Help! I Lost My Voice…

It started on Tuesday after I had taught 3 classes.  My voice got crackly.  And then went hoarse.  The next day I couldn’t talk.  So I googled.  It says rest your voice as much as possible.  Drink plenty of fluids.  Use a humidifier.  Suck on cough drops.  “Soon” it’ll go away.

So I quit talking and started typing on my phone.  I type out my order at Starbucks.  I type out directives to my kids.  I text my husband instead of yell for him when he’s downstairs and I’m upstairs.

And now I wait.  And wait.  And wait.  It’s okay, but I have to work in a couple of days.  I pray it gets better.  I’ve been looking forward to this day as it’s a launch where we teach a new release for the first time.  We do it as a team and it’s very exciting.  But not if I can’t talk!

I’m asking God why.  And what is this supposed to teach me.  I’m not sick and I suspect it has something to do with the 18 years of second-hand smoke I had to breathe in from my mom smoking when I was a kid.

It’s very humbling and you realize how much you do take your voice for granted.  How much you communicate with it.  And how much it’s a pain not to have that ability.

So instead of me reading to my kids they read to me.  I have work to do which now has to wait.  So I’m resting.  Doing as little talking as possible.  Reading a book.  Watched a movie.  Anything to distract the mind.

I’m doing what my body is telling me to do:  rest.  Maybe that is God’s purpose after all.

The Way


Somebody said “Just seek and find”
It seemed like such a waste of time
I just really didn’t care
If there was anything out there

What I found and didn’t know
God wouldn’t easily let me go
He pursued me with His love
How to resist, where else to go?

Only He knew what it would take
How could I know what was at stake?
The love He showed me was the key
I opened the door so cautiously

Why would He want to talk to me
I’d treated Him so horribly
I humbly asked Him to come in
Would He forgive me all my sins?

He’d knocked and waited patiently
This God who had created me
Then so amazingly
I felt His love envelop me

My love just grew by leaps and bounds
As He rejoiced with me

I had been found!

Lissette Trahan


I was a skeptic for such a long time. I was in
my thirties when I first opened a Bible. I
completed eight years of schooling that
focused on God morning, noon and night. I
left not knowing what God was all about.
Throughout those eight years, not once did I
see a Bible.

When I left, the last thing I wanted was to
hear about God ever again.

Many years later while I was living in the
jungles of Belize, a lady left me a box full of
tapes in front of my door with a Bible. I was
not interested. It sat unopened for at least
3 months.

Finally, one day I did open the box and looked
in the Bible. It didn’t matter that the Bible was
given out by a cult. The truth of what I read in
the Bible penetrated my soul.

God will go through any lengths to show you
that He loves you, to show you that He wants

I have no doubt that if I had not decided to
read His Word, He would have found
another way to introduce Himself. God never
gives up on us.

He will knock until the very end. He is so
ready to forgive, to make you His child.

Revelation 3:20
“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.
If anyone hears my voice and opens the
door, I will come into him and eat with
him, and he with me.”