BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 24, Day 3: Revelation 19:6-10

Summary of passage:  John heard what sounded like a great multitude, rushing waters, and loud peals of thunder, rejoicing in God for the Lamb’s wedding.  The angel told John to write God’s true words, “Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!”.  John started to worship the angel who chastised him and said only God is worthy of worship.


6a)  The time where God is about to fulfill His promises to mankind here on earth, establish His kingdom, and have believers reign eternally by His side.  The imagery of a wedding is used to express the intimate relationship between God and His people (the bride).  See End Notes for more.

b)  Ephesians 5:25-33:  Christ loved the church that he gave himself up for her to be holy by the washing with water through the word, making the church holy and blameless.

2 Corinthians 11:2:  The church is promised to Christ as pure.

John 14:15-21:  Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to live inside of us and be with us forever.

John 15:9-17:  Jesus loves us as the Father loves him to the point he gave his life for us.  We are to love each other in the same way.

7)  Believers or the Church.

8 )  Personal Question.  My answer:  That only God is worthy of worship as man is equal to angels.  Don’t worship the messenger; worship the source.  Praise God more for all His goodness.

Conclusions:  The most poignant lesson out of this is John’s mistake of worshiping the angel, the messenger, instead of God, the master.  John who has seen all these visions of God and been spoken to by God’s messengers and walked with Jesus should have an insanely close relationship with God and yet, here he is, making a grave mistake and is rebuked for it.  How human!  Shows how we all make mistakes, God corrects us and loves us through our mistakes, and then He still invites us in.

Another lesson from this is we need to be careful we don’t worship the messenger either (people, pastors, false prophets, etc–especially in the End Times).

End Notes:  The sound John heard would be enormous.  So many praising God.  How awesome!

In the Old Testament, Israel is presented as God’s wife (Hosea 2:19-20, Isaiah 54:5, Ezekiel 16).

In the New Testament, marriage is frequently used to describe the union between the church and Christ.  Matthew 22:1-14 is where we also see believers as Christ’s bride.

The bride has made herself ready is how Christians are cleansed by the blood of Christ so we can be pure by wearing fine linen when we appear before God.  Scholars point out how the bride or the people of God have also resisted the beast and remained true to God and thus are ready.

Clean (katharos) reflects purity, loyalty and faithfulness, the character of the New Jerusalem.  Bright (lampros) is the color of radiant whiteness that depicts glorification.

The fine linen is our good works of which we were created for.

The marriage supper in ancient times was when guests were invited to celebrate the betrothal of the bride and groom before the actual wedding.  There is a period of time between the two which is where earth is now.  Believers are awaiting Jesus’ return to take us to heaven and complete the marriage.  We are betrothed but waiting.  The feast itself was the party of the year.  It was a huge celebration and all were expected to attend. (Matthew 8:11; Luke 14:15; 22:16).

We see the Fourth Beatitude in this reading:  Revelation 19:9

Why does John fall in worship at the angel’s feet?  Surely he knows only God is worthy of worship.  Two possible reasons:  1)  He is so overcome by this scene of God’s consummation of His plan that he forgets himself.  2)  He believes the angel to be God or Jesus.

Interestingly, John will make this same mistake again in Revelation 22:8-9.

Prophecy always relates back to Jesus since we are all awaiting Jesus’ return.  His testimony is what we are called to speak.  Prophecy is about Jesus.  Period.

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