When I trust I can be strong
Courageous, not afraid
At times easier said than done
That is when I need to pray

You provided every time
When finances were not there
I keep asking for a sign
You keep proving that you care

When tragedy struck my life
And I thought that You were gone
I felt completely paralyzed–

You were with me all along

After so many times
When I thought there was no way
You were there, but I was blind
Why do I still hesitate?

No matter what I face in life
Whatever I go through
Trusting You I can survive
Surrendering to You

How can I not trust You, Lord
You are always there for me
I trust in your unfailing love
That is enough

I am at peace


Lissette Trahan


Everyday I find more reasons to trust Him.
He has proven to me that I can trust Him in
every circumstance of my life. I have tried
trusting in myself and it always ends in

One of the best examples that I read in the
Bible is of David. He had to trust God to
stay alive. The Lord always came to his aid.

I am finding out in my life that the more
I trust the more I am able to trust.

His Word tells me that though I may stumble.
I will not fall. He will uphold me with his hand.
I have experienced His presence and comfort
in the hardest moments of my life.

But I can also say that trusting in those
moments is not always easy.

I am learning to put God first in my life.
I have learned when I do that I am not alone.
Whatever I face in life as I turn to Him,
He is there. The Holy Spirit comforts me
and guides me.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he
will make straight your paths