 Kings 25:8-10).  God never again dwelled physically with His people despite the temple having been rebuilt in 516 BC and expanded upon by Herod at beginning of the first century.

Instead we were given the Holy Spirit to be with us everywhere we go.

Again, lightning, rumblings, thunder, earthquakes, and hail signify God’s impending judgments on the world and His presence.  In Revelation, it always marks an important event  connected with the heavenly temple.  We saw this at Mount Sinai (Exodus 19:16-19).

Conclusions to Revelation 11:  1)  We see God’s people proclaiming Him and are thus rewarded.  2)  We see God will judge His enemies.

Conclusions to Lesson 15:  If you want a more in-depth analysis of the book of Revelation, you’re gonna have to read the commentaries.  BSF seems to be avoiding asking questions that don’t have definite answers.  Heavy emphasis on personal response, being encouraged, and your thoughts and emotions from our study (there were 4 1/2 questions in this lesson alone).  Much less emphasis on understanding the symbols and the details in what exactly will happen in the Final Days.

Side Note:  Why didn’t we read Daniel 12 (which is incredibly short) when we read passages from Daniel in Lesson 8?  As our study goes further into Revelation, I’m reading more and more connections with Daniel 12.  Considering the sub-heading in my Bible of Daniel 12 is “The End Times”, I would have thought we’d read this if we were going to leave the book of Revelation which BSF has chosen to do.  Any ideas?


17 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 15, Day 5: Revelation 11:15-19

  1. I’ve found that I have to go to other websites to get the deeper meanings and answers BSF doesn’t address. is very helpful as well as I feel like this study is Revelation For Beginners at times. So I have to delve into commentaries to understand what’s going on here. Very good book out last year by Robert Jefress called Perfect Landing is a must read. Anyone else feel they’re missing important parts of the study?

    Question with boldness, demand the truth, speak without fear. Aspire to inspire before you expire. Carole Conway Sent from my iPhone


    1. I continue to be disappointed in this study. No depth, repetitive questions, so much left out. So far none of the MANY personal questions have brought any insight or depth into our discussion group. It’s frustrating.


      1. Agreed. I’m truly dejected over it and each lesson becomes harder and harder to complete. I’m praying to maintain a positive attitude. My only advice: continue to dig on your own. Use the BSF questions as a jumping off point and go from there. Thanks for your feedback!


  2. BSF is not going in my opinion set the plow deep. Read your Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth manual aloud and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with His Knowledge and Wisdom to help you in your walk of this magnificent and majestic book. May Yeshua be the Glory as you are lifted up and that you praise His great name everywhere you go when you are side by side with the lost. Go out and seek which is lost because they are in need of the Saving Amazing Grace! Hallelujah to the Lamb!


  3. I fully agree: The BSF study of Revelation seems more like Sunday School for newcomers than an in-depth study of the bible and its deeper spiritual meaning. No depth, repetitive questions, little incentive to dig deeper. I recently attended a Study of Revelation sponsored by a local Catholic Church and I was astonished at how much hidden meaning and symbolism is packed in this book of the bible. The Study Leader did all of the research and presented it in his lecture. We were then allowed to ask questions. Some even disagreed with interpretations but in a respectful way. Questions of how this or that affected our life and belief were considered proselytizing and this was a Study Group–not a Tent Meeting. At the conclusion of each session the Leader asked if anyone needed prayer and many presented their petitions. Then we all prayed the Our Father together.


  4. Each week that passes I become more disappointed in this study. This week was the worst yet. The whole lesson completely ignored the text. All we did was copy verses and answer questions about eternal life. I was so aggravated at the personal questions I could not even answer them. I am so wanting to quit but hate to not see through something I start. I have realized this year that there is no mechanism for giving feedback. I sure wish there was as I have a lot to say. I am thinking I won’t come back for John next year. I have done that study before. Sure wish they would offer Romans instead as I have not done that one or the minor prophets. Now to finish the three studies I have not taken I have to begin repeating. I am keeping my frustrations to myself because I don’t want to bring negativity into my group so thanks for letting me vent here.


