BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 16, Day 3: Revelation 12:7-9

Summary of passage:  War in heaven between Michael and his angels and the dragon and his angels.  The dragon (or Satan) lost and he and his angels were hurled to the earth.


6)  Michael and his angels.  The dragon lost and was hurled along with his angels to earth.

7)  God allows Satan to do evil in this world but with God’s restrictions.  Most importantly in Job (and why I believe we are reading this along with this passage) is in this passage we see Satan in heaven come before God’s throne.  In verse 9, we see God throw Satan out of heaven for good to the earth.

8 )  Personal Question.  My answer:  I know God is more powerful.  God does not give me more than I can handle nor does he allow the devil to tempt me with things I cannot overcome (1 Corinthians 10:13).  How can one not be comforted by that?

Conclusions:  The question referencing Job seemed to come out of left field–that is until I read the commentary and its significance.  Sometimes I wish BSF would just point that out.  Maybe it’ll be in the notes but it would be awesome to understand that WHILE I’M DOING MY LESSON instead of a week later when I forgot what I was working on and have to go back.  Most of us (me included) would have never connected those dots without help.

I was wondering about Michael and who he is.  I explore that in the End Notes.

The study of the End Times seems to me like solving a big jigsaw puzzle.  Bits and pieces of knowledge are scattered throughout the Bible and God leaves it to man to connect the dots and form the whole picture.  I bet God did that on purpose–so we’ll know His word even better and Him in the process.

End Notes:  We are at the mid-point of the Great Tribulation.  How do we know this?  Daniel tells us in 12:1 that Michael will arise.  First war was on earth as we’ve read and now it’s in heaven where Satan will be overcome and defeated and no longer have access to either.

This is happening at the same time Israel is fleeing to the prepared land we saw in the previous passage in Revelation 12:6.

Some religions believe Michael to be Jesus.  This is just not so.  Wouldn’t John had just identified Michael as Jesus?  This is the best argument but scholars have scores more as to why this is NOT Jesus.

Michael seems to be of the same rank as Satan here–an archangel.  Satan and Michael have met before–in Jude 9.  They are arguing over the body of Moses as God will raise Moses again as we see in the Transfiguration (Luke 9:30-31).  Daniel 12:1 tells us he is the protector of Israel who will deliver her from the Great Tribulation in the last days.

Who exactly is Michael?  In Hebrew his name means “who is like God.”  He is only mentioned 5 times in the entire Bible, most in Daniel and in Revelation.  He is called a “chief prince” in Daniel 10:13.  He is mentioned again in Dan 10:21.  In 12:1 Daniel prophesied his presence at the Great Tribulation.  He appears in the New Testament in Jude 9 where he’s protecting Moses’ body.  The last time he is mentioned is here in Rev 12 as fighting with the devil.  These are the only times he is mentioned by name.  Some scholars equate him with nameless archangels that appear in the Bible, but these are the only ones we know for sure.

He’s a protector of God’s people.  Both throughout history, today, and in the End Times. I would equate him to a general in God’s army, fighting God’s war against the enemy.

Is this a spiritual or physical batter?  Amongst mankind it’s spiritual.  But angels?  This could possibly be hand-to-hand combat.  The great John Milton believed so as he imagined it in his masterpiece Paradise Lost.

Up until this point, Satan has had access to heaven as demonstrated clearly in these verses.  We also see this in Job 1:6-12 where Satan presents himself before God’s throne in heaven.

It is a mistake to believe God can have nothing unholy in His presence.  First, God being God, He can have whomever He wants in His presence.  The truth is that we cannot have a relationship with God and be with Him if we are unholy.  We (humans) have to be cleansed first to have eternal life with Him, which  Christ did for us.  But God, being God, can and does allow unholy beings (angels or Satan or even mankind) in His presence.

Here, we see Satan (or the great dragon, ancient serpent, the devil, he who leads the whole world astray) cast out for good.  Satan has many titles, all of which speak to his malevolent nature.  Devil in Greek (diabolos) means slanderer or defamer.  Satan means adversary.

Satan falls 4 times in the Bible:

  1. When he turned to sin (Ezekiel 28:14-16)
  2. Here in Revelation 12 where he had access to heaven (Job 1:12, 1 Kings 22:21, Zechariah 3:1, Revelation 12:10) to being restricted to earth
  3.  Taken from earth and thrown into the Abyss for 1,000 years (Revelation 20: 2-3)
  4. From the Abyss, let loose to deceive the nations, and then thrown into the lake of burning sulphur to be tormented for eternity (Revelation 20:7-10)

Jesus refers to one of these falls in Luke 10:18, either the first fall or looking ahead to the second fall.

In John 12:27-33, Jesus speaks of Satan’s defeat as well as he explains his victory on the cross, which we’ll see in verse 10 in the next day.

The angels that go with Satan are his followers or demonic spirits.  Most scholars believe they are the same third of the stars flung to the earth in Revelation 12:4.

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