    1. It seems that there are so many of us who feel this way. This is not the BSF that I had known and loved so many years ago. Each time they re-do a study or add a new one it becomes more watered down, I shutter to think of how it will look in another 20 years. I don’t understand how a bunch of scholars can come together and end up with this type of study and call it BSF; I truly believe a lay person could come up with much more. Miss Johnson, the originator, would be appalled. Some weeks I don’t even want to go as I don’t feel I have gotten anything out of the lesson, nor do I have anything to contribute to the discussion. I will have completed all ten BSF studies this year and I doubt that I will ever come back to re-do any of them as there is no depth whatsoever. I did Beth Moore’s Revelation study and it was so full that I could barely absorb it all. As I look at this week’s study I am saddened beyond belief. And, yes, I keep my comments to myself in our class as I don’t wish to discourage anyone who might feel otherwise. But it’s a push to keep going week after week.


    2. Darlene and Barb,

      I groan at every “hope”, “encourage”, and “you” I see. It is getting harder and harder to do my lessons as well but I stick to it. 1) I believe God has something for me here even if I can’t see it. 2) You all are here as well and I’m trying for your sakes. 3) I’m trying to do my own study and dive deeper along BSF and this is what I tell myself every week. 4) I’m trying not to be discouraged, but I started with Isaiah and in just 5 years BSF has changed so much!

      My words to all: hang in. Pray. God will reward you even if you can’t see it. Invite others who might need a “watered-down” version of Revelation. Stay positive. Take a break when you need it i.e. skip a week or a lecture. Keep digging. You’re bound to find gold!


      1. I have to second your recommendation to hang in there. Who knows…God may have placed us there for the benefit of others. Our positive response to a study that we obviously do not need may be an incentive to newcomers who never did a Bible study in their life. And just maybe tht is why there are so many “personal questions” included in the study. After all it is a Fellowship–not a gathering of bible scholars.


    1. From what I understand, you have to be asked to be a leader and I will probably never be asked as I say what I think as you all know and I do in discussion as well but not negatively about the questions. I save that for here.


  5. I am new to BSF and have much from the study. Respectfully, maybe for you all who have completed most or all the lessons, it is time to pray about leadership. I know our area was begging for more leaders. Just something I thought of as I read your comments. Blessings everyone!


  6. Since I am a beginner Bible study person, this is all going for very positive & enlightening for me! Atozmom, you do a neat job in bringing out certain points which I really appreciate. I try to do the questions myself first and then come here to see what I’ve overlooked/missed. I started BSF with the gospel of Matthew (wonderful), then Moses and this year Revelation. I look forward to John next year. Thank you for your thoughts & input to me and others like me!


  7. I agree that this year seems like BSF 101! I read your comments, use my commentary and make lots of notes in my Bible but none of them come from the actual BSF study. This study is nothing like the years I’ve done previously and our teaching leader is sticking very close to the notes. Thankfully I have a wonderful discussion group that adds more to each lesson!!


  8. Agree with most of the opinions above. Repetitive *what do you think* questions. No real questions on the mysterious, confusing things that we all hoped would be DISCUSSED. They are briefly talked about in lecture, but omitted in the lesson. Will complete what I started and I bring two little ones to the children’s program and they are happy and learning. And my group this year is awesome. I have an awesome leader with great sensitivity and warmth, a wide age range in the group that is respected by all. (Some years it was very hard to go because of my leaders).

    I think it is watered down to appeal to those who have never opened a Bible or studied it. To make it not intimidating. It has changed A LOT since I started 20 years ago.

    It has made me consider my level of worship though and that has been good.


  9. Looks like you and most of your readers really don’t like the how BSF is handling this study. Keep in mind that many scholars find Revelation hard to understand and disagree on many points. So why do you think BSF can get into a really in-depth study in just a few short lessons. It’s just to give you a starting place, since many have never even read Revelation. I have studied Revelation several times, once was a 3 year study and I still don’t have all the answers and never will. So trust God that it will all be revealed. – and remember it’s a sin to complain. Ha! God Bless, Linda


  10. I have never studied Revelations before and relatively new to BSF. I’m very thankful that I found Atozmom. I have learned much from you. The clarification you’ve given to me is hugely appreciated. Never underestimate the power of what you do. You have helped me understand the word of GOD and you have helped me to know that GOD Loves me. GOD Bless.


